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  1. Does anyone know if this tech makes the putter more face balanced?
  2. **Juno Putter:** Honestly, I could list the putter as new but I removed the plastic and changed the grip. It has only been rolled on carpet. It is 34", new HC and grip is brand new. **$~~175 shipped OBRO~~** **Price Drop to $150 Shipped** **Rangefinder:** Just a solid product from Leupold that still works great. I am just moving to a GPS style unit and wanted to pass this along. **~~$125 Shipped OBRO~~** **~~Price drop to $115~~** **Last Price Drop: $105 Shipped** Shipping will be USPS Priority 24 hours from the payment received. Thanks for looking and have a blessed day! Kris
  3. I am not trying to give anyone ammo to blame their game on, but this absolutely a thing. I work for New Balance and have a bit of knowledge when it comes to the affect that drop can have on your stance. The Nike example is one I have experienced in the same models, as they have a much lower drop than even the TW71 I have. There is a difference. Some might even notice it in their weight shift, moving more towards their toes with a shoe with the higher drop. Someone asked if you can have a 0 drop shoe and still be elevated. Absolutely. It does not matter your height off the ground in regards to the drop.
  4. You are not crazy. What most people experience is the "drop" being different from one model to the next. This is the angle and height that your heel is above your toes. Ex: 0 drop would be barefoot on the floor, where as a 10mm drop would be raising your heels up 10mm above your toes causing that descent angle. I have experienced this. 2 pair of my Nikes have a very low drop and my Boost have near 12mm. There is a definite distinct feel difference in my set up between the 2 models.
  5. I do not trust any company do do work. I do on the other hand trust individuals that may work at said company. Meaning I would never blindly drop off clubs to be worked on at a box store and hope for the best. Though I would drop clubs off with someone I trust that happens to work at a big box store without hesitation.
  6. Tiger shows up a week early - one of the greatest, if not the greatest tactician to take a part a course - recons the course, the course he has finished a 1st and 2nd at that has not been overly changed - Plays 9, range time, gets the speed of the greens in his hands - Takes off on a cold, wet day and saves his back and strength to get up at 4:30-5 am to get ready for early Tee Time. I see nothing here that would make me concerned.
  7. I will be moving to the Srixon Zstar and XV. I have not not nailed down which will be the primary ball, but both are working well and I love the feel off both balls.
  8. I am moving to one of these or maybe even both depending on conditions. I have been playing the TP5X for a year but just feels it lacks something around the greens. I also struggle with flighting my wedges lower with the TP5X. My son and I both are making this switch and are taking advantage of the Academy deal to stock up!
  9. Over the weekend I saw my first pin rejection. My son had a 20' that caught the pin on a glancing blow and caused it to deflect and catch the lip and then lip out. It was very interesting. We both saw it happen and just stared for a sec, and the wheels were turning. We both agree that leaving the flag at distance is helpful for lag putting, but after seeing that, it gave us pause on what we would do 20' and in. I still like the flag in, especially in casual rounds but he plays for his college and it caused him to reconsider leaving it in at closer range during tournaments.
  10. I can tonight, there is no dent, it is just a chip in the toe. It can't be seen at address, but I will get a better pic for you.
  11. Hey Welcome back! Today I am working through the top of my bag attempting to consolidate and de-clutter the options. I am not in to rating clubs as the pics tell the story. All will be shipped within 2 days of purchase and go by USPS. CONUS Trades: Putters (CS or Face Balanced) TM Rogue 110msi 60X shaft with measurements in the pics, please don't ask how long this plays in driver as I have no idea? I believe it is 45". = $80 $65 TM Aeroburner 19 Stiff White Tie Stock and HC - There is a tiny scratch on the back line and a pin ***** of a scratch by the TP, none can be seen at address and the topline and crown are perfect. = $65 All prices are negotiable especially if you buy multiples. Extreme low ball offers will be mocked, shamed and forced to listen to Brandel Chamblee, Paul Azinger, and Johnny Miller debate the topics of weightlifting, flag in or out, and if the Players is the 5th Major. Thanks for looking, Kris
  12. I have a feeling that they are being encouraged to be more animated and to allow conversations to become uncomfortable (as much as golf talk can be). We have to remember it is a TV show first and foremost and the pattern for daily talk shows now is - debate, disagree, get uncomfortable. Not to the point of Jerry Springer, but just enough where people feel tension. Remember, these are TV talents, not producers, if the producer and network did not want this it would be all rainbows and butterflies, because the on air talent wants to keep their jobs. Just my take.
