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  1. In hand ready to ship. Used One round - Arccos isn’t for me. Some of my sensors may be on the way out. included: Arccos Caddie Link Good luck finding one. I heard Oct/Nov for new orders. Arccos Superstroke Adapter w Tool All of my Sensors (no guarantee they all work) (I have 14 but they are on clubs need to pull off) $165 shipped Firm only trades considered - toe flow mallets
  2. Thanks guys. You confirmed what I saw in my fitting. I’ve always been a DG Player but the $ Tapers felt great and minimize the spin on my mishits. looking forward to my new MMCs
  3. The title says it best - can someone compare and contrast? thanks!
  4. I didn’t get a chance to sit through Ian and Matt today - what did they have to say?
  5. 2 years ago the TS was introduced to the world at Shinnecock during US Open week. Could we be looking at a Winged Foot unveiling?
  6. City, State?Handicap? N Kingstown RI - 8 Current Putter? Toulon Portland Biggest struggle when putting? Everything!!! What model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test? 10.5C Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yup Do you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website? Absolutely
  7. When will fitters be receiving their fitting kits... Asking for a Friend
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