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  1. Been wanting to go with same length wedges and didn’t know if any issues with swing weight. If ordered this way from manufacture, would they do anything to adjust if there is an issue? Thanks
  2. Can you still order i-blades? See still on their website list.
  3. Looked on TM website and all the pros listed except Rory are playing the MG2?? Thought that was interesting.
  4. Looked on TM website and all the pros are listed as playing MG2 except Rory?? Was surprised by this
  5. Looks like Ping has some serious PR to do after all this is over. Yikes. Would be sad to me if $200 wedge was their only option and even more with any basic shaft upgrade. Also doesn’t give a forgiveness option. Really liked original Glide.
  6. Any comparisons out there? Was able to hit MG3 into net today finally and felt great. They look awesome. Not sure what I’ll think after they rust and how they’ll look. Will definitely be ordering one of these two wedges.
  7. Went on to TGW to check options on Ping Glide 3 wedge and they have very limited lofts and custom option not there anymore? Thought strange so wondered if being discontinued.
  8. I know personally I wish they’d have stayed with cast players iron and won’t be considering their current offering. Wish they would have come out with new iblade or back to s line. Oh well.
  9. I am debating sending mine in this winter and having Ping refinish them.
  10. Any input on MG3 if haven’t come from SM8? Performed well on My Golf Spy wedge test. Just wondering what members have seen in person
  11. What the heck are these. Got my attention.
  12. My votes are TM R7 tp and Ping S55. Both awesome
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