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  1. Played 9 last night... the weather was perfect and it was a very pleasant round. Not enough daylight to play many more holes let alone another 9.
  2. Lol.. Reed got the classic Lloyd Bentsen dis...
  3. Those are feelings without supporting data. PR didn't do it in 2018 or 2019 during either of those Ryder and Pres cups .
  4. What data are you looking at? Sheff did better in almost every measure than Reed in 2021. Plus what @grm24said. So we'd like to see the data you're using to support your statement.
  5. Actually I am. 2019 Pres cup was pretty bad for Reed. I also don't recall what he did in the 2018 RC but I don't think it was anything special. 2021 weighs most for me. Then you add in that he "almost died" a few weeks ago on top of his well reported toxicity as a human and for me he's still an easy pass.
  6. Yeah I'd be pretty comfortable booting him. It would be based on health concerns and still bouncing back and Scheffs recent performance vs Reeds. Usually people take a few months to get back to full strength after serious illness. Also if you look at Reed v Scheff in tournaments they both played since ~mid year, Sheff only missed 1 cut vs Reeds 3. Scheff finished better in every major and generally ahead of Reed in almost every tournament they played. I'm a data guy and I know you are as well. I think you're just weighting older performance data more heavily than I would, thus the difference of opinion.
  7. But Sheff improved his OWGR ranking during 2021 where is Reed went the other way. Scheff also had 8 top tens this year and Reed 6. If you're willing to say Reed and Scheff are equally on the bubble, what counts more? What someone did years ago or more recently? If they are still equally on the bubble then what next? Locker room influence? Reed will lose that one hence you go w/Scheff. Like I said before, there's plenty of quantitative data from 2021 that supports the Captains for not selecting Reed.
  8. Right. It's just that some people here are rather myopic. Seemingly to overemphasize his past Ryder Cup magic, and that despite his comparatively underwhelming 2021 performance, he will somehow have a breakout RC. It's certainly possible but it's also a big gamble, especially considering his recent serious illness. So as Stricker has done, why not select other guys when there's plenty of bench strength that have done better all season than Reed?
  9. What exactly are you claiming Stricker is shoveling? He said health concerns and lack of recent play. He also didn't do well in his most recent event. That is all pretty clear and factual to me. Also looking at the data, every Captain's pick has stronger 2021 top 10's performance and overall points ranking than Reed. On top of that every single Captain's pick averaged more birdies per round than Reed for 2021. No matter how you slice up the performance stats these picks were generally stronger than Reed in 2021. So what justifies selecting Reed over the other picks? Past performance? Well you know the old disclaimer about past performance.
  10. I guess you don't understand how well respected by his peers Stricker has been throughout his career.
  11. That's a pathetically uninformed opinion.
  12. Reeds complaining only validates reasons why he was not selected. He like a relationship cancer. Before you say, but he's a winner in RC, remember past performance is no guarantee for future performance. That along with the fact that his game has been underwhelming of late and he just came off a fairly serious illness, not selecting him seems logical. On top of that all that, Stricker and the asst Captains know far more than we about every player... Far more and i think they deserve the benefit of the doubt well above crybaby, no class, proven cheater Patrick Reed.
  13. Great... when he's Captain he can use that process. Might work, might not. Doesn't mean the existing process is bad or good.
  14. Who was Stricker "supposed to" pick? Seems to me he and his assistant captain's know more about the players performance, health, personalities and impact on group dynamics than anyone here on WRX.
  15. I like Gary. He's always seemed like a decent guy. Wished he'd win more but he's made some serious cash so good on him. Anyway I was watching him during a practice round once. At a tee box of ~210 yard par 3 someone asked, "hey Gary you gonna use a pitching wedge?" Gary turns around with a big smile and he and his playing partners chuckle.
  16. Stricker said while his RC play is very good his health and lack of recent play was a strong influence to select others.
  17. Shanked a bullet badly about 45 degrees off line. I watched in horror, yelling fore loudly at least 3 times as the ball flew like a bullet hitting the side of a house with a loud thwack about 15 feet from where the family was eating dinner. He was not happy and walked over to yell at me. I apologized profusely and said at least I yelled fore. He grumbled, threw my ball back onto the course and walked away. Still my most embarrassing moment in golf ever.
  18. You're making this just about 1 person and one chant and 1 hole. The scope is exponentially larger to address a problem that has been manifesting for well over a decade and has spiked since the animals were released from their cages this year. Perhaps the brooksie thing might have been the final catalyst but it in no way it stops there. 100's of thousands of people attend a given tournament and don't cause problems so addressing the 30 or 40 fools will serve notice. Monahan's words exactly and no mention of brooksie or bryson... Monahan stated that disruptive or harassing behavior by patrons would no longer by tolerated and could result in immediate expulsion from the property. “By coming to a PGA Tour event, you’re expected to contribute to a welcoming and safe environment by refraining from and reporting any unsafe, disruptive or harassing behavior. Comments or gestures that undermine the inclusive and welcoming nature of the game will not be tolerated, nor will any harassment of players, caddies, volunteers, officials, staff or other spectators,” Monahan said at the start of the press conference.
  19. I don't believe for a second that the grandstand is the target. The target is mostly everywhere else.
  20. Maybe I'm an odd ball (ok probably) but I check often with people I play with to confirm they've posted scores. I remind them to post. If they don't and we're playing together there's gonna be a problem right up front.
  21. It's pretty clear that at least in WRX land, some of the biggest golf nerds in the world, the Tour championship and it's playoffs mean little when compared to the majors. Even all three events combined didn't generate as much banter as the least talked about major.
  22. The whole schedule and format stinks. Look even here in WRX, the pinnacle for golf nerds, and the event can't break 11 pages. All tour playoff threads combined don't even equal 1 major thread... Pathetic lackluster format and overall schedule creates fan apathy. As much as they try and shine this turd into something exciting it's still a turd. Put the PGA Championship back to August.
  23. That's not true either. While flu numbers have been low they ARE being reported by hospitals and the CDC for all of the 2020 & 2021. The data is easily found on the CDC website in addition to most county/state health department websites. The Johns Hopkins epidemiologist already knew that flu transmission would be reduced because people were following the public health safety precautions recommended to prevent acquiring the XXXXXXXXXXX (redacted" for compliance to WRX policy).
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