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  1. Title says it all. Don't really need the shaft. Thanks. Dale
  2. I love the shaft. Played 3 more games before the club closed for the season. I haven't hit this many fairways all year and the distance was really good. My swing speed has dropped so I have been going lighter. I still have the Grand Bassara 39 (45 grams) but the NX is so good. It's 51.5 grams as a 50r but I am playing it at 44.5 inches in my Sim2 so it's probably around 50 grams. It really depends on what weight suits you. For me, I was losing swing speed as I turn 60 which translated into lost distance. With the NX, I have my distance back and no loss of dispersion. I feel like I can go after it and still not lose it right (hook for me as a lefty). It's really point and shoot and I have so much confidence when I step on the tee. I could not be happier. I toyed with getting the 40r but the torque was much higher on the 40r vs the 50r. Maybe stick with the 60r if that weight suits you. I hope this helps and you get the same results. Let me know if I can help further. Good luck!
  3. I had the X F3 in my driver for a few games. I did not like the feel. To me, it felt a bit harsh. I also could not get the dispersion I wanted. The NX is slightly higher launch in my opinion with better feel and dispersion. My thoughts only!
  4. Selling a few items. Price includes shipping to your door. No trades please. Check my 100% eBay feedback (Doucer). 1. Fujikura Speeder Daytona regular flex with Taylormade Sim adaptor. Plays 44.5 inches. Paid $800. Winn grip. Used for 10 games. Mint condition. SOLD 2. Mitsubishi Grand Bassara 39 regular flex with right hand (reverse the settings) TaylorMade Sim adaptor. Plays 44.5 inches. Golf Pride grip. Mint condition. Used for 5 games. Paid $450. Asking $250. 3. Mitsubishi Diamana RF Series 4th Gen Redboard regular flex with left hand Ping G425 adaptor. Mint condition. Plays 44.5 inches. Played 10 games with this one. Mint condition. Paid $350. SOLD 4. Fujikura Air Speeder 45 regular flex. Brand new and never used. Plays 45 inches with left hand TaylorMade adaptor. Asking $100. Golf Pride grip. 5. TaylorMade Sim2 Ti Titanium 3 wood (head only). I hit this a couple of times at the range so it's basically new. Headcover still in the bag. SOLD PM me with questions. Thanks. Doucer
  5. Sold a 2014 Scotty Fastback to a guy on Kijiji. Regretted it as soon as I sold it. Searched for a couple of years to find another one and found one listed on Kijiji. It was the same guy so I bought it back. Cost me $100 more!
  6. Glad to meet you! I am using a 10.5 Sim2 Draw. I fight a fade! Played another 18 yesterday in ideal conditions. Hit 3 of my longest drives of the year and shot a season low of 77. Only missed 3 fairways in the first cut. Really happy so far. Will keep this combo for a while. Now I just need to find a 3 wood I am happy with!
  7. I would say yes. To me, it seems very similar to the 569 V but with better dispersion. Played 18 today and 9 yesterday in very windy conditions. It seemed very hard to hit this shaft offline unless it's a very bad swing. Hit 3 drives past the cart signs on our short par 4's which I have never done before but wind assisted so trying hard not to get too excited. Very happy so far though. Maybe this variable torque thing is not just marketing?? It is a sweet looking shaft though!!
  8. No problem. Evo 5 is a 569 regular flex (56 grams). NX is 51 grams so a touch lighter in regular flex. Torque is about the same but maybe this variable torque concept has some merit to it. I generally play around 50-55 grams in all my driver shafts except for the Grand Bassara which was an experiment (45 grams). So far I was really impressed with the NX. For me, dispersion and control are key. If I can maintain the same distance but hit more fairways I will be happy. I am playing 9 today and 2 games on the weekend and can report back if that helps.
  9. Yes I am a regular flex guy. Approaching 60 years of age so I can't hit it 300 yards any more like the rest of the folks here! I would say it's close to my Evo 5 but has tighter dispersion. Ball flight and trajectory are similar. Hope that helps!
  10. Just got my 50r Speeder NX today. I only had time to hit our range at my club to hit a few balls. First impressions: The shaft is gorgeous. I love the blue color and it really stands out. After I warmed up a bit, I starting hitting the shaft with my Sim2. I can't tell if I gained a few yards or not as they moved the hitting area at our range further up but the dispersion was awesome. Trajectory was good with a mid-high flight and decent roll. Compared to my current line-up of shafts (Evo 5, Diamana Redboard 4th gen, Grand Bassara 39, and Speeder Daytona), the NX is much tighter with dispersion than anything I have tried in the last few years. It has the same Speeder feel and very smooth. I can't tell what the variable torque aspect does but I did not hit any drives off-line by more than 10 yards which is excellent for me. Not sure this helps much or not. I have 2 games on the weekend so will see what the on course results are like.
  11. Hi Peter. Still available. Standard loft and lie. The grip is the original Ping Man Golf Pride grip.
  12. Not sure where you are seeing so many. A few on eBay in lefty going for ridiculous prices. Nothing wrong with the head or design. A fantastic putter. Just have too many.
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