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  1. I hate you. (this is jealousy speaking)
  2. Maybe 3 months old. I know that they shouldn't affect playability but that's this old cast vs forged debate. As far as rust, I keep my sticks very clean. It wasn't until I removed the finish that u noticed them. Again, not really a big deal but just wanted some feed back from my friends at WRX!!!
  3. I know they are considered the best wedges and so on and I've played them for years. But the other day, I removed the oil can finish off my wedges to clean them up and do a custom paint job and noticed good sized pits or air bubbles on them. I know they are casted but I have read/heard about how great the casting process was but after seeing this, I can't say that for sure now. Has anyone else seen this before on theirs? Just curious because I don't want to be dilusional about the whole thing.
  4. WOW!!! The fact that something SO minor can throw someone off like this makes me want to get a poker chip!!!! Thanks for the heads up on how to get into your head and mess with you!!
  5. I would definitely like to try it!! I could seriously use the help in the driver area!!
  6. I just put Hi Revs in my 52, 56, and 60. So far so good. I have KBS Tours in my irons and I wanted the same feel. Well, they don't disappoint. I have no problems getting the ball to check at any distance other than a bad swing. I love the feel as well. As for hitting them high, well I have to get used to that. The KBS do go higher than s300s BUT the feel and dispersion are hands down better on the KBS shafts. Hope this helps!!!
  7. [quote name='Nessism' timestamp='1342742303' post='5311948'] [quote name='mattiam' timestamp='1342719021' post='5309480'] probably a little too stiff for me but I'll keep it in mind. The XP is a lighter shaft BUT it's also a HIGHER launching shaft as well and the OP said he didn't want that. Any thoughts on the real world difference between the DGs and the DG XPs? [/quote] DG XP's are quite a bit lighter. I like them much better for that reason. They play true to flex too. [/quote]
  8. For me it was the D3 w/ PX shaft all day long. For me it's the longest and straightest driver I've ever hit. Nothing but confidence in the tee box!!!
  9. [quote name='dsmil' timestamp='1342628991' post='5300016'] He was certainly playing blades from my up close view at the AT&T National a few weeks ago [/quote] Yes but watching ESPN a few minutes ago and he was hitting a CB. Looks like it was from a tee box but couldn't be sure
  10. Is Tiger playing a CB at the Open or are my eyes playing tricks?
  11. Im currently playing the KBS tours and love the feel but I'm hitting them way too high. How does the DGTC play in regards to the KBS? Before I put more money into shafts, I'm hoping to get some good feedback. Thanks!!
  12. FYI, I also felt that the AP2 was lighter than the CB was. I don't know why, but It did.
  13. I tried both and went CB. Not because the AP2 are bad but because they flew to high for me. I'm a high ball hitter anyway so the CB was a great choice.
  14. MrHack

    Hi Revs

    That's good news. I'm stoke to try mine on Tuesday.
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