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  1. Merry Christmas! PING S55 Orange Dot. 5-PW + Glide *50 KBS Tour Stiff Dri-Tac Oversize grips. standard lengt Very Good Condition. Purchased here on Golfwrx. FREE Sleeve of Prov1x's $249 shipped U.S. only (Lower 48)
  2. for Sale. PING S55 irons. 5-W. Orange Dot. KBS Tour Stiff. Standard Length Excellent condition. I purchased from chamgel2 . I also have a Glide * 50 Orange dot. Same shaft as irons. $475......for irons........$525 with *50 No Trades...just $ Thanks
  3. All Prices include shipping (US Ship Only) 1. Extremely Rare PING Hoofer Bag, w Digital Camo. Very Good Condition --------- $ 179 ---------- SOLD!!!! 2. PING s55 Irons, 5-W. KBS Tour 110-V Stiff. Purple Dot. 1/2 inch short. Used one season. 7/10. Some face wear, grooves are good. GP Grips standard size. I'll include 4 new grips with set. ----- $329 ----------- SOLD!!! 3. Bushnell Patriot Pack Tour V3 Range Finder. JOLT . Excellent Condition. Used only a few rounds. Everything from original box included. ----- $ 212 ------SOLD!!!!! 4. Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Chr
  4. Price includes shipping. Lower 48 only Selling all 6 to One buyer- will not break up New in Package -6 Gloves ---- Packaged as slightly blemished (I cant find the blemish) FootJoy SciFlex. medium. Right hand glove (For LEFTY golfer) ------- $40----------SOLD
  5. Prices include shipping, lower 48 only For Sale: 7 Callaway X Forged Wedges. All are raw (non chrome) finish. They will rust. You can "coke" the rust off very easily. All standard length. All except 52, have Mack Daddy Grooves. Plenty of bite left on all 7. Maybe the best wedge of all time....i just have too many of them $35 for one $60 for two $75 for three 1. 64* - good condition. Fairly new Golf pride new decade multi compound white/green grip ---SOLD 2. 60* /9 - good condition , small nick on sole. ---- 3. 60*/10 C grind - excellent condition. This wedge looks flat (lie
  6. [quote name='JimNewton' timestamp='1409467554' post='10039147'] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuhNgKK_n6Q [/quote] Very similar to Monte's technique ....
  7. [quote name='rebby' timestamp='1409184562' post='10021745'] [quote name='Parzinski' timestamp='1409184418' post='10021729'] I have xcg7 beta driver for sale. Black tie stiff. Hit 20 balls only Will post on bst later [/quote] And the Beta that I have on the BST is XS. Wonder which one will go first? On topic however, why are you selling yours? I really liked the results that I got with mine but I still can't get over the look of the larger club head. I have a feeling that the Yonex 380 might be safe in my bag for quite some time... Everything else that I try doesn't last long. [/qu
  8. Price includes shipping....lower 48 only 1. TEE Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 BETA Driver. matrix 7m 3.1 black tie stiff. Standard length. Hit exactly 20 balls with it. Headcover and wrench included --------- $179. --------- 2. Fourteen RM-12 Wedge 50* , Black finish. 35.75" , 66* , KBS tour stiff - black Slight finish wear, grooves are perfect. Small scratch on toe that can be seen on pics. It feels like it is just a scratch in the finish, not a gouge in metal. Wedge retails for $189... --------- $ 99 ------ SOLD !!!! ----------
  9. I have xcg7 beta driver for sale. Black tie stiff. Hit 20 balls only Will post on bst later
  10. Big fan of performance and the look of the xcg7 line. The hybrids have very little offset compared to most ...look great at address.. Have 3w, 17*, 22* and 25* in bag. i even bought the 28*..... The rough at home course gets a little crazy this time of year, that 28 is fantastic for bermuda rough And the Driver should arrive today! You can find some great deals from good sellers on a certain auction site.....hybrids in the 130 range (shipped), FW in 150-160 range....got driver for 189......All of them new in plastic
  11. [quote name='endy' timestamp='1408895202' post='9997747'] Those prices! Won't last long! [/quote] Everything was purchased here at good prices...just passing along
  12. For Sale and priced to move.....so easy on the low balls. Lower 48 only 1. Bridgestone j40 DPC 4-pw. KBS tour stiff 120. 1* flat. Standard length/loft Golfpride mid size wraps (used for 2 rounds) Irons are in great shape. Small ding in sole of 5 iron and face of PW (that can be seen in pics). 6 has a small ding on sole. Grooves are excellent. Minor face wear Close ups are of PW and 8 - most used in set ------$ 333 --SOLD!!!!!!!------- I got a great deal on them, just looking to pass along 2. SeeMore SB2c 33.5" Includes weight kit and headcover(headco
  13. OP A post from a 16 handcap at 3:03 am......who joined wrx a few hours before... Words to live by.....im sure
  14. [quote name='Bucken77' timestamp='1405181289' post='9686791'] Man I am about to quit this game. So I've been suffering the shanks for 2 years now. They came out of the blue and have continued to haunt me. It is truly awful in the short game. Chips and pitches are a literal shankfest. So I got Monte's short game video and for 2 blessed weeks I was shank free. I thought it was my miracle cure. Well they are back. I can hit the "flip" chip perfectly for 100 shots in a row. But once a shank happens, it will continue. I just have to pick up the clubs and leave the range. Funny thing is that I ge
  15. This has been my first time following any of Dans threads. My bad, I should have started sooner. I bought the vids, great stuff. For all of you that follow him ( or Dan feel free to add), what are some of the best full swing threads to follow? Thanks so much
  16. Got one Im about to post on classified... Standard model. Straight arc
  17. Trying to purchase access to videos... Site wont take my money... Athletenation.com. Am I on the correct site?
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