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  1. Received my shipping notice from TM this morning. I was in the local shop and all they had in stock was (1) 12* & (1) 8* Sim2. Their tracking info indicated their order was delayed, not showing up until Monday.
  2. Looking forward to a new PM grind in the bag
  3. Just received shipping notice that the Apex 4 iron has shipped, but the Pros are on back order...Looks like Callaway has hit a home run.
  4. Still remember the bag boy who told me that my irons (MB2) raw were to old to clean..LOL....loved the 3 sets I played..Wish I’d kept one set....
  5. Ordered 5-pw in the pros and added an Apex 4 iron. All shafted with Nippon 120-S.. I think I would have been ok with the pro in the4 iron, but not being able to test I went the save route. I would have ordered the spilt set, but the spilt at the 8 iron..not where I would do it.
  6. Ordered 1/7 and received them 1/20..I’m a little anxious to hit the:, foot of snow on the ground and the simulators are all booked out two weeks. In advance..Just got cancellation notice tonight for Saturday morning..Yeah for me!!! 5-PW with Steel fibers w/align grips.
  7. I put the Hzrdus Yellow Into my G410 head at 48” and saw the sw go to E8..yes it is heavy, but the head is heavy to begin with. When I tried this with a Sim Max the sw was E0, but I couldn’t time the lighter head..My thought is the counter balance works better with the heavier head weight, so the lead tape will help. I’m going to continue to experiment with a few older shafts I have to find a better match.
  8. Just replaced my Z745s..they were in the backup bag with the ZX7 and am anxious to get them into play..
  9. The best 3? I have a love/hate relationship with the flat stick, but there are a few I wish I never let go. #1 Mizuno Reason M-100 #2 Scotty Circle T 009 ( still get upset every time I think about trading it away) #3 Scotty Big Sur..I’ve had a few different putters, just messing around with the finish..it’s the gamer into the bag.
  10. G425 LST w/Ventus Black...Full Bryson mode....
  11. Thx for the reply. I’m rocking the Craz lite and a hoofer lite..love the Ping bags. Good luck.
  12. Great setup..how do you like the new bag?
  13. Nice setup..Driver - 5 wood, what is your gaping yardage? Asking for a friend..LOL
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