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  1. Nice! Sorry if I missed it but how did you put the stickers on
  2. Yes, us too. Use it all the time. I guess due to the reflective possibility. The times we use the alignment stick has not caused any issues for us. Have to look now for something on amazon that will keep the mat from moving around. even in the slightest bit, it can throw readings off.
  3. I just spoke with Phoenix at Foresight Tech Support and he was awesome. Really detailed, helpful and friendly. He said they're stoked that everyone in the forums have had great experiences with them. Phoenix said he really wants to get our issue taken cared of, so he'll be in touch with us through the process. Here is what he said we can do initially: B4 ERROR -only when you see the B4 error -unplug all cables on the device. -Powercycle the unit for a full 15 seconds holding down the power button even after the LM turns off -Also ensure that you're up to date with the latest firmware SHOT RECORDING (also other errors such as NAN error) -Important: Do not use the provided white alignment rod indoors. Phoenix said this is only for outdoors -The BLP/GC3 is reflection / light sensitive. Some of you mentioned even watch out for shoe reflection. This included pants, even debris off mats -Ensure there is no reflective light from windows, etc. -If your mat is loose or the ball moves just a little bit, the LM will lose "lock-on" and won't record shots. I tried hitting (my kid usually hits) but when I went full out, I noticed it wouldn't record shots. I immediately hit smooth punch shots and the LM picked up shots. Phoenix said the torque from the feet can also make the LM lose "lock-on" so ensure you have some adhesive to prevent this. Foresight says if this becomes a nuisance, to contact them so they can work out the issues or worst case send it in and have it repaired. Hope this helps.
  4. Spoke with John at Bushnell Support. For the B4 error, he told us to do a power cycle reset which is found here: https://help.foresightsports.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404716185619-GC3-Error-Code-A-Type- He also said to hold down the power button 30 seconds then power it up again. If the issue keeps happening, I would call Bushnell, open a ticket, they send a label which gets sent to Foresight direct. The repair would take a few weeks.
  5. I usually do not have the BLP plugged in. It was a 30% battery then I plugged it in. I'll give support a call today and report my findings.
  6. Thanks guys. I assume just call the regular support line?
  7. In case you guys experienced this. Got that B4 error again last night. Probably the 5th time in 20 sessions. It was fine after when I reset it. I connected the USB to the BLP and PC before loading the FSX 2020 software. Not sure if affects it. Also got this “Nan” error on a shot. Have seen this before. When I get the B4 error, I notice that the BLP isn’t picking up shots on the BLP screen or PC for that session. Maybe missing almost 40% of shots I also started the range session with less than 30% battery. Not sure if this is a factor also but shouldn’t be. My firmware is upgraded to the latest. If we have a BLP, will Foresight help or do we have to go through Bushnell (I hear not as knowledgeable which is understandable since it’s built by foresight)?
  8. Got the Optoma 1080HDR short throw. It’s great for movies and ball games too. Did you get one?
  9. Did a DIY too. Not done yet. Without the projector and BLP, cost me about $500 so far. Projector was $799
  10. Do you use the white reflective alignment stick they provide before each session to ensure proper alignment? Then I would remove the setup stick and use a different alignment stick to ensure your body is alignment up. You can also put a soft item near the screen to use as a target.
  11. Sorry to hear. In 750 shots, we’ve had 2 B4 errors. I haven’t updated the firmware. It’s seems random but concerning for how much we all paid. Usually it’s resolved with just restarting. Hope it’s something not recurring. @DS12312 better session last night. Maybe like 2 missed shots out of 50+. Interesting I had low lighting than normal and it performed well. Even had the alignment stick which we normally use and it has a reflective section on it. Since most on the forum have had initial connection issues, I’m thinking and hoping it was just the way and order I connected the BLP. Better to let it load up completely > load up FSX 2020, then connect the cables to the PC, refresh devices then log in. That’s how I normally have been using it. Does anyone here use the Ethernet cable to connect the BLP to the PC? Notice any benefits?
  12. Got it. Thanks. Yes. Will be more observant today. Weird as it really acted up which has been rare
  13. Thanks and great questions. OMG haha. I didn't think about looking checking the unit. My daughter didn't mention it was coming up. I didn't think about that. Have you had it where data shows up on the unit, but not FSX 2020? Standard 9i. It was a while golf ball. Same ball and setup we've been using for all of the setups. When I connect the BLP, i'll usually let it load up completely, open FSX 2020 first, connect to the PC, then refresh FSX 2020 to show the BLP. This time, I let the BLP load, but I connected the BLP to the PC before I opened FSX 2020. Wondering if that was the cause of it. I will have to troubleshoot. The B4 error hasn't come up again, but weird how shots have been missing. Have you guys ever tried to put the metallic sticker on the ball? Wondering if that will have any time of affect on it.
  14. I’ve had the BLP for 3 weeks now and have used it primarily indoors. It’s been very reliable Vs my Mevo plus on picking up shots. For 15 range session on the BLP, maybe it won’t pick up 2-3 shots out of 40. Last night, I’m not sure what I did but it was only picking up about 40-45% of shots. We put the ball in the back corner of the hitting zone too. Has this happened to anyone? Hoping it’s just an outlier session.
  15. Wow. I guess so depending on the courses. Or you can just go to Monterey and play Pebble 32x
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