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  1. I was JUST about to post about this guy. He referred me to a guy named Tom Robbed to buy a skytrak. He just couldn't answer any of my questions on the skytrak unit and when I asked for pics he had a bogus story. I was gonna string him a long and tell him I was a Nigerian prince and if he sent me $500 I'd send him $5000
  2. But what can the SEC do?
  3. Appreciate the response! I'll look into it
  4. Just wondering if anyone here follows any YouTube instructors for putting techniques. I'm revamping my entire game so I might as well improv my putting as well.
  5. Just started working with this a little over a week ago. It's made a HUGE difference in my backswing as I use to have a lot of run off and go across the line at the top. It's also helped TREMENDOUSLY on my downswing as I use to come way over the top and come in super steep. I played one round so far and hit the ball very well. Im very encouraged by that round alone and look forward to seeing what one month, 6 months or even one year will look like.
  6. I ended up buying the Efficient Swing for black friday. It is absolute GOLD! It fills in so many questions for me that I had with NTC. I highly recommend it before getting the NTC.
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