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  1. 1. Corral de Tierra CC 2. Salinas, CA 3. 13.6 4. Titleist TS2 9.5* Tensei Blue, Stiff, A-2 5. Yes, at Bayonet and Blackhorse 6. TSi2 7. Yes
  2. Happy where I'm at now...in the sunbelt off the Highway 68 corridor between Monterey and Salinas, CA enjoying comfortable year-round golf. There are 2 private courses along the corridor (Corral de Tierra CC and The Club at Pasadera) and a bunch of public and resort courses in the area. Monterey peninsula ~15 miles away.
  3. 12 y/o Girl Driver: Cobra King F9 Junior 5W: TM M4 Ladies 4H: TM M4 22* Ladies 5-GW: Mizuno 919 Forged Fujikura Vista Pro 40i R3 SW: Mizuno S18 56* Fujikura Vista Pro Pro 40i R3 Putter: US Kids 60 AIM 1
  4. During competitions where I do not know the parents: When searching for my daughter's errant drives in the rough, I extend my arms out (as if stretching) to "show" others my hands aren't in my pocket. I also keep an eye out on other parents' hands when they are in the rough searching for balls...especially the ones who don't count whiffs, grounding in the bunker or accidental contact when preparing for the putt, etc. This started a couple months back after reading the posts on this forum. :)
  5. UPDATE. My daughter has completed 3 sessions with her new coach and it continues to go well as she has improved with each middle school match. Each one hour session consisted of: (1) working on an "issue(s)", (2) full swing, and (3) short game. The coach suggested that a session every 3 weeks with regular practice and competitions in between would be a good mix for now. We are fortunate to have a PGA Jr League team, a nearby US Kids Local Tour and a local junior golf association with monthly tournaments to cover the competitions part. > @malarayat4227 said: > My 11 year old daughte
  6. My 11 year old daughter made her middle school golf team last week. We decided now is a great time to start her on a more structured lesson/practice schedule with a teaching pro at our club. She just had her first lesson of a series (1 hr lessons) and it went very well. Coach suggested next lesson in 2 weeks. I am excited to see where this goes. She began golf at 6 and has attended 1-2x/month junior golf clinics, summer camps and school break camps at our club. She did PGA Jr League the last 2 years and had 2-3 private 30 min lessons with the team coach during the seasons. Other relev
  7. Ours was $200 and included: 8 matches at Monterey Bay area courses (2 private, 2 resort and 1 36-hole "best value" public course) 2 jerseys, team hat, t-shirt, drawstring bag and bag tag Team practices
  8. Tried these at our club's demo day and liked them. Found this thread that night and liked them even more. These were my first Nike irons ordered (previous 5 were Mizunos). Anyone else experience frustration removing the plastic wrap from the tacky stock red grips?
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