  13. Thanks for stopping by. I have for sale or trade the Silver TP Juno 34" with HC and New Traxion Super Stroke GT 1.0 ($29! comon' Super Stoke, really!). Full disclosure, the screw for the end cap of the grip is not coming loose to install a weight. This was not going to affect me as I don't counter balance, but wanted to make sure this was addressed. Also, you may be able to get it out, I have just not cared to try. The pics tell the story, it is in basic new condition for this putter and comes with the HC. Shipped CONUS - $85 shipped USPS Priority, will most likely go out Thur AM or Fri AM depending on my schedule. For trade I am looking for other putters - OWorks 1W, Spider Tour Black, or Center Shafted options. Let me know. Thanks, Kris
  14. I am curious in the difference in the rogue shafts. I purchased a TM club with the 110 60x rogue shaft but the graphics are different than the ones I have seen. Simply, the shaft fades to black instead of staying white as it goes to the head. Meaning it is from the grip down - Dark to white, back to dark. Thanks for any info.
  15. I am searching high and low for an Engage Dual Sole 58 (bending to 60) and the 50 Square. I have the 54 Squared and it is the best wedge I have ever owned for me and what I do with it. Just when Nike was starting to roll....they go and jump out of the game on me!!!
  16. Okay - Help me out here. The fastest test known to man, as in 3 scared warm up swings as I am recovering from a cracked rib in my back, and then 3 full swings. Setup was 9 set to 10, with Atmos Black 6S. AOA 5-6*, SS 110, Launch 10-11, Spin 2400-2500 and 268 - 270 Carry. All of this was on a GCQuad with dots, and the strikes were both center, and fractionally toward the toe high. This is my playable pattern. Question, is that I love this head! I will be buying one, but I need to know more about this setup? Is the black supposed to lower spin or is this just a bit higher spin head? To be honest I do not know the weight setting on the bottom, from a hazy memory I believe the heavier weight was forward. Any thoughts or suggestions to go a different route? To help this or better optimize it? I know it is 2 swings, but they were good, not fast but good swings. I know my speed will increase but the other #'s will stay similar (AOA was normal for me right on and normal). Thanks for any help! Kris
  17. Golf Galaxy just sent our 50% trade enhancement email and it included Cobra! Oh my! At my local GG, all the guys are talking about the F9, and putting it into customers hands and asking them to hit it. Pretty awesome. Good year for Cobra.
  18. Multiple: Nike Vapor Pro Combos A-4 = will play these until their faces wear out UT Apex 21* = My go to off the tee on target courses Juno TP (silver) Putter = 1 year, 1 putter
  19. Exactly & it's not like it's TM haters speaking on this, look at my WITB I haven't hit anything but TM Drivers and 3 Woods for 10 years...... I just want to know if they will FIX this major design flaw before i consider spending 550 dollars on a new driver........ Does anyone think TaylorMade won't make their club good if they buy an M5 and this does happen to it? Absolutely, I believe they will take care of it. I am not sure that is the point in this case. All mfg have issues with club failure that get replaced, no doubt. My take, and I believe the rest of those following this or commenting on this is that this seems to be a wider reaching problem than the normal percentage of mfg club failings. This appears to be an actual club issue, design issue, possibly something that will be affecting way more than the normal percentage of clubs that a mfg would plan or account for. That is what appears to make this a bigger issue. Also to address the statement from the Marshal, I am not attacking anyone or accusing anyone of being bought to move a topic. I could care less where this lands, it is going to keep getting views. My take was only to address the fact of an appearance of the dismissal of this forums supporters concerning this issue. This is a forum, and the only thing we are judged on is our words and whether or not we are that guy who offers $100 less on a new BST listing the second it is posted, and then is put out when the seller declines. lol. I am sure HipCheck is a great guy and my only concern was with this statement.
  20. "In this case, it's to prevent clogging up the Equipment Forum only from a single club cracking. That stuff happens all the time. " I love this site, truly. But I am not sure it was purposeful, or just not fully thought out when you typed it. But these statements only serve to hurt your case for stating you are not down playing the issue. Again, we are talking about the bottom of a golf club cracking, not war or famine. It is not that major of a deal, but in the context of a golf forum, the best golf forum, it is a big deal. To say we only have "single" club and to almost be dismissive of it is condescending to the people that support this forum. I had an M2 (2016) that cracked at the seam twice, Taylor Made was awesome! New drivers in and shortly. It happens! This on the other hand "seems" to be something a bit more wide spread. People are reporting this from demos in many locations. We can all blame it on user abuse, but again I think that is just attempting to dismiss something. I am a Taylor Made fan, I have no ill will toward the company, I am a Tiger fanboy, I want this company to succeed. They make great product, this only benefits me the player and consumer. This situation, is something that seems to be bigger, not bigger than war or famine, but in golf, potentially a big deal. Just my take.
  21. Thankfully I like the look of the M6 family better from address. After seeing this thread and going to GG, this was the first I looked for in the M5 demos. I can report as of now, all tracks are still intact.
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