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  1. Nike VRI've read yes and no so. Can anybody help out??
  2. Any length added or lie altered shouldn't affect loft, but I would get the lie changed for sure after the 1" addition.
  3. Used a cutting torch on an iron head to take the finish off. Anybody think of any problem this could cause?? Is it any different than OEMs making irons with a dull finish. The only problem I can see is that the grooves will not last as long. Thanks for any replies.
  4. What kind of %I'm looking to purchase an inventory from a local pro shop but the merchandise is a little dated. The oldest probably 3 years and nothing new within the last six months. Just looking for a few ideas out there. Thanks guys.
  5. I do the same. Even posted one of my wife a couple of years ago. My teacher isn't located where I live so this was the only way for him to look at my stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNM0rLGJ3SY
  6. Nothing will ever beat ROSIN BAGS. The same thing pitchers use to dry their hands at the mound. Can be a little messy if you're wearing dark clothing but nothing beats it.
  7. Right now I'm in the middle of my 3rd year on a mini tour and it has its up and downs. Everybody has mentioned hotels and food so I'll try to throw in a few more cons. First is whoever is running the tour is running a business. The tour that I am a member of has a sponsored name but the company has nothing to do with our tour. This tour is ran by a man and his wife and first off its a business. Every single thing is done to make money. So the first thing that goes up is entry fees without purses really going up. Second is the golf courses that we play on. The lay outs are sometimes cha
  8. I think the second swing is technically better than the first. The club is in better positions to hit the ball straighter. The reason the ball is slicing is because your shoulders are so open at impact. I've been working on getting the duck hook out of my game and thats the impact position I'm trying to achieve. I think both moves are very good but slow the shoulders down just a touch and that will be on the money. You have a great move for not playing very long. I think you're doing very good work. Keep it up.
  9. Not sure what he's playing but I live a few miles from where he grew up and that guy is a hell of a player. He played at a club where I worked at a couple of summers ago. He came into the pro shop and I asked him how he played and he said he hit one drive that he didn't duck hook and shot 64. I've seen him there a few other times but never had a chance to tee it up with him.
  10. a few questions to anybody who has tried thisI'm about to pull the trigger on the Casio EX-F1 camera and needed to know a few things before doing so. First off-the slow mo that the camera provides is great but will it be the same when loaded onto V1? Going off of the slo mo is really not what I am looking for so I am really wanting it to look exactly the same when loaded onto V1. Thanks for the help.
  11. http://shop.vendio.com/harder/category/100078/
  12. Conforming??Looking to get a set of these irons but USGA has no info on whether they are conforming to the new groove rule. Anybody have any idea on this?
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