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  1. Well nice and speedy again after being slow for a couple days.
  2. It's certainly a great goal but the math says he's run out of runway... TW had 12 majors by 31 vs Brooks 4 and Tiger wasn't falling apart at 31 either.
  3. Scheffler also had more top 10's than Reed all season, fewer missed cuts, better birdie to bogey ratio and I believe finished ahead of Reed almost every tournament they both played and Scheff finished better in every major this year except The Masters. Again he couldn't fly. It takes months to fully recover. Seems like your making decisions based on emotions, not facts and data.
  4. Certainly a fair argument but of recent both picks have out performed Reed. I also think you must acknowledge his recent hospitalization w/bilateral pneumonia, where my his own admission he was told he might die, so it was very serious. A typical case of that will take months to regain full strength and feel back to completely normal. To ignore that I believe would be negligent. Stricks made the right decision to pass on him.
  5. @dcmidnightexamples were spot on. Based on what data should he have been picked? Get your head out of 5 years ago.
  6. Now I got this error trying to load WRX forum pages ...
  7. Anyone else having very slow page loads on WRX forums? Seems like it's been going on for the last 2 or 3 days. Otherwise page loads on other sites are working just fine on my computer. I'm seeing the slowness on my PC Chrome browser and Android phone using Brave. Interestingly when bypassing my Spectrum home network on my phone using Vz 4LTE, the forums load just fine. Again all other sites on my home network load fine and quickly.
  8. and most the arguing is because of what he did 5 years ago. Not so much so with the last RC or PC. Time to move on to better choices which Stricks did.
  9. Oh I agree, enthusiasm is important and anyone lacking it should have the decency to decline and let someone else in. But as I said numerous times, some here need to get out of 2016. How did he do in Paris? How about the last Presidents Cup? On top of that' he had a major illness which can take months to fully recover. The bench is deep of fully capable Captains picks. Every Captains pick this year has nearly universally better stats than Reed for 2021. Honestly I'd like to see the entire team be comprised of Captains picks. But yeah some need to get out of 2016.
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