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  1. Lots of great videos here from Brett Freeman: https://freebirdgolf.com/
  2. Tiger has said many times when he was younger he really snapped that left leg through impact. Doing that 1000 times a day is going to kill it.
  3. Billy Mayfair won over $20mil through his career cutting the crap out of puts. He had those balls spinning like tops.
  4. Are you keeping the ball in the same position, just with a higher tee? That would be your problem. If the tee goes higher, the ball needs to move further forward in your stance.
  5. I’m pretty sure Pelz mentioned this. But he was crazy too.
  6. I’d rather see a Celebrity Death Match.
  7. Here’s a great video for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMZWFpMCAHw
  8. Baby steps. It’s not going to happen overnight. When Tiger changed his swing in 1997, it took him two years before he “got” it. And he was beating 1000 balls a day. You were more than likely getting four average distances from your irons because of the overly hooded club face. Essentially your irons were probably delofted a couple of clubs at impact.
  9. Don't turn your head so much. Here's a great video on fixing the shallow to steep.
  10. OMG, yes OP. I had to have my iPad out on a page with Ryder Cup scoring. They would keep showing players hitting shots with no score badge or who even they were playing against. I kept thinking, who is he paired with and where does the match stand. It seemed pointless in the early matches to have the team scoring constantly in the lower corner. Like who cares.
  11. Lets just wait until 23 before we go making plans on changing the format. This was a blood bath for sure, but its happened to the US too. Lets just enjoy this year.
  12. I liken Moe to more like one of those trick shot artists that can hit balls from their knees while blindfolded. Except he only has one trick. He hits it straight. Moe with shot tracer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os6iiubWJUc
  13. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/this-long-list-of-ryder-cup-perks-for-players-caddies-and-significant-others-is-pretty-amazing
  14. The club face is closed to your target, and square to your swing path.
  15. They load now. You need to be hitting something. How you swing without a ball will be different with one. But you have a typical shallow backswing, steep downswing.
  16. Videos won't load. Can you post them on youtube or some other site?
  17. He is shallowER on the backswing than he is on the downswing. Same problem. He needs to be the opposite.
  18. Warm up with some wedges and then just hit driver. Become the best driver of the golf ball of all your friends. They will be envious.
  19. You’re shallow on the backswing and steep on the downswing. It needs to be the opposite. Do this: The EE is caused by your really steep shaft position as you start your downswing. You have to flatten in somehow, and extending your body towards the ball is how you do it. This pic of you is the start of your downswing. At this point the but end of your shaft should be pointing at the ball or above it. You’re pointing at your toes.
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