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  1. This is a picture from the Mizuno Korea website.
  2. https://mizunogolf.com/uk/blog/history-in-the-making/ It will probably be released in February 2022. It was already released on October 15 in Korea.
  3. This is the script logo used on the old model.
  4. It was released on October 15th in Korea.
  5. Not the pw that looks like a big shovel like it used to be.
  6. It's an incredibly nice design. It's very soft. It seems to be better than the existing Miura iron. I think it came out the best out of all the mizuno irons. Is there anyone who experienced the Mizuno pro 221 iron like me?
  7. I think the iron design is really cool. pure blade.
  8. How is the evaluation of the new Mizuno pro 221 iron? The blade length has become shorter than the existing iron, so I'm curious about your evaluation. Does it still feel like butter?
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