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  1. RH Callaway Apex MB 2018 3-pw all heads are in original factory plastic. I assume it will be pretty hard to find another set in this condition. I have them packed for shipping but the original plastic is under the bubble wrap. Nippon modus 120 stiff standard length, lie and loft tour velvet grips -SOLD- RH Srixon ZX utility 3 20* Mitsubishi MMT 105tx shaft. This is slightly shorter than standard. Looks like it could be between 1/4”-1/2”. Please reach out if you’d like to see a photo of the length. Hit 2 balls on trackman. Shaft is a poor fit for me. -S
  2. These ship free with fedex - Callaway Apex TCB Irons 5-pw chrome (not raw) - Nippon Modus 130 stiff - Used for 1 round. The shaft is a poor fit for me - the pitching wedge and 9 iron have to ball marks on the face. The othe clubs look new. 5 iron is still in plastic. RH standard, length, lie and loft •SOLD• Please ask any questions Taylormade SIM 2 Driver 10.5 RH Head Only. •SOLD• I hit 5 balls indoors on trackman There is a small smudge on the headcover. I’m sure it will come out if you try.
  3. Mine were delivered yesterday. The only Callaway irons I only have to compare them to are the Apex pro 19 9 iron and x forged cb 7 iron. The 9 irons look almost identical. The pictures on page 4 of this thread do a good job of comparing the x forged cb 7 to the TCB 7. The things that stand out to me in person are thinner top line, less offset and a slightly taller club face than x forged cb.
  4. Billy Bob’s has weights for sale. Front are in stock but rear are out of stock. 24g rear are on eBay. I have one on the way.
  5. I was impatient order a set from Scottsdale UK. Order was placed on 3/4 and just received tracking information. They will be delivered on Friday 3/19. When I placed the order the estimated time was 16 days. It looks like that has now changed to 3-4 weeks.
  6. Is the raw definitely going to be an option? I was told that the oil/raw is not going to be available but I have to wait until 3/25 for confirmation.
  7. Everything ships free with Fedex. I have more pictures of these so let me know if there is anything else that you’d like to see. Please let me know if you have any questions. RH Zx7 irons have been played for one round. Nippon Modus 125 stiff hard stepped once. Standard length, lie, loft. Grips are tour velvet plus 4 logo down. •SOLD• RH Taylormade Sim2 9* head. I hit a half dozen balls indoors on trackman. I need more loft. Please note that this head weighs 205g. I ordered it from Taylormade -1 1/2” and they adjusted the head weight with a heavier front weight. That wei
  8. Mine was delivered a few days ago. I ordered from DD on 2/28.
  9. I ordered a Tsi4 9* with 75 tx 2.0 on 2/28. It was delivered today and I live in NJ.
  10. My guess is the 3g weight will be standard. That was in the driver I bought off the rack. I used a bit holding screwdriver. My first attempt was with a Husky bit from Home Depot but it snapped. I went back and grabbed a Dewalt and it came right out. There is no way to over tighten when you reinstall. The screw will spin easily up to a point and then it just locks up. You would really have to crank on it to do damage. Adjusting this weight is much easier and way less stressful that changing the back weight on the original SIM driver. The bit size is T20 and make sure you get one that
  11. Just pulled the front weights from two different Sim2 driver heads. One was standard length and the other was ordered 1 1/2” short. Smaller weight is 3g and that head weighs 195g with no adapter. Larger weight is 13g. That head weighs 205g with no adapter. Not sure if they will swingweight fairway woods but they did with my driver. Hopefully this is the new norm.
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