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  1. [quote name='spanky99l' timestamp='1335988829' post='4834016'] I'm assuming standard size? [/quote] The only size they make them in. .60" round standard.
  2. I've got 13 new uninstalled Golf Pride Whiteout blue grips I'm looking to sell. $100 shipped for all 13. I would prefer to sell them as a set.
  3. MINT MINT MINTI want to sell my Rossa Kia Ma Daytona putter. It is in mint condition and comes with the cover. The playing length is 34" and it has an iOmic Absolute white grip installed. Everything about the putter is mint. $175 shipped.
  4. Thanks and I agree. These are amazing but I am just so used to my Ahina and BB that I decided to stick with them. I literally have never had these on the course. I've hit them on the range a few times and that's it. They are in perfect condition.
  5. Both MintI'm looking to sell a couple of experimental shafts. I have a UST VTS 6X Black (lower launch and torque) and a 7X Silver (mid launch and torque). The 6X plays to 45" in an R11S driver and the 7X plays to 43" in an R11S three wood. Both shafts are mint, have the logos down in the TP setting, and have new Golf Pride VDR black grips. I'm asking $125 each or both for $225 shipped in the ConUS. PM me for overseas shipping prices.
  6. Rocketballz is on the way to Georgia. R11 is still for sale. $80 for just the head and $95 for the head and a new r11 tp sleeve.
  7. Will split either combo1. RocketBallz Tour 3 14.5. It is mint as I've hit it less than 10 times. It has a Matrix Radix Tour 8N X shaft that has been tipped 1". It is D3 @ 43" with a Golf Pride Tour Z Cord grip instaled logo down. $230 Shipped. 2. R11 TP 4 Wood. It has a Graphite Design YSPower 85S shaft and both the head and shaft are in 8+ of 10 condition with no paint chips just normal wear from a month's worth of use by a scratch handicap. It is D3 @ 42.5" and has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip installed logo down. $125 shipped. PM me if you are interested in shipping outside of the ConUS or if you are interested in head or shaft only deals.
  8. [quote name='Par5in2' timestamp='1329340065' post='4292785'] I'll take s400's. Pm me pp info. Thanks. [/quote] You can't receive any messages. PM me for my info.
  9. [quote name='eudubmad82' timestamp='1329339364' post='4292689'] [quote name='Lupino' timestamp='1329338132' post='4292539'] Pm pp I'll take the shaft an headcover [/quote] Rocketballz shaft and headcover sold pending payment. [/quote] Rocketballz gear sold!
  10. [quote name='Lupino' timestamp='1329338132' post='4292539'] Pm pp I'll take the shaft an headcover [/quote] Rocketballz shaft and headcover sold pending payment.
  11. [quote name='mliedtke02' timestamp='1329337094' post='4292397'] Awesome price on those s400's... shouldnt last long. [/quote] Thanks. I've had them lying around for a couple months so I thought I'd try to get rid of them fast. I switched to Super Peening Blues so I don't really have any need for these.
  12. 1. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 4-P in mint condition. Labels are all perfect and Tour Velvet grips are new. They played +1/4" in a set of Scratch AR1's. SOLD 2. Taylormade Rocketballz Tour driver shaft. It is new and has never hit a ball. It is an XCon6 Stiff and plays to the standard length. I am also including the Rocketballz headcover that is new and still in the plastic. SOLD! Please PM me with any questions/offers.
  13. 1. 16 Golfpride Tour Z-Grip Cord .600" round brand new never installed. $115 shipped for all 16 of them. 2. 8 Sensicore inserts that are brand new and never installed. $20 shipped for them.
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