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  1. If it were Tiger instead of Phil in this match the OP @tw_focusbe like this against the TV
  2. Jeff, I'd agree to a point that lengthening golf courses is a choice. However playing a championship course with a drive, pitch and putt strategy isn't very exciting either. If it was then the majority of us would be playing from the most forward tees so we can emulate the pro game.
  3. Driving distance has zero to do with TV ratings. ZERO! As for equipment sales being up, so is virtually every other outdoor product for 2020. Building and maintaining longer and longer courses will eventually put the sport in peril.
  4. Bad comparison Most don't care about long driving distance on TV. The only reason we know is because of the commentators constant prattle. I'll tell you what, most don't want to see golf become a pitch and putt event. This will happen if distances aren't dialed back. Also Golf can't afford to continue to build courses that use more land and resources. The equipment needs to be dialed back.
  5. Larry David describes golf as the really hot woman you meet at the party. She's really interested in you that night, flirts, laughs at everything you say etc. Then the next day she acts like she doesn't know you
  6. For sure I'd be onboard with a menu like that.
  7. These don't have a true waterproof membrane, but are made of DWR fabric and shed water well. Maybe not your style but they are very comfortable, stretch, warm and have plenty of pockets. I've received numerous compliments on the course about them. Lined and unlined... https://www.eddiebauer.com/p/12951203/mens-guide-pro-lined-pants?sp=1&color=Black&size=38/30&sizeType=Regular&ch=pla&cm_mmc=GooglePLA-_-brand_PLA_B_Brand_New-_-Mens_Bottoms_Pants_Wovens-_-0290903100009588&cvosrc=cse.google.0290903100009588&cvo_campaign=brand_PLA_B_Brand_New
  8. Disagree with the OP, this is going to be entertaining. Sure TW would be great but he's not necessary for success, plus he's a little light on personality. Phil = well known, amazing golfer, big personality and trash talker. Charles = horrible golfer but extremely funny, huge personality and entertaining. Peyton = I learned from watching his last match, good golfer and funny. Steph = great golfer, huge name in the sports world and good personality. I'll be watching. I hope they put cameras in the carts.
  9. Since golf isn't your day job, there's nothing wrong with just enjoy it for what it is, a fun game with friends. Your handicap will adjust and some day's your gonna win and some you'll lose. I used to practice and played better but now I don't practice, my handicap has suffered but I don't have less fun playing. The upside is by not practicing I have more time to do other things that I also enjoy as much as golf.
  10. Such a great thing to introduce golf to your kids and wife. I did and it's such a good thing for so many reasons. In particular it has had a profoundly positive effect on my sons career growth and professional opportunities.
  11. 28 in the GHIN, plus a few giggle events - scramble/scotch. We had an awesome summer weather wise so I could have played more, but I chose other fun outdoor things instead.
  12. Yes, kind of like holding a door for someone or leaving a gap to let someone pull out of a parking lot in front of you into heavy traffic.
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