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  1. Mint Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana BF-Series Blueboard golf shaft. This legendary premium golf shaft is mid launch and mid to low spin. It is very smooth with a very tight dispersion. This shaft sells new for $350. It plays 44.5 inches in a Ping driver and has a Winn Dri-Tac grip and Ping left hand G410/425 adaptor. It weights 54 grams and is a regular flex. It has only been used for a couple of games. Shaft has a 1/2 inch extension so it plays 44.5 inches. Can be used as a driver or fairway wood shaft. Asking SOLD or best offer shipped to your door. Doucer
  2. Awesome. How do you like the Blackjack?
  3. Update: Called them and sent pictures. They responded back saying they will build a new putter. Great customer service. They had no explanation for the marks on the face.
  4. Thanks for your help. I understand the center of the face now. That makes sense that it is darker. The spots don't make sense though. The spots were there when I opened it so not from my wiping. I appreciate your help with the explanation. Thanks!
  5. That's exactly right. I don't understand how someone boxing this up would think it's ok to send it out like this. Really poor QC.
  6. No Club Champions near me but there is a Modern Golf which distributes PXG. I will wait to hear from them. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for your help. It's more cosmetic and I don't think affects play. It just bothers me. I called them and sent pictures.
  8. Tried that. It's not glue. It looks like a manufacturing defect. I am surprised that no one checks these before going out the door.
  9. Yes. I tried wiping it. The centre of the face is darker almost like its been used. It's really weird. I will call them today and see what they say.
  10. So I just opened my PXG box with my brand new Blackjack. I noticed what appears to be a stain on the face. Is this normal? It doesn't look right to me. I paid a lot of money for this and this is so disappointing. Any help is appreciated. It looks terrible to me. Dale Paul
  11. Selling a very rare black custom left hand version of the Evnroll ER2 putter. This has a custom black finish and is in mint condition. It is 34 inches in length and standard loft and lie. It has a matching Scotty Cameron grip. Comes with head cover. 370 grams in weight. It is a very forgiving wide blade. Asking SOLD or best offer shipped to your door with insurance. PM me with questions. No trades at this time.
  12. I am a 13 handicap. I shot a 62 this winter in the sim. Once you figure those things out it's not too hard to score well if you have a decent swing. I guess I would say don't rely on sim results to gauge how well you are doing. I took a few lessons from a guy once in Toronto. He was a regular on the mini-tours. I played a practice round and he shot 6 under at Glen Abbey. I have never seen anyone ever hit a golf ball like this guy. He quit the mini-tours shortly after. When I saw him I was surprised he quit. I asked him why because I thought he was a sure bet for the t
  13. Brand new Ping Pld Prime Tyne 4. As you know these are extremely rare in lefty version. 35 inches in length. Asking SOLD!! shipped to your door or best offer. PM with questions.
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