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  1. Has anyone compared the Stability to the LA Golf?
  2. Hello everyone- I am in the process of building out a new simulator for our garage. I haven’t decided which avenue to do down in regards to the LM - FullSwing Kit, GC3. I think that Flightscope, GC4 and TM are going to be out of our reach as our project is going over initial budget. Does anyone know if any of the LM’s will run on a 2020 MacBook (Not M1 chip?) Thanks!
  3. EvnRoll in General doesn’t get enough love!
  4. Oaks

    RIP Tim Rosaforte

    Hawks article was fantastic… Ginellas Podcast is on another level! It’s long but excellent. Can tell how much he cared for the man. https://firepitcollective.com/fire-pit-w-matt-ginella/
  5. Another question- was it just Ian or did he have Investors as well? Money talks…
  6. Sean Toulon is Bringing the Heat with Daytona Beach and Le Mans
  7. Thank you to Golfwrx and Cobra for this win! I was very excited for the win and since I was just fit for a G425 LST this spring I had my wife pick it out for herself (with a little help from me). We settled on a 10.5 XB with a Ventus Blue 5 for her. Unfortunately the club was delivered with the wrong head, but GolfWrx and Cobra and sorting it all out. I’ll post pictures of the final club when it arrives - it was a great way to end/start the year! Thanks again Cobra & GolfWrx!
  8. Are the CWs back - pictures looked like it.
  9. Oaks


    Agreed - Jon knows his stuff. My irons were last September and I wanted 921’s. We tried everything to make them work, but at the end of the day the MMCs were better for me. My driver was fit this past Spring and I had a shaft that I wanted to use because of past success. We tried SIM2, TSi3/4 and Cobra first… spin was out of control. Put the same shaft into a G425 LST and it was [email protected]&$ing Magic. Jon is a great guy and a good hang for the few hours that you are there!
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