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  1. 20 hours ago, bladehunter said:

    The metric is this. Speith in.   Scotty = spieth buddy = in.   I don’t dislike Scotty.  But him being in and Reed never being picked again rides right here.  

    Tony was only person who showed spark in France +distance =in.  He earned his pick last cup.  I have no issue with that.  

    xander = gold medal. =in.  I’m cool with that pick. 

    Berger and English are the two that I would leave off in favor of Na at least and as a gamble kisner.  Na isn’t a gamble.  You can read his emotion and passion.  The guys a big dog in a little body.  

    Berger to me is the obvious mistake.  (I’ll say I’m wrong if he proves it ). English is so so.  I know he’s played well. But. He doesn’t putt lights out.  So if he hits it bad.  He plays really bad.  Kind of like Spieth if he doesn’t putt.  He leans on one side to prop up the other.  And if the prop fails. He’s a guaranteed sit on the Bench guy.  

    I don't know if Spieth and Scheff are buddies, so I'll take your word for it.  Anyway, team dynamics do matter in a team sport.

    But when it comes to hard data, Scheff has done better than Reed in 2021. Scheff had more top 10's than Reed, fewer missed cuts, better birdie to bogey ratio and I believe finished ahead of Reed in almost every tournament they both played and Scheff finished better in every major this year except The Masters.


    As for Na and Kisner, I'm not sure Berger and English are more popular with their peers.  So I'm not convinced it's a popularity contest, but rather some data and other factors that the Captains believe they used to make the decision.  Those factors are likely something NO One here on WRX knows. 

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  2. 19 minutes ago, bladehunter said:

    While that is absolutely true and a valid reason to not pick him.  We all know that he wasn’t picked for other reasons.  The popularity contest reasons. If he’s healthy , they don’t pick him.  And I think then it’s a mistake.  


    our greater point is to point out and hopefully change the US teams ways so that we win once in a while.  The picks should be with an aim to win.  NA should be on the team.  And I believe Kisner should be as well.  Reed if he was healthy. We need grinders who can  putt.  Guys who care about the TEAM winning.  

    we can call it nationalism , or whatever.  But it’s needed to win.  The attitude expressed recently by some guy who made it on points , plus the display he started in France , is the absolute clear example of why we continue to lose.  We’re just tired of that mess.  Reed or no Reed.  The idea of length as The only pick criteria is just crap.  We need intestinal fortitude, and a hot putter a lot of the times.  

    I don’t think you can conclude it's a "popularity contest," it's a hypothesis that would be tough to prove. 


    Anyway why do you say Kis and Na? I believe both guys are really well liked by their peers and yet they weren't picked. So the Captains must know something else we don't? Or perhaps they're using some different metric to select someone whom they believe is stronger? 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, kasting333 said:

    What would the bar be if not completing a tournament? Like I said before, he tied Scheffler 

    Scheffler also had more top 10's than Reed all season, fewer missed cuts, better birdie to bogey ratio and I believe finished ahead of Reed almost every tournament they both played and Scheff finished better in every major this year except The Masters.


    Again he couldn't fly. It takes months to fully recover.  Seems like your making decisions based on emotions, not facts and data. 

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  4. 23 minutes ago, kasting333 said:

    Even eliminating all his past success (which I believe is relevant) he finished higher in the Ryder cup points system than Scheffler and Berger. 

    Certainly a fair argument but of recent both picks have out performed Reed.  I also think you must acknowledge his recent hospitalization w/bilateral pneumonia, where my his own admission he was told he might die, so it was very serious.  A typical case of that will take months to regain full strength and feel back to completely normal.  To ignore that I believe would be negligent.  Stricks made the right decision to pass on him. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, kasting333 said:

    Lol at the framing of these excuses. You guys don’t like him but he should’ve been picked. If Bryson was on the bubble it would be the same type of excuses. 

    Just ask yourself, if Patrick Reed was on Europe do you think they would embrace him? 1000%

    @dcmidnightexamples were spot on. Based on what data should he have been picked? Get your head out of 5 years ago. 

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  6. Anyone else having very slow page loads on WRX forums?  Seems like it's been going on for the last 2 or 3 days.  Otherwise page loads on other sites are working just fine on my computer.

    I'm seeing the slowness on my PC Chrome browser and Android phone using Brave.  Interestingly when bypassing my Spectrum home network on my phone using Vz 4LTE, the forums load just fine.  Again all other sites on my home network load fine and quickly.  

  7. 5 minutes ago, braincramp52 said:

    You guys can argue math all day. Reed is still peckerhead who likes to cheat every so often.

    and most the arguing is because of what he did 5 years ago.  Not so much so with the last RC or PC.  Time to move on to better choices which Stricks did.

