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  1. Hybrid is 25* 5 iron is 2 weak at 29* 7 iron is 1 strong at 34* pw is 47 good article on titleist website
  2. car1

    Vokey lead time

    I ordered 2 sm8 raw wedges (54f and 58t) in early October. Both with s200 and had them in about 10 days.
  3. Everything will ship free via FedEx. All clubs are right handed. If you want to see additional pictures please ask. I’ll send as many as you’d like. Miura mc 501 5-pw with hard stepped MMT 125 stiff shafts. Expensive experiment that didn’t work out. I played 9 holes with them. I hit the pw, let a fried hit the 8 and I may have hit the 6 and 9 irons once each. They are standard length lie and loft. Built by Will Peoples last week. $1,750 obo 2021 Titleist t100 5-pw Dg x100 shafts with iomic grips installed logo down +1 wrap. I hit 2 balls of a mat with the pw and 5 or 6 with the 8 iron. Photo is of the 8 iron face. All others are still in the plastic. Standard length loft and .5* upright. $1020 obo 2018 Callaway Apex mb 6-A 2021 apex pro 5 iron 6-pw have kbs c taper 125 s+ shafts. They are a sharpie line shorter than standard and are 1* upright. The A wedge has modus 120x and is standard length lie loft. The 5 iron has modus 105x and is standard length lie loft. Overall they are in really good shape. this was a project that I’m giving up on. I will include the original 6-pw modus 120x shafts and a new c taper 125 5 iron shaft. Please ask questions if you need more information. FYI- my daughter got her hands on a couple sharpies and colored the MB. I’m sure i can remove it if you’d like. -SOLD- Scotty Cameron Phantom x 12.5 34” with stability shaft. there is a slight blemish on the top that you can see in the photos -SOLD- Taylormade sim2 hybrid 19.5* Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 85x Used for 1 round. Was trying to replace 4 wood and 7 wood with one club but it’s not going to work. this is slightly shorter than standard. I can measure if you’d like. I bought it new from Will Peoples $365 thanks for looking pin 11/14
  4. Currently playing 13.5 300 mini set to 12 as a 2 wood. Diamana Limited 75fw x that I pulled from a SIM ti 3 wood. Cut it down to play at 42.5”. I started with the 11.5 300 mini but I didn’t want to replace the driver so moved to the 13.5. I actually hit this just as far as the 11 and find myself hitting driver less and less. I don’t know whether it’s the shaft or a combination of head and shaft but I feel like I can swing as hard as I want or take some off and get great results. I’m hitting this on short holes that I’d never hit driver because I’m able to shape it consistently.
  5. Everything ships free Fedex. I have a bunch of pictures so please feel free to ask if you’re interested. No trade offers please. if you click on an individual picture it will be easier to see the length of the shafts. RH Taylormade SIM 9* driver head. I hit this 4 times. It doesn’t spin enough for me. -SOLD- New RH Titleist t200 4 iron x100 shaft standrad length, 1* weak, 0.5* upright -SOLD- ventus red 9x tipped 1/2” taylormade adapter -SOLD- fujikura Motore x f3 7x not sure about tipping taylormade adapter -SOLD- ventys red 8x no tipping ping g425 adapter -SOLD- tensei raw white 75s pulled from a tsi3 3 wood and cut down. Standard titleist tipping $90 tensei raw blue 60x tipped 1” Taylormade adapter $75 nippon modus 120x 6-pw pulled from standard length Callaway apex mb 18’ $100 I’m sure I forgot to mention something so please ask questions. Thanks pin 10/19
  6. I will be listing a new t200 4 iron x100 on the BST in a couple days. I ordered 5-pw t100 and 4 t200 on 8/2. I’ve had the t200 for over a month and may end up canceling the t100 order.
