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  1. Colonel, I have a G002, but no experience on a G4. I have no plans on going to a G4 or anything similar because the G002 gives me all the info I need, sans the pretty pictures. The G002 does what it's supposed to do and does it exceptionally well in a nice little package with a big monchormatic display. The text is large and easy to read, even if you wear readers. I wear 1.5 magnifiers and using the guru without them is no problem. The hazards/targets are usually plentiful and appropriate on each hole. The smart green function works great and moving the pin location only requires a few bumps of the joystick. Toggling between displays is quick, requiring only one click between each of the three displays. Specific to your stats and scoring functions, I have not used shot marking other than a few times. But I know you can easily measure your shot by pressing "Mark" and going to your ball. It will measure how far you've gone as you travel to your ball. You can also select the club and the lie location eg. teebox, fairway, rough. Franlkly I find all that to take away from the game, even though they make it easy. I'd rather figure that stuff out at the driving range and just play golf. Scoring is easy and I usually keep score on the guru. At the end of each hole, it prompts you to enter your score, and you use the joystick to increase or decrease the shots taken above or below par, then you hit save. If you have the stats enabled you can also toggle with the joystick "yes" or "no" for FIR and GIR and # of putts before hitting save. Again, I only keep score, and I don't record, FIR, GIR, #putts. Battery life on the G002 is also great. Frequently no bars down on the meter after playing 18. Maybe down to half after playing 36. Overall, I've really enjoyed the G002. Their support is excellent for the few times I've needed it with product questions or mapping updates. I really hope they get the issues quickly resolved with the G4 and I sure hope they don't plan to stop offering the G002. The G002 is simple and a solid performer. Hope thats helpful.
  2. Phil, I certainly hope they continue to offer the G002. Were you told they aren't offering the 002 or 003 anymore? I have sent a request to customer service about "new" G002 availability because I have a few friends interested. I'd be disappointed to hear if they were to discontinue the 002, because that device is simply outstanding. GTakacs, You have stated that the software running on the G4 looks like a ported version of the previous guru software. If that is the case, then I wonder if the next logical step would be to have a software only version from Guru that would run on a Blackberry, iphone and other popular devices?
  3. I have the G002 and love it. In my opinion (an 18 handicapper) the most important feature is to have near & far distances that are calculated based the green shape and your approach angle. Is it critical to be able to move the pin? Not really for me, because I think you can estimate it when you have the near, far & center green distances. I would wait for the G002, but if you can not wait, like I did tell a friend...look at the V300, at $229 seems like a serious look.
  4. why do people tee up in front of the markers? I don't see this at all... if I have it's a rare accident that someone did.
  5. How about people just not be pigs and instead leave the green in better shape than when they arrived to it? Translation...fix divot marks, even if they aren't yours, don't spit anything on the green and don't drop your cigs or other garbage on the green. It's all about etiquette and manners and treating the golf course and others with respect. Seems to me that would be civilized and grown up!
  6. One of my golf buddy's has a GPS and laser. Last night he had the laser out but wasn't using it, so I asked him why he had it out? He said that so he'd remember to keep it out of his bag and put it back in his house because he doesn't really use it for golf anymore.
  7. Kudos on being concerned about pace! Our league does similar to you, but we'd only add one stroke like a lateral. All it takes is one group to delay everyone behind them while they hit their provisional, then find their ball in bounds and then have to go get their provisional ball. A waste of time that can mess up everyone behind you. Asking/receiving advice. In my opinion is no big deal. Most of us aren't afforded the luxury of a caddy. Plus it builds up social interaction between your friends. Just don't give unsolicited advice. A few times we've failed to find a ball, even though everyone saw it land just next to the fairway. In interest of time I've told the guy I'm playing against to drop and not take a stroke because the guys behind us are waiting. I've also rec'd the same reciprocation. Too many golfers get hung up on every technicality and act like they are playing for a million dollars while they play a 5 hour round. As long as everyone you are competing against plays by the same "slightly bent" rules it seems okay to me.
  8. If you can hear thunder, then you are close enough to be struck by lightning. If you hear it off in the distance and it keeps getting closer and the sky is turning uglier, you should get off the course. The heck with waiting for a horn or what a ranger says. Whether rain is falling or not the danger is still there. From the rules of golf: "Golfers know that the USGA Rules of Golf (Rule 6-8) allow players to discontinue play if they believe there is a danger from lightning. No other sport has any regulations relating to lightning." A short link worth reading and sending to the superintendent and city manager of your municipal course http://www.lightningsafety.com/nlsi_pls/go...yrecommend.html I've stayed on a course too long and it wasn't pleasant. You should learn what to do if you can't find an appropriate lightning safe structure in order to reduce your chances of being hit. http://www.lightningsafety.com/contents.html
  9. So yesterday I played my second 18 with my new push cart. There is absolutely no question about it reducing fatigue and keeping you looser while playing, but interestingly I also feel a lot better the next morning. Frequently when I've carried my bag for 18 the evening before, the next morning I'm sore and feel like I've hiked 15 miles on rocky terrain. I'm certain that using a push cart will prevent damage to bones and joints no matter what your age and physical condition, plus you'll still get the great health benefits of walking.
