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  1. I just take mine off while I play and keep it in the cup holder of my car. If I ever lose it I will just go buy another one at the jewelry store where I bought it. They have a big barrel of them by the door with a sign "$10 for a handful". lol.
  2. Three wheelers are less likely to fall over. They are faster. On slight downhills you can let the three wheeler just go on ahead of you down to the bottom of the hill. Roll over uneven, rocky terrain much better. Way cooler. I have a sun mountain that integrates with my sun mountain bag.
  3. What he said. Practice swings are meaningless.
  4. I don’t even get on the Internet. It’s great.
  5. It's not one tournament. This is for the FED EX CUP. So the formats a bit different than anything else. So be it. At least we don't need a calculus degree to figure out who's in the lead. And they can do away with the "If the tournament ended right now..." garbage.
  6. You'll be disappointed. The game is just as hard from the rIght side too.
  7. This reminds me of the story of the club that didn’t allow black socks. They wanted to make the golfer buy a pair of white socks. Like WTF?! The club was crucified on social media and every attempt they made to explain it made it worse. Lol. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/golfer-not-allowed-to-play-because-of-his-socks-seriously-this-really-happened
  8. They already keep track of this with the shot trackers. They can just post the info and hand out strokes or fines at the end of the round.
  9. Sounds like a real Richard move by your club. Next year just have all the members make a bunch of tee times one weekend and organize your own event. Pay it all out in cash ;).
  10. I believe he stated going back to his old coach a few months ago. In a post round interview he talked about taking a 3 week break “re-set”. His time with leadbetter was pretty short.
  11. Don’t like it. It looks like he’s playing with junior clubs.
  12. > @TripleBogeysrbetter said: > "5) Have fun with your teammates, this is not football or basketball so you will not find a ton of outpouring support from the student body. Therefore you better count on that small group of people to really be your support system." > > Only support is usually an announcement on the PA that these 5 players are playing today at Districts today. Meanwhile, there is a twitter feed on football summer practice like its the NFL. > > Yes, I know I'm bitter. :-) Being from Oklahoma, our golf team won State three years in a row. The football
  13. > @2bGood said: > Don’t spend all your time on the golf course. Chase girls as much as you chase birdies. Your best golfing days go on for a LONG time. Your best ‘dating’ days fade fast. Tiger Woods would disagree with this.
  14. Plenty of beer and liquor ads during tour events
  15. It makes sense to take a full swing on the tee and a bit less than full with irons. As for having a "different" swing, No. Golf is hard enough trying to master one swing.
  16. Use a pushcart. Don't try to protect a good round by "parring" in. Try to make as many birdies as you can. If you're not hitting well, just hit 3/4 punch shots. Give yourself a chance for par. When you hit into trouble, just punch out to the 100 yard marker. Be sure to mark all your balls.
  17. Does Willet have lifetime status on European tour? #endthread.
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