  7. Ping i210 5-pw standard length, lie, loft nippon modus 105 stiff right handed I used them for 9 holes. Shipping is free with fedex. Please ask any questions. $825
  8. All clubs are right handed. Everything ships free via fedex or usps. Please feel free to ask questions. I have more pictures if needed. Callaway Epic Speed triple diamond LS 9* 44” and the head weight is 206g. The weights are 10g and 14g. I may have a lighter weight to swap if needed and they are readily available online. Shaft is Project x Riptide 70g 6.5. This was hit twice indoors with the plastic on it. -SOLD- Taylormade 300 mini driver 11.5* I hit this 5 or 6 times but used a different shaft. It’s a cannon. I’m selling this and keeping the 13.5. I prefer to open the 13.5 vs playing this at standard. $360 Callaway Apex Pro 19 4&5 irons in excellent condition Modus 120x standard L/L/L grips are installed logo down -SOLD- Ping g425 5 wood Ventus Red 8x velocore untipped hit twice this will play short of standard. Please refer to the picture. Weights are available to bring the swingweight back up. Currently it is light. $400 Ping Blueprint irons 6-pw dynamic gold x100 shafts standard length and loft, 1 up 7-pw are blue dot 6 iron is black dot bent 1 up 8-pw were bought together, 6 and 7 were each purchased separately. The 6 iron has the z cord but I can throw in a matching grip if you’d like. The dent in the photo is on the toe of the 7 iron. I haven’t had these long but they wear quickly. -SOLD- I’m sure I forgot to mention something so please ask questions. pin 9/26
  9. 1. Done 2. Done 3. West Long Branch, NJ 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Fairway woods
  10. Everything will ship free via fedex. All clubs are right handed. Please let me know if you have any questions. RH Srixon zx7 irons 4-pw Kbs tour 130x standard L/L/L I used them for 9 holes. 4 and 5 still in plastic and I don’t think I even hit the 6 or 7. This is the third time that I’ve tried srixon irons and they are just not for me. -SOLD- Taylormade Sim2 8* driver head. I hit 4 balls with it. It launches too low. $395 Ping g425 max 7 wood with Ventus Red 8x shaft. Standard length. The shaft has not been tipped and it is set with logo down at -1.5*. used for 4-5 rounds. I will split the head and shaft. -SOLD- Ping g425 max 3 wood with rogue white 80s shaft. -1/2” length. Head was used for 3 rounds. Only hit off a tee. Shaft is brand new and came out of a standard length g425 5 wood. -SOLD- Mizuno Stz 5 wood head. Brand new without the plastic. $195 I’m sure I forgot to mention something so feel free to ask questions. Thanks
  11. I think that if you hit any club enough you can adjust your swing to make it work. So you will get an idea as to how it feels when struck well. That doesn’t mean that it will work for you when you are mid round making your normal swing. I’ve learned this the hard way many times. In my opinion turf interaction is the most important feature when it comes to choosing irons and wedges. For me, on course, proper turf interaction = forgiveness.
  12. Sim2 ti and original sim ti both look closed to me in standard setting. Sim2 looked more square than original to my eye. I’ve owned both and had to play them set to lower. They were almost too long and I still had a big left miss every once in awhile. Currently playing g425 max 3 and 7 woods set on big minus. The sim line feels and sounds way better but the g425 are automatic. Left miss is gone.
  13. Everything in this listing will ship free via FedEx. Please let me know if you have any questions. Vessel Players 2 white 6 way. I used this for 2 rounds. It’s bigger than I need and I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult to keep clean. It comes with a white double strap, black single strap, neoprene cart strap sleeve and rain hood. -SOLD- Ping Hoofer St. Jude. Brand New. I don’t want to sell this but I won’t use it. Hopefully someone else will. -SOLD- RH Titleist Tsi3 fairway wood 16.5. Tensei raw white 75 stiff. 1/2” short of standard length. I hit this 4-5 times off a tee. Never off the ground. It looks brand new. -SOLD- Graphite design DI 7x with Taylormade adapter. I don’t know if this has been tipped at all. -sold- RH Callaway Apex hybrid 20*. Kuro kage stiff shaft. I bought this years ago and used it for 1 round. -SOLD- Gankas G Box Adult I never used it and probably never will. -SOLD- If you’d like to see any additional photos just ask. Thanks for looking pin 9/8
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