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  1. ...can’t see the white ball in the sky to track it anymore.I have to play yellow or orange now.I’ll be 53 this year...eyes are going
  2. I have 2 dozen+ 3 sleeves(all new) of rzn Platinum balls.Asking $80 shipped.Next is one dozen Callaway Hex Black Tour balls(new)...$30 shipped.Last is an Oban Kiyoshi HB65 04(stiff flex) with a Cobra Bio Cell tip.(played at 45”).asking $115 shipped.I ship USPS Priority,FedEx,or UPS...west of Mississippi please add $5.Thanks for looking & any questions use PM-thanks.
  3. tinman


    It looks to sit very square & feels like a heavier swing weight.Is it just the hosel that makes it different?
  4. tinman


    Anyone know anything about this driver?I bought it because I’ve never seen one like it before & thinking of reshafting it with an Altus or Code7.
  5. I have a like new QB6 (33”)w/a midsize grip(cover included).Asking $265.Second up is a Bushnell Tour V4 shift(slope).I bought it new & barely use it.Comes with everything & asking $250.Last is a Nike Vrs 18* hybrid w/ an oban revenge 85 gram 05x stiff shaft(no head cover)....Asking $65.Prices are shipped Usps priority east of the Mississippi.Please add $5 for Westof-thank you....Bettinardi is sold-thank you Bfs00
  6. Sorry, it’s $125 each & they’re just tip prepped...never installed @ 46” long(new)
  7. I have 2 Altus Protos(stiff flex)& 1 Code 7(regular flex)for sale(asking $125 shipped).All are tip prepped & 46” long.I ship USPS Priority mail or FedEx ground.Add $5.00 for west of Mississippi.Thanks for looking & any questions please pm
  8. I have 2 of them & the flex is under the grip.I don’t know the value on them though
  9. My standards are higher...if you ask for pp & say you’ll buy that’s what I expect.You can disagree all you want..different opinions.I don’t do business like that
  10. Obviously not..maybe lazy isn’t the correct word,but this is what puts me off on this site.Too much of this I’ll take it & never hear from them again(even asked for pp).-ridiculous
  11. I can’t find this option anymore.I put up an ad & lvanwheeler1 responded with give me your PayPal & I’ll get it to you....that was yesterday afternoon -zero.I can’t stand dealing with people like this & want to block ASAP -thanks
  12. Hey guys..it’s been a while & looking to get rid of a few things.Bettinardi SS28 @33” with midsize Pure grip+ original head over.Asking $210 shipped east of Mississippi.Next up is a Ping i20 [email protected] 10.5* with px5.5 shaft.Asking $55 shipped east of Mississippi.Any questions please message-thanks for looking.
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