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  1. I had quite good results with the T300 2019 but have been dissatisfied with the feel. Last summer went for a new fitting . Numbers don’t lie. T300 we’re the right sticks. One thing the fitter did is had layers of lead tape which improved greatly. Hope this helps.
  2. Almost 20 years ago. Muni course . B flight . 2 rounds. HDCP at the time was around 10-11. Shot 89 first round. Wanted to withdraw but showed up for the last round. Nine straight pars on the front ( first time ) . Par on 10-11-12. Birdie 13-14. Overthinking happened , double on 15. Par , bogey, par to close. Remenber it is a muni. We were dropping the scorecards at the starter´s boot . He tells me there is a playoff going on between 2 guys who shot higher than 152. We still laugh about it
  3. Coming back to titleist T300. Been using them for more than a year now and also moved from i 200 xp95 to graphite after titleist Thursday’s fitting .more height ( low ball hitter ) distance and forgiveness but les GIR and farther from the pin. Turf interaction is definitely different . I guess it is the Indian not the arrow . HDCP went from 4-5 to 6-7
  4. Mainly at Boucherville, some golf Québec tournaments, some visits to nicer clubs , usually Penn National in fall and hopefully some time in Florida. I’m eager to see the answers
  5. Thanks all for those recommandations , all relevant. Recoil is a good shaft for me, got them in my epic hybrid. I210 and hot metal sounds good. As for moving one tee .....already did moved one up, still 2 to go (lol) and good criteria for fitting too.
  6. Hi, need help to take the right direction. 64, 4-6 HDCP, around 80 MPH swing speed, low ball hitter ( sway and slide ). Played ping i200 with regular specs and XP95 that i was fitted for, hit them well . Consistent distance, very good dispersion but lack of distance ( 140 yards- 7 iron ) and height. Decided to go graphite to gain distance and height and was fitted for Titleist T300 , tensei blue. I do not like the results after one year: absolutely no feel except on perfect shot, generally lower launch angle than XP 95 , some shots carrying incredible distances ..... I’m kind of confused. Go back to Ping 1200 and accept the results ? Try T300 with a light steel shaft ( True temper Elevate, xp 95, nippon 850 or Zelos ) though not sure if those are available ? Consider an other option ? Go to another fitting process ? One thing i know now is I’m ready to accept the lack of distance eventough i’ll keep working on my swing but i do not want compromise on dispersion, consistent distance and stopping power. Thanks for the replies Alain
  7. Thanks to mtl Jeff and Altaguy, the picture is complete . Beaconsfield is my favourite course , just don’t know why I forgot . have fun and get in touch if you come. I’m a member of a middle of the road course on the south shore , not a tough course but usually good playing conditions , i may get you on depending on when you want to play
  8. Hi, welcome to Montreal , summer is great , hopefully COVID will be a bit behind. golf wise your first 2 are among the best . If you can have access to those you will enjoy. On the south shore , some good private or semi-private courses are Vallée du Richelieu ( champions tour ) ,Pinegrove ( Canadian open ) , Mount Bruno , kanawaki and Summerlea (36 holes ), other choices could be Country Club of Montreal , Whitlock and Belœil as well as Falcon. On the north shore apart from Laval sur le lac some private courses you may try are Hillsdale, Blainvillier and Mirage, Les 4 domaines is a nice 36 public course. Not so many courses on the island but adding to Royal Montreal , Club ce golf de l’île de Montréal ( 36 holes ) , st-Raphael and Elm Ridge. traffic will be a pain due to road construction so plan accordingly. If restaurants are open you will have a blast. most certainly mtl Jeff will chime in to add to this post hopefully your pro has some time to make phone calls to get you on our beautiful courses alain
  9. 64/6/220 Titleist TS2 11.5 +1.5, hzrdus black 5.5 Epic 3 wood at 17, 5 wood at 20 diamana green Epic 4 hybrid at 25, 5 hybrid at 28, recoil F3 Titleist T300 6-53 tensei blue Vokey 58-14
  10. hi, Ocean City and Williamsburg are very good but I suggest you check on Penn National. 2 very different and interesting courses, no need to take your car and second to none service have a safe trip
  11. Will be heading for Tucson or Phoenix for 2-3 days in November. Any club corp play away recommandations for courses/ lodging ? Thank you
  12. So far played South Florida courses. 1) Lago Mar , high quality course , fun to play , great conditions, warm welcome from the staff, 2) Monarch, high quality course, very good conditions , 3) Boca Pointe, toughest to get tee times, good layout, young greens that do not hold the ball, fun layout , 4) Boca Lago , good layout but so so conditions especially greens, 5) PGA national , played squire and enjoyed a lot eventough greens were just all right, welcome sub-par
  13. I have done that numerous times in Canada, US and Europe without any problem as long as you do not go over 50 pounds. Personally, i use 2 small carry bags ,one is upside down. Gaps are filled with shoes and towels. So far so good
  14. Been there many times but not for last 5-6 years. Eagle’s landing certainly one of my favourite course all over. Rum pointe very good and if you never played a Gary player course, river run is a fun course Alain
  15. Coming from many sets in the last 30 years. Tommy armour 845, titleist 981, callaway x18, titleist AP1, TM RocketbladeZ. Got fitted at the end of summer. After trying so many heads and shafts from so many manufacturers, best two were mizuno 900 forged and Ping I200 still better ( spin, launch, height, dispersion ). But...i could not convince myself to buy Ping irons. Few days later a friend had me try is Ping I200 for a round and it was done....so i bought the clubs. They are very easy to hit, dispersion is great, ball flight perfect for me. Half a club shorter but hey ...all in all best irons i have owned
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