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  1. 1. Wedgeworks T grind Raw. 58 degree and .5 upright. S400 tour issue onyx shaft used to chip and 1 round. The face is beginning to rust a little. 9.5/10. $185 shipped (paid $250 and waited 2 months) PayPal is [email protected] 2. JPX 850 forged. 4-gw project x 6.0 *new black and white m/c midsized grips.* also had lofts and lies checked. They are standard loft and 2 degrees upright. Standard length. 4 iron is Un-gripped and has a s300 shaft. I would say these are easily 9/10. $565 **plus shipping priority.** 3. Accra TZ6 fairway shaft 75 gram. Pl
  2. vokey sm7 raw 60L with tour issue onyx x100 SOLD!!!!! standard length loft lie $165 shipped sm4 wedges 50.12 54.14 60TvD k grind wedge works. $125 shipped tour edge cbx 15 and 17 hybrid. Project x black 6.5 on both. $135 shipped paypal [email protected] callaway utility 24 w/ modus 120x standard LLL. $130 shipped paypal [email protected]@hotmail.com Srixon U85 2 iron w/factory project x black smoke 100 6.5. $160 shipped paypal [email protected] Mizuno MP 69
  3. 10.5 plays just under 45”. Club has hit 5 balls into the simulator. Shaft was Pured by Will Peeoples. Shipped priority. paypal is [email protected] $649 obo
  4. Thanks guys. I will be going to another monitor.
  5. I was fit using real prov1s. Indoors.
  6. > @MakersMarsh3 said: > What kind of golf balls??? Range balls.
  7. That’s what I was thinking. Thanks. The fitting was indoors at club champion.
  8. Ok Got fitted for an Epic Flash sz. Accra TZG 65 x flex. Numbers in the studio were never above 2800. Went to trackman yesterday outside and I was getting numbers in the 3-4.5k range. Lowest was 2600!! Ball speed went up to 173 at one point. My highest ever :). Attached are a few photos. Head is a 10.5 lowered to 9.5. Should I get a 9.5?
  9. I have 3. My driver is 44.5 and the 3rd weight brings the sw back to d3. Hitting it great.
  10. ​Current USGA handicap 1.9 What are your current irons and shafts (be specific) Mizuno MP64s s400 tour issue shafts Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when? I was not fit, I was fit for x100 years ago and went with a little less stiff shaft but in the same profile State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf I have recently moved to a all Taylormade bag minus the irons, I have always stayed with Mizuno, I never played Taylormade because their irons weren't forged like Mizuno. I would like to be proved wrong and move
  11. Have s+ in a cobra king utility. Nothing special if you ask me, especially considering the price. Didn't have any "wow" feeling to it. Has a decent flight but tbh a recoil or something like that would be better for 1/4 the price. Mid-low flight.
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