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  1. Make sure that your gc3 is not connected to your home Wi-Fi then try again. I had this problem and the tech helped me out. Disconnect GC3 from your wifi network, then connect your iPad to the GC3 wifi .
  2. So there is a workaround. The issue is your GC3 can’t be connected to Wi-Fi when connecting to your iPad. Start your gc3, disconnect it from your home Wi-Fi, then connect your iPad to the GC3 internal Wi-Fi. Then it will work.
  3. My rep was Alex Schack and he couldn’t have been better.
  4. I got my unit on Monday, software email came 10/12.
  5. Butterfield, Teton pines and blue bayou so far. I also love the inside 6 short game challenge. Such great practice.
  6. Mostly has to do with the accuracy. Playing GC3 sims I’m hitting same shots i hit on the golf course, with mevo+ seemed like depending on the day clubs were either 1 club short or long. Driver was very inaccurate. Not sure its 100% mevo+ fault, i only had about 8 feet in front of me before the screen for mevo+
  7. I think they are a bit overwhelmed at Foresight right now as can be expected with a launch like this. What I can say is that the people there have been top notch with follow for me. I absolutely love the GC3. I had a mevo+ for 2 years and maybe played simulation with it twice. I’m using the simulation on the GC3 constantly. It’s awesome. I’ve had 2 or 3 times i needed help with it and emailed the foresight rep had a guy helping me out via phone and email very quickly and super helpful.
  8. Can you explain the grommets to me, i have some issues with the way my screen looks. It’s bunched up in a few areas and yours looks fantastic. Thanks!
  9. More operator error than anything else. Out of the box to having it register shots on the unit in seconds. Had to find the instructions to connect it to my pc. One that was set FSX2020 was easy to use. iPad connectivity is an issue right now but you just have to follow certain instructions to set it up. All in all i love it. Light years more accurate than my mevo+ and the simulated golf is much better than using a mevo+ of e6 connect.
  10. It just seems too deep and doesn’t look as high quality as I’d like given the space of my room. Ideally I’d like something that looks more natural in the space but it’s well mad stuff.
  11. Sorry 3 feet. Wedges shouldn’t be an issue with. Feet at that height. My room has no windows so I’m not worried about getting it dark enough.
  12. So first impressions are i really like this. I had a skytrak i thought was very inaccurate but worked to hit balls. When i got the mevo+ i thought it was great because i could take it to the range and it was fairly accurate. I always felt that the shot shape was off on the mevo indoors though and putting it side by side with GC3 i was right. Probably because of limited flight distance. I’m about 9 feet from screen and i just don’t think a mevo+ is accurate with such limited flight. Mevo+ was showing much less deviation right/left which to me if I’m working on my game is a killer for practice. Launch angle/ball speed comparisons were close between the 2 when i had both working at same time but spin was very different.
  13. I did 10 wide and yes 5 feet deep and honestly i wish id not gone that deep. In fact I’m thinking about trying to change it to only. Feet or have another enclosure built.
  14. Liking it a lot so far. Been a long day at work but i will play with it some more and post a few more later.
  15. Yes, it is Carls 10x7.5. I’m thinking about upgrading the screen/cage because i use the room as a theater too
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