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  1. guy I played with took driver, 7i, 56 deg. It seemed like there were more holes where he didn't really have to do much differently other than putting with a wedge.
  2. I went with 3H, 8i, and 54 deg. worked pretty well. probably should have picked 6i instead of 8i.
  3. hands higher, toe down / heel up off the ground. best method I've found
  4. all great suggestions. 3 of the par 3's will play in the 170-190 range. the other par 3 will be around 150. so the hybrid / 8 iron works well there. 2 of the par 5's I probably can't reach with a full set. The other 2 par 5's Driver/Driver not really a thing given where some bunkers are placed. I think I can reach most of the par 4's or get close with two hybrids. It's match play too, which adds another wrinkle I guess. if I end up in a strange short game situation, I'm not really worried about making a 10....just loss of hole and move on to the next.
  5. What clubs would you pick for a 3 - Club Challenge? I have a gadget format event this weekend and looking for feedback. A few more specifics. HDC 1.5. Driver distance ~265yds, 7i distance ~160 yds. Will be playing from about 6600 yds. Right now I'm thinking the following: 3H - 205yd club, but can putt with it and hit putts from off the green vs short chips. 8i - can manipulate to hit anywhere between 130 - 155 comfortably. can also hit some basic bunker shots (can get it out, nothing fancy) 54 deg - anticipate missing most greens and can hit standard chips with this club. Also, gives me a 50 - 100yd option. might be a mistake to leave putter out. What would you guys do? What clubs would you take? Should be fun in any event!
  6. have a similar issue...usually b/c my grip gets too weak (yes too WEAK) and downswing is too far from the inside, which means you have to rotate forearms like crazy to try and square it...looks like your grip is a little on the weak side even though as others have mentioned you have it a little shut at the top. Slicefixer has a good drill that helps get me out of the hooks from time to time. basically, take a 6 or 7 iron and hood it 45 deg closed. then try and hit the ball straight. will take some time, but will move your hands well forward and impact and open the face some...just gives you a good feel. you could also try swinging a little more left with the mental image of never letting the toe catch the heel. your swing looks pretty solid though.
  7. I have Golf Forever and really like it. complete an online assessment to start and the app will get you in the right routine based on your fitness level. Easy to follow. I think it’s around $100/yr but you can also do monthly charge which ends up being slightly more expensive.
  8. putt out website has some good indoor drills. https://www.puttout.golf/quick-tips
  9. that is a unique closing stretch with 4 out of the last 5 holes as Par 5s. One of the more impressive takeaways for me is that I would think this would give the longer hitter a huge advantage, yet you MADE UP ground with your wedge, putter, and smart play/mental approach. awesome work! could use some of this in my own game.
  10. Bernard Darwin on Golf. very eloquently written essays on all things golf
  11. Monte has this right...however, I will tell you what works for me. I move slightly (about a ball width) farther away at address. That typically adds some height for me. I'm just really hitting flippy draws this way, but I predominantly play a fade, so I don't try and hit a draw very often. NEVER when playing a tournament or to make a score. only money games that are meaningless....
  12. Does anyone know of a way to check for square shoulders in putting setup without help from someone else watching? I thought about using alignment stick but can't seem to work that out. Or maybe a mirror on the ground? I'm trying to utilize something I already have lying around the house, based on the current situation. Thanks!
  13. I'm really just trying to make sure my setup alignments are tight. use alignment aids - from there I'm looking to see if the ball is starting on line. If so, I can try and adjust the curve if needed. The key for me is to take plenty of time between balls. Play some games, like 4 out of 5 between two targets or 4 out of 5 no short sides, etc. I mostly hit drivers, wedges, and the irons I would typically hit on the par 3's at my club. Again, taking plenty of time is key. I probably won't hit more than 25 balls in any one session. Any more and I just start tinkering....
  14. I think the some of the easiest things you can do is to try and re-create pressure through games when you play alone or a slightly uncomfortable wager during casual rounds when you do play with someone else. Also, tournaments are tough when you only play a couple per year. If you want to get better at competition then you need to compete as much as possible. It needs to feel like a "normal" round or as close as possible. Maybe find some smaller one-day type events you can squeeze in. Look at your state / city golf association or maybe something like golf channel am tour, etc. It definitely takes some of the pressure away when "its just another tournament" and you have another one on deck, next week for example. Just my experience...all good suggestions above.
  15. Agreed. 2 summers ago, I couldn't keep a driver from going left. I could hit irons just fine, but had developed a nasty snapper with the driver that would show up at the worst times. I tried several local instructors and couldn't seem to find a fix that made sense and that I could repeat. I have purchased most of his content, but I did an online lesson with Monte and it was awesome. He sent me 3 drills and I immediately started driving it better. I still refer back to the video he sent me and still use the feels / thoughts from that lesson. $$ well spent, highly recommend. I'm sure there are others on this forum that can help as well. Just my personal experience.
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