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  8. 15 minutes ago, Shilgy said:

    Let’s see, the last Cup was what? 2018?  So are we not allowed to bring up Ruder Cup records because they were in the past? Then I guess all need to stop talking about how Sergio and Poulter are so good and passionate about the Ryder Cup. And certainly cannot mention anyone else’s past Cup experience.

    So in your and others mind they are all rookies?


    Really?     Personally give me the enthusiastic guys that love the competition like Reed.  Not the apathetic guys like Koepka that would rather be anywhere else shooting photos in his underwear.




    Oh I agree, enthusiasm is important and anyone lacking it should have the decency to decline and let someone else in.  But as I said numerous times, some here need to get out of 2016.  How did he do in Paris?  How about the last Presidents Cup? On top of that' he had a major illness which can take months to fully recover.  The bench is deep of fully capable Captains picks.  Every Captains pick this year has nearly universally better stats than Reed for 2021.  Honestly I'd like to see the entire team be comprised of Captains picks.    But yeah some need to get out of 2016. 

  9. 14 hours ago, jj9000 said:

    I'd much rather Reed be on the squad than Brooks.


    Love him or Hate him...Reed wants to win for the USA.


    He wants to win so badly that he's not afraid to stand-up and call out the politics...even if it hurts feelings...and pisses people off.


    Remember this??





    Then about a minute later...nope...not in MY HOUSE...USA...USA...USA!!



    How many eternities ago was that?



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  10. 23 minutes ago, Hawkeye77 said:

    Home for lunch and for the last hour on Golf Channel Abbott and Costello have done nothing but talk about all the controversy, all the team issues, all the drama and on and on and on and all the hype the team doesn't need before the Ryder Cup.


    All of it relates to the Bruce interview which really doesn't say all that much or anything all that bad and nothing else.  Unless I missed something, I haven't seen anything about the attitude of other members of the team, or comments or anything else in the media.  Just dumb.


    An hour of yelling and creating controversy that really isn't there and statements that are just utter nonsense.  My dog moved from my chair to the sofa because they were so loud (and he's smarter than they are).



    That's just another example and why I made the smart decision to cut the cord and all cable news/talk/sports opinion from my home 4 years ago. Sounds like your dog is pretty smart 🙂

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  11. 1 hour ago, kmay__ said:

    That's hilarious, I have 2 green work T shirts I've been wearing under my coveralls for probably the better part of 7-8 years, and they look EXACTLY like that shirt. Like they are identical. My Golden Boys. 

    as they say, "A fool and his money are soon parted." 


    Kind of reminds me of my nieces that buy expensive jeans that are all ripped up.  LMAO if that isn't a poser move I don't know what is, and I've told them that!  Back in the day our jeans got ripped up because we wore them hard and earned it. Now they're so lazy they have someone wear them out for them 🤣  

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  12. 8 minutes ago, PHILsThemannnn said:

    I'm not sure what the hate is towards Berger. Very solid player tee-to-green and an above average putter. He's played some good golf this year including a win and top 10s at the Players, US Open, and Open also top 20 in the world. 


    Honest question: Who would you take over Berger? 



    I don't get it either.  His birdie to bogey ratio is one of the better on the USA team.  His stats in 2021 are virtually universally better than the one guy some people think should be on the team based on success a "golf eternity" ago. 

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  13. 35 minutes ago, chillybilly said:

    US media just can't leave well enough alone.


    Steph Curry likes golf and plays often.  Great.  So do you.  So do I.  So do tens of millions of others.


    'Oh but he can talk about championship pressure blah blah blah.....'


    And I like Steph but...


    Broadcasters watching other broadcasters are a dangerous lot because usually they're borrowing someone else's bad idea and it's usually ESPN's bad idea even if it's relabeled 'Vertical Integration.'


    For some reason the borrowing broadcasters don't seem to notice that ESPN has descended into shouty talking-head madness as they attempt to do something, anything to claw back some of the crippling $1B NBA rights deal they signed.  But audiences aren't all that interested in hearing the same debate every 30 min and, in a shock to ESPN, aren't fussed about contracts, silly NBA 'beefs' and laborious discussions of tweets from individuals whose openly-stated goal was to avoid higher education altogether.


    In sum, injecting the NBA into every corner of programming hasn't helped ESPN.  Quite the opposite.


    A current or ex-Tour player brought in to comment on an NBA game or host off-court segments would be regarded as an interloper and rightly so even if the player could knock down threes in his driveway.  Obviously there is night and day difference between amateur proficiency and professional competitive ability.


    Howard Cosell railed against what he called The Jockocracy throughout his career.  NBCU are calling it Symphony but it's more of the same.

    Well said!  But customers keep throwing money at this crap because they've "got to have it" acting like it's air or water, essential for life or just an addiction like smoking.  The only way to stop it is to cut the cord, not subscribe go cold turkey---  find other things to waste time and money on.  I cut the cord 4 years ago and have never looked back.  Oh and I'm about $5k ahead.

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