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  1. 64/6/220 Titleist TS2 11.5 +1.5, hzrdus black 5.5 Epic 3 wood at 17, 5 wood at 20 diamana green Epic 4 hybrid at 25, 5 hybrid at 28, recoil F3 Titleist T300 6-53 tensei blue Vokey 58-14
  2. hi, Ocean City and Williamsburg are very good but I suggest you check on Penn National. 2 very different and interesting courses, no need to take your car and second to none service have a safe trip
  3. Will be heading for Tucson or Phoenix for 2-3 days in November. Any club corp play away recommandations for courses/ lodging ? Thank you
  4. So far played South Florida courses. 1) Lago Mar , high quality course , fun to play , great conditions, warm welcome from the staff, 2) Monarch, high quality course, very good conditions , 3) Boca Pointe, toughest to get tee times, good layout, young greens that do not hold the ball, fun layout , 4) Boca Lago , good layout but so so conditions especially greens, 5) PGA national , played squire and enjoyed a lot eventough greens were just all right, welcome sub-par
  5. I have done that numerous times in Canada, US and Europe without any problem as long as you do not go over 50 pounds. Personally, i use 2 small carry bags ,one is upside down. Gaps are filled with shoes and towels. So far so good
  6. Been there many times but not for last 5-6 years. Eagle’s landing certainly one of my favourite course all over. Rum pointe very good and if you never played a Gary player course, river run is a fun course Alain
  7. Coming from many sets in the last 30 years. Tommy armour 845, titleist 981, callaway x18, titleist AP1, TM RocketbladeZ. Got fitted at the end of summer. After trying so many heads and shafts from so many manufacturers, best two were mizuno 900 forged and Ping I200 still better ( spin, launch, height, dispersion ). But...i could not convince myself to buy Ping irons. Few days later a friend had me try is Ping I200 for a round and it was done....so i bought the clubs. They are very easy to hit, dispersion is great, ball flight perfect for me. Half a club shorter but hey ...all in all best irons
  8. Good stuff And Jules Huot was also the only French Canadian to play in the masters 35 or 37 I think
  9. Coming from TM Rocketbladez . 1/2 club shorter ( this could be solve with power loft ), higher ball flight, better dispersion, more GIR Best iron in 30 years
  10. Not about equipment but about a shot. One guy at our club says he hits à Doug hook ...
  11. Many years ago, in the match play championship. My opponent drives left in the woods close to OB. I drive close the 100 yard post on the right side of the fairway , we both see the ball . I find my opponent's ball, he plays it. I go to mine , we do not find it . My opponent says to go back to the tee even if we both saw the ball when i drove. Mad at my opponent, i walk back to the tee, two young guys on a near tee ask me if I'm looking for my ball . I said yes. They had seen the MARSHALL picked it up
  12. alain3288


    Hi, Lots of activities in Montreal in July and august: just for laughs, jazz festival........September is best for visiting i would say. Very good restaurant, safe city. Downtown is like every American city except there is a mountain wich adds charm to the city. Old Montreal is a must see. Outside Montreal Mont tremblant is a nice resort with good courses around and nice scenery Golf wise not too many good public course on the island . Golf de l'île de Montréal being the best, 36 holes, Irish taste. Some good courses on the north or south shores. I agree that Quebec City has more of an Europe
  13. Been going for more than 10 years. We love both courses. Some prefer the founders for its classic style , others the forge for its newer style. No need to go elsewhere, you park your car and play, Lodging is suited for golfers: big rooms, common spaces, coolers, tables to play cards, fireplace...food is all right . Staff is great. You can bring your own beer and wine. More info if needed
  14. I have plyed golf for more than 30 years and have had lots of putters over those days ( Ping a few, scotty, bobby grace, yes, odyssey ) and for the last year an edel Mackenzie. During all those years i did not reaally know how to compensate for always missing to the left. A few years back, that fact was confirmed at the Callaway fitting center but no solutions offered except using a heavy putter. In my experience the Edel fitting is for aim during the first part of the process but they sure look at other points that matter such as lenght, weight, grip, and most of all offset. To make a lon
  15. Crazy canuck ânswering here. Try ski underwear bottom and top, socks. Specialized brands make them in 3 different thicknes. Over that put a windstopper soft shell ( Peak performance, North face ). Mitts and wool cap. You will never be cold again
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