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  1. -15 degrees Fahrenheit here right now. Still too excited as well.
  2. Received a notification last night that my 3 wood will be delivered tomorrow. I ordered probably a week after pre-orders started too.
  3. He went full time to the Scotty end of last summer I believe.
  4. 3 Iron is a P770. In the fall he was playing a 58 that was bent two degrees weak to 60. Assume that's unchanged as he talked about how much he liked more bounce in the lob wedge. His PW in the past has always been 47 so I believe his gapping is 47-54-60.
  5. Was able to get my hands on a Stealth+ and did some testing on a Trackman vs my OG SIM with Ventus Black 6x. Took 3 swings with each and kept alternating for 12-15 shots with each. I found consistently 2 mph more ball speed (162 BS with SIM vs 164 with Stealth+) but it does spin less than my OG SIM and launch a touch lower. I always played the SIM 9* in the Lower position and after some tweaks I found with the adapter closer to the Neutral position with the Stealth+ I was able to bring my spin up from 1800-1900 to 2200 with launch around 14 to really dial the club in. The feel is definitely a little softer than the SIM but it felt very good to me. Prefer the Stealth+ feel over the SIM now. I live in the Upper Midwest so this was my second time hitting balls since late October and it was inside but the initial impressions were very good. Excited to test outside eventually but seeing that increase in ball speed right out of the gate was very satisfying as the OG SIM with Ventus Black is the best/most optimal combination I've ever played.
  6. Looking at the Custom Option guide on the TaylorMade site it looks like a slant neck Hydro Blast Spider will be available now (Rory's putter). Last year only the flow neck and single bend neck were options. Good to see the most popular hosel option make a return.
  7. For the third time the Stealth and MyStealth will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow.
  8. I said this a few pages back but yes pre-orders will be open starting next week.
  9. I’m hearing when embargo is lifted next week pre-orders for both the Stealth and MyStealth will be open.
  10. Great pics. Stealth looks even better after seeing these in-hand photos.
  11. MyMG3 is now up on the TaylorMade website. Includes an all raw option. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/MyMG3-Wedge/DW-TA275.html?lang=en_US
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