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  1. Still shocked that many women play the lst. Makes me think I should be golden.
  2. I’ve been debating on these two heads, but don’t have access to testing. One of the things that surprised me when researching is that the lst head for driver and fairways is listed way more under LPGA players bags than PGA. Really surprised me as you always hear references to swing speeds and low spin needed. Kind of goes against the norm especially for fairway woods. I know there is lots more like angle of attack that comes into play, but found it really surprising. One big concern is fade bias of lst head as my miss is a push cut it desired shape is slight cut.
  3. I like the idea of TS2 17 degree as lowest club after driver, but that’s just a comfort pick since I haven’t hit it or other woods. Oh the mind
  4. Just on a confidence level, I’d pick a hybrid 8 out of 10 times for most long shots over a fairway wood. Have never carried a driving iron,but imagine would be great off the tee and unknown off deck. Hit some into simulators last year and smoked them especially with graphite shaft. I still hit 3 iron off tee when need to run one out there and hit fairway. When I do carry a 3 wood, I might hit it once every 5 to 10 rounds max.
  5. That’s a good question. Wondering what others are using in this space. Right now I go 18 hybrid then 3 iron. Turned 50 and not getting distances I use to so thinking I need another option in that area. Good iron player and like idea of driving iron, but it would need to fit into the 230 yard approach shot and worry it would be coming in hot. Could always cut it in to help, but just over thinking in winter. Not sure what distance differences or height of 19 hybrid vs 20 driving since can’t test, but wanted to see what others are doing. Currently only using 3 wedges so could still keep 3 iron i
  6. It’s winter and planning on new sticks. I’m stuck on what comes after driver. Like the idea of 4 wood and 20 degree driving iron but I rarely hit a fairway wood. Makes me think 17 hybrid and driving iron instead. Then I start thinking what’s best off tee for hitting fairways and then will driving iron suck coming into greens. You all know how the thinking goes. Since winter and virus raging, can’t really go test anything so thought I’d get opinions. What combos are WRX’s finding works best for them on this section of the bag. Happy New Year
  7. How do these hold up? I’ve seen some on ebay that look like they’re 10 years old by how face looks. My 6 year old hybrid that I hit a ton looks way better. Curious for those that have had awhile. Thanks. Looking at getting 17 and 19 and ditching fairways.
  8. Does age or swing speed come into play with this decision? I’m getting older and distances aren’t what they use to be and struggle with that 230 yard gap.
  9. That makes me a little hesitant to purchase Titleist. Might help me choose the Ping it was up against. Hmmm
  10. Hopefully there are demo days again this spring. Really wanting to hit the Tsi3
  11. Looks like JT went back to regular TS3 this weekend? I love the look of tsi 3 and have played several of Titleist previous drivers and always preferred Titleist. Was really looking forward to testing with all the people that have started playing. Makes me wonder with JT change. I’m either getting 410 lst or tsi 3. Joys of ho’ing
  12. Looks like JT switched back to TS3 for this weeks event? That doesn’t help the hype. Any other players switching back??
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