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  1. My standards are higher...if you ask for pp & say you’ll buy that’s what I expect.You can disagree all you want..different opinions.I don’t do business like that
  2. Obviously not..maybe lazy isn’t the correct word,but this is what puts me off on this site.Too much of this I’ll take it & never hear from them again(even asked for pp).-ridiculous
  3. I can’t find this option anymore.I put up an ad & lvanwheeler1 responded with give me your PayPal & I’ll get it to you....that was yesterday afternoon -zero.I can’t stand dealing with people like this & want to block ASAP -thanks
  4. Hey guys..it’s been a while & looking to get rid of a few things.Bettinardi SS28 @33” with midsize Pure grip+ original head over.Asking $210 shipped east of Mississippi.Next up is a Ping i20 [email protected] 10.5* with px5.5 shaft.Asking $55 shipped east of Mississippi.Any questions please message-thanks for looking.
  5. I have a few things to move at the end of the season & ship USPS Priority or Fedex ground.Please add $5 for West of the Mississippi -Thanks.Bettinardi studio stock #28 @ “33 w/midsize Pure grip & original head cover($200).Mizuno MX200’s,4-GW w/xp s300’s.All standard with midsize grips($150).Cobra Bio Cell Masters edition Head with Oban Kiyoshi HB shaft @45”($100).Any questions ....please PM me -thanks
  6. These just came today.... Never played these before & are in better shape than I was thinking.
  7. > @tjl48 said: > Just hit a solid deal at a golf course out in NY. Had ZStar advertised for 30$ a dozen and had BOGO signs up as well. Payed 64$ for 4 dozen. Where was that?
  8. > @SPIF said: > It's an online BST. People put out feelers. As the seller of anything you have to understand that a potential buyer can disengage from a negotiation at any time. It's not optimal for the seller, but a buyer has zero obligation unless contracts are signed. Is it less than ideal to encounter radio silence? Of course, but it's not any real inconvenience. What I find far more ridiculous is a seller publicly blasting a specific member and potential buyer for asking a question via PM and not pursuing a deal any further. Which one shows poorer courtesy? > @SPIF said
  9. I’ll take it.....days pass-I’d rather not sell anything than get that bs
  10. I have the same model,but haven’t used it in a year or so.ill give it a try the next time I go out & see if it works.
  11. People like that should not be allowed to use the BST Forum imo
  12. People that do that are rediculous...Aren’t we all adults?...maybe not
  13. Especially if they where on the forum ...read your message & still didn’t respond after you gave them you PP.I don’t get lazy,rude people & I can’t read their mind.
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