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  1. I dumped cable 4 years ago and never looked back... life is better without all that cable nonsense. My golf is limited to whatever is broadcast over the air or what is streamed for free by the tournament. In order of preference; 1. Masters 2. Masters 3. Masters 4. British Open 5. US Open
  2. I love golfing at a private club (as a guest) and could afford to join if I wanted. But fact is there's parts of it that I really don't want or need. Yes the social aspect is great and so are no tee times. But I've already got plenty of friends and we already golf together at the abundance of nice public courses in western NY state--- most of which are reasonably priced $~35-$60/round. I also like golfing at different courses and if I'm a member then I'm way less likely to play elsewhere on a regular basis. Am I going to blow off my long time friends just to play with new friends at the
  3. And if your watch or laser has slope function make sure it's turned off. For example my Garmin Fenix 6pro has a "plays like" feature (which can be turned off) which accounts for elevation changes. Last time I checked this feature is not legal for tournament play.
  4. "Since its inception in 2019, the Saudi International has been widely criticized as an effort by the regime in Riyadh to ‘sportswash’ its human rights record by leveraging golf to improve its image." Which is exactly why I had issues with this event since day one.
  5. Just had my first PCC adjustment a +1. Course was apparently playing harder that day yet oddly enough I shot my best round of the season. Go figure
  6. I don't know any scratch but know a few low single digit and they are some of the faster players. Deliberate and just pull the trigger. It's the idiot that throws grass in the air, takes a few practice swings, waggles etc and then tops it 80 yards.
  7. I actually still have my aluminum E6B! Never thought about needing to calculate density altitude for a golf shot
  8. Actually it's the other way around. Not only here in the USA, but also media in Canada, Australia, Japan and many other nations widely referred to it as The British Open. It's only here on WRX that some are aggrieved enough to scold us for calling it The British Open
  9. LMAO and what carnival barker do you get your info from?
  10. That's not great news but not terrible either. Now I'm a little bleary eyed this morning but the article doesn't seem to support what you stated earlier.
  11. Actually your first sentence is dead wrong but the reminder is generally correct. https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/reducing-asymptomatic-covid-19-infection/
  12. Actually those that refuse for nonsensical reasons propagated by baseless BS are very much the problem.
  13. I'll add #4--- If you are annoyed or offended that someone put a tee against your ball, then you should probably avoid WRX and seek professional psychological help.
  14. OP has failed to answer this simple and direct question several times... "What was so annoying about someone pressing a tee against his ball?" I asked because maybe it would help the board, that is 100% against him, to perhaps be more sympathetic to his plight. He just refuses to answer. I now know the OP is a total troll and is dead to me.
  15. Need to save this photo and thread to recycle in about 48 weeks when some of us folks will inevitably be scolded for calling it The British Open
  16. I don't think I've ever been to a course in NY that didn't have a 9 hole rate.
  17. Still waiting for the OP @JJFWebsterto say why he was so annoyed that they put a tee against his ball. This remains the greatest unanswered question in the thread.
  18. That was the schedule for over 50 years. The FedEx cup created the problem. I don't think jamming the same amount of golf in a shorter season will do golf any favors over the long term.
  19. and I think they will find that even fewer people care about watching pro golf after the last major. So for many of us the Pro season is over and it's 261 days until The Masters. On top of that, US TV coverage mostly stinks (aside from the Masters which is superior in every possible way). They move broadcasts around on premium streams in hopes to chisel more money from the avid fan but all the while leaving the majority of watchers in the dark.
  20. Well said. Thanks for saving the me the time to type basically the same idea
  21. 262 days until Pro golf season resumes.
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