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  1. Glad I didn't even bother trying to watch it. Even the WRX banter for this event is underwhelming.
  2. The cool thing about cutting the cord is that I don't expect to be able to watch this and BEST OF ALL-- I don't care. The best entertainment will be reading what you all say about it here on WRX Happy Thanksgiving
  3. If you're into Yellowstone then you know how Beth Dutton deals with an in-store paparazzi's...
  4. I could see this happening to poor @Soloman1....
  5. I don't think 70 is too old if you're healthy, mentally alert and have good vision/corrected vision. Yes I have my license but I haven't been current in nearly 20 years. I miss it a bit, but honestly I have too many other things I like doing. In my opinion to be a good and safe pilot you have to fly frequently and be willing to spend a fair amount of time dedicated to keeping up with all safety aspects... something I no longer have the interest in doing. I agree with what @Bonneville85308 said above and is a good place to start. Also there are some amazing YouTubers out there that share some really good aviation videos. If you're a bit of a gearhead you should check out Mike Patey's YouTube Channel--- he builds and flies some amazing airplanes and visits amazing places. He's very positive and humble, yet his skills and accomplishments pretty much makes the rest of the human population look inferior Backcountry flying looks like a fun thing and there's guys like Trent Palmer's channel that own Kit Foxes that go in and out of obscure locations (fields, mountain tops and river banks). Backcountry182 is another good one. Instructor wise I like Finer Points channel. There are so many pilots on YouTube that are enthusiastic to share the different ways you that can enjoy aviation.
  6. As Harvey Danger sang "... Been around the world and foundThat only stupid people are breedingThe cretins cloning and feeding..."
  7. I always knew there was something sketchy about you
  8. Year long mountain biking and winter activities provides me with plenty of diversions to keep me from getting stale with golf. I've accepted my fate as a bogey golfer and I think I'm a happier golfer because of this.
  9. I'm gonna have to watch some Sanford and Son tonight... Oh my I forgot how funny he was.
  10. That's why he's so fun to watch. You just don't know what the heck he might try next!
  11. All golf balls are basically rented. We use them and eventually most will be lost. Then often recovered and enjoyed by someone else for a while. Some of those may eventually find their way to become range balls. I see no problem with taking the odd Pro V from the bucket. If there is an ethical dilemma then just grab a used ball from your bag and hit it into the range.
  12. That's exactly correct. Like I've previously said, once the big corporate suits get involved often times they will try to force something into something it was never intended, all in effort to squeeze out more profit. Then they kill it.
  13. Then of course there was this
  14. Another for your list. I'd rather listen to Gary
  15. OK I've got to say this sounds WAY better than I thought it would. Heck if they had autotune back then he could have easily had a singing career like some of the other hack singers out there today.
  16. The USA broadcasts don't have time for that. They have to run ads for Cialis and Viagra etc
  17. As so often happens, the more corporate suits that get involved, the faster they try and make it into something it probably was never intended... they squeeze the life out of it.
  18. I cut the cord over four years ago and haven't had the Golf Channel since. I get most of my golf news right here on WRX
  19. Bryson because I'd like to tell him "while we're young!"
  20. Historically golf has usually been particularly hard on those that cheat. I'm not going into the specific names of the past, but some of those guys carried a scarlet letter of sorts throughout their careers. Yet for some reason we witness Reed blatantly cheating (bunker scrape away) and yet there's a whole gaggle willing to defend him. Even someone saying the video was doctored, which the biggest pile of trash yet. This to me is simply crazy talk and inconsistent of how cheats have been treated in the past. Or have we just reached a new standard of low and embracement of dishonesty in America?
  21. + @bscinstnct Some good points gents. I hope the super league fails also. But as far as the PGA throwing more money at the golfers, at what point do they run out of money? Yeah I get it they have big TV contracts, but have you watched the tournament TV ratings trends over the past 15 years? It's not good. I know I find myself watching less and less golf despite loving the game. I believe you're 100% right when you say there are too many tournaments and not enough times when big names are competing. I know I personally watch less because they've diluted the product way too much. At what point do these major sponsors say, falling ratings = not worth the price? Then they've hit a fiscal wall. This isn't like the NFL.
  22. Combined with the aftermath that's hands down the best story yet. You actually made me laugh out loud
  23. Exactly. This is ultra wealthy people simply buying some of the best players in the world as their own toys. There certainly would be strings attached.
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