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  1. I was surprised by bag pick this week that has T100 in long irons and i59 in mid and short irons. Thought was interesting combo.
  2. If I were able to hit, I’d say I was only able to hit a couple times and not able to do comparison or see numbers. They looked nice, but weren’t as small from address that I assumed they’d be. The back side looked nice in person. Price will be the killer for me especially if they charge extra for upgrade shafts. Will be $400 plus more than other option I’m considering. It’s nice it comes in fitting head and will be able to test with multiple shafts which I look forward to. Feel wasn’t as soft like what people refer to with Mizuno forged, but I think softer than Blueprints. Nice irons and look
  3. It’s my understanding that these will replace the i-blade. I may have seen and hit them but can’t say They will have fitting heads to try different shafts which is nice unlike the Blueprints. Also, they are not hollow as some are speculating.
  4. If that’s the price point, I’m out. Play S55 and have been waiting to replace and was hoping for another “S” type release. Looks like they might push me back to Titleist irons.
  5. I agree with this and reason why bought S55 over other brands. If replacement for Iblade is forged and high priced, I’ll be moving away from Ping and I was looking to go full bag. Ugh
  6. Any more comparisons now that some nice weather has been here
  7. I didn’t realize there were two Sim 2 hybrids this year. I saw the Sim 2 (non Max) in person and it made me think of the old Adams Pro hybrids that were so popular. Haven’t seen much on them so was curious of opinions on here. Hopefully I get a chance to hit soon. Thanks for any feedback, reviews or comparisons.
  8. Interesting. I’ve been debating making all my wedges same length as my PW. This makes me reconsider. Hmmmmm
  9. Wanting to demo this myself and compare to the Sim 2 ( non-max).
  10. Thanks for feedback. Didn’t see they moved this. Sure hope to see at demo day. That will give idea of how they wear.
  11. I saw some comments and pics of fairly new TSI woods with quite a bit of face wear. Are people noticing issues with face wear with these new woods? Just curious as I’m considering them this year. Thanks
  12. Any more info? Which would you choose?
  13. I’ve compared them a couple times inside at golf stores. Like the feel/sound of tsi better, but 425 lst was WAY more consistent. Don’t like that tsi is so shiny. Think would be issue in sun. Tsi was very punishing if missed sweet spot and drop off was quite a bit. Both fairly low spinning for me. Have seen some big Titleist players switch back to TS3 including JT which I always find interesting. Almost all Ping staffers have switched to the 425 and majority into the LST. Lots of them played the regular G410 previously which surprised me. I read comparisons on these where people said the Ping b
  14. Anyone know what the torque is for Ping tour 65 shaft??
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