  10. Thanks to all for answering my question about a golfers liability when hitting a house with your golf ball. I've now heard opinions from a golf course owner, an attorney, an insurance guy, people that have actually hit something on someones property and opinions from everyone in between. So in summary it appears the law is clear, the golfer is liable for property damage. The golfers homeowners insurance will definitely cover the damage to someone elses property. The homeowners insurance of the damaged home would also cover the damage. Choosing to fess up that you caused damaged is a matter of honor. But it also cuts both ways, because if the homeowner acts like a jerk about it, you might be prone to blow him off and make him claim it on his own insurance or take you to court. In practice it seems the local judges sometimes play king soloman and make their own rulings that are contrary to the law and in favor of the golfer (those judges must be golfers and know how the golf ball doesn't behave sometime :rolleyes: ). My friend that hit someones car in their driveway talked to the homeowner immediately after he hit his car. Told the homeowner that he would file the claim on his own homeowners policy. The golfer called the homeowner back the next day with the insurance info and the homeowner told him that because the golfer had been so honest and nice, that he not bother making a claim and that the homeowner would take care of it himself. So bottomline, be honest and be a gentleman and offer to file a claim with your insurance. If the politeness is not reciprocated then I guess you can blow off the homeowner if you want and let the homeowner try and pursue you. I like trying the honest and gentlemanly approach first :D .
  11. Is there a reason why you are limiting your search to just skycaddie? The market is loaded with other great products from Garmin, Callaway, Sonocaddie and the favorite of many and my preference Golf Guru. To answer your question about used devices, I can tell you that I purchased a refurbished unit directly from golf guru for $200, which saved $50 over a new one. The refurb unit was in new condition and included all the warranty and benefits of buying a new one. Since Golf Guru just came out with a new multifunction full map golf gps, they are offering a tradeup program for current owners which means they should have quite a few refurbished units available shortly.
  12. Instead of Skycaddie, why don't you just get the Golf Guru? I originally had an SG 2.5 that I got as a gift, which I returned before opening the box, because I didn't want to pay $60/year for a international membership. Also I didn't like the compulsory membership from Skygolf that made your download maps dissapear when your membership lapses. As a NY resident I also play out of state as well as Canadian courses, which would have required the international membership for $60/year from Skygolf. I researched the crap out of GPS devices on this site and others and finally ended up getting the G002 Guru. There is no annual membership fee and you have free access to over 20K courses, including international with Golf Guru. With the Golf Guru you can easily map your own course, but there is little need to because they will map a course for you in less than 7 days if it's not already mapped (free of charge). I have made several course requests and they were done in a couple of days. For the heck of it I did try mapping a mini course around my neighborhood and it was pretty easy. I walked the cul-de-sac as the green, as well as adding bunkers and water hazards... all pretty easy stuff. Also with the Golf Guru you can add/modify hazards on courses they've already mapped. I have already added 2 hazards to my home course maps and it was very easy. I think you can have like 30 or 40 hazards per hole, which amounts to bascially unlimited for all practical purposes. Their maps contain plenty of detail per hole so I haven't added more than 2 hazards in 18 holes. I've used my Golf Guru side by side to an SG5 and the yardages were the same. I've use my Guru side by side with a cart mounted GPS system and my yardages would update and stabilize significantly faster than the cart mount GPS. I've golfed in NY, Fl and in Canada using my Guru and it has worked perfectly on every course without exception. Hope that helps.
  13. Colonel, It's frustrating having to wait, but I have to side with Phil on this. Bad customer service would be letting the date come and go and not providing communication on this delay, or perhaps they ship something that isn't ready or perhaps they provide poor post sale support. None of this is the case. You're approaching this from the context as if you were their only customer and GG was willfully misleading just to get your money (as you put it). I hardly doubt that was the case, they would simply have no motive for this. I'm sure the folks in GG customer service were telling you in good faith all the info they had at that time. It is very likely they were running on a very thin time margin (pretty common these days) and something happened last minute, and upon your final call, the folks in customer service didn't have the info yet. As for GG product quality and customer support, I've owned my G002 since March. The product peforms flawlessly. It works better than the cart mounted GPS's that I've used side by side in terms of faster yardage updates and less yardage fluctuation when standing still. I've requested several maps for courses that weren't yet mapped and they were done in 2-3 days. I requested several maps be updated with more detail and they were done in 2 or 3 days. When I've had a question about a particular function, I've gotten right through to a knowledgable friendly person that was able to answer my every question. Hopefully your experience will be as good as mine and of course you can return it if you aren't happy. I have no intention of upgrading my G002 because it works so well for my needs, but I'm very curious to hear about the GG4 once users get them in their hands.
  14. Yes, I tried pull carts and found them to be too much trouble and I didn't like pulling them and the associated unnaturalness of having one arm behind me. Pushing is a much more natural/comfortable arm position for me and you can easily switch from pushing right or left handed while in motion. With the pushcart I sometimes give it a hard push in front of me on the fairway and just let it roll while I can walk naturally. You don't have to worry about balancing a pushcart for parking as you would a pull cart. So bottom line is that pushing is substantially easier and less restrictive than pulling IMHO.
  