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  1. PM and email sent. I'm interested in the irons and FT-9 Tour driver head. Thanks, Brad
  2. The USGA website has the gunmetal and satin ones listed but not the chrome. Any idea if the polished chrome is conforming or not? Also, do these irons have "U", modified "U", or "V" grooves? Thanks...
  3. If you're not looking for something new/current then you might try an old TaylorMade r7 Quad. I've had mine in the bag for quite some time and absolutely love it! It has a .350 hosel and measures at 400cc. The face angle is dead-square and its a pretty solid stick. Also, I'm pretty sure PING uses .350 hosel on all their woods. If you bought a .350 adapter for the R9/R11 drivers and it will fit any of the new TM heads. Hopefully this helps! Brad
  4. How do you like your i5's with S300 shafts? I've got a set with the stock AWT shafts and thinking about switching. Nice setup too!
  5. :welcomeani: Prices include shipping to CONUS only. Payments will be accepted through Paypal account [email protected] and items will ship via USPS priority mail. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions feel free to send me a PM. Adidas Tour Traxion II: Brand new/never worn but will not come with original box or tags, Size 10M, Black/White/Silver $50 SunMountain Provisional Rainsuit: Mens size Medium, Black, This rain suit has only been worn once and was washed immediately after. $50
  6. Whether its similar to Tiger's bag or not, that is a gamers bag for sure! Nice job! Sorry about the putter...
  7. Love the X-Forged without the badges! Really solid bag top to bottom!
  8. Nice set up! Would love to see KU win the big dance this year!!!
  9. If you get a chance, try the Adams Puglielli Black forged wedges. You might be surprised! Very nice bag though!
  10. Welcome. Nice bag and some beginner advice, never play golf with someone who likes to critique or give you swing lessons during your round. Thats what the driving range and PGA professionals are for! Good luck and hit 'em straight!
  11. Awesome set up! I bet paint filling those Mizzy's Red/Black/White is in your future!
  12. I feel ya on those MacGregors. I had a set a couple years ago and have regretted selling them. I've found some of the newer cavity back clubs to be less forgiving than those blades! And from what I remember, they felt pretty solid too! Nice bag!
  13. Very solid setup! Still can't beat the V-Steel's!
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