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  1. I just take mine off while I play and keep it in the cup holder of my car. If I ever lose it I will just go buy another one at the jewelry store where I bought it. They have a big barrel of them by the door with a sign "$10 for a handful". lol.
  2. Three wheelers are less likely to fall over. They are faster. On slight downhills you can let the three wheeler just go on ahead of you down to the bottom of the hill. Roll over uneven, rocky terrain much better. Way cooler. I have a sun mountain that integrates with my sun mountain bag.
  3. What he said. Practice swings are meaningless.
  4. I don’t even get on the Internet. It’s great.
  5. It's not one tournament. This is for the FED EX CUP. So the formats a bit different than anything else. So be it. At least we don't need a calculus degree to figure out who's in the lead. And they can do away with the "If the tournament ended right now..." garbage.
  6. You'll be disappointed. The game is just as hard from the rIght side too.
  7. This reminds me of the story of the club that didn’t allow black socks. They wanted to make the golfer buy a pair of white socks. Like WTF?! The club was crucified on social media and every attempt they made to explain it made it worse. Lol. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/golfer-not-allowed-to-play-because-of-his-socks-seriously-this-really-happened
  8. They already keep track of this with the shot trackers. They can just post the info and hand out strokes or fines at the end of the round.
  9. Sounds like a real Richard move by your club. Next year just have all the members make a bunch of tee times one weekend and organize your own event. Pay it all out in cash ;).
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