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  1. Titleist T200 4 and 5 iron. Pretty much brand new. Might have hit 5 balls with the 5 iron. Stiff flex $220 shipped Taylormade M6 4 and 5 irons still in plastic. Reg flex. $175 shipped West of Mississippi add $5
  2. It's actually my backup-backup set...I have Titleist t200 and tm m6s but I would hate to "waste" a set of irons...yes, I'm a club ho ... honestly, it's my travel clubs and set that friends use
  3. You just made me spit out my drink LOL...yes it's for a burner 2.0 set...LOL
  4. So next question is where is the best place to get a replacement TM shaft for a burner 2.0 set?
  5. The shaft on my 8 irons broke and I don't use my 5 iron so I was wondering if I could take the shaft off of it and put it on my 8 iron, then cut it to 8 iron length. Are there any reasons why this would be a bad idea? Weighting perhaps?
  6. I was JUST about to post about this guy. He referred me to a guy named Tom Robbed to buy a skytrak. He just couldn't answer any of my questions on the skytrak unit and when I asked for pics he had a bogus story. I was gonna string him a long and tell him I was a Nigerian prince and if he sent me $500 I'd send him $5000
  7. But what can the SEC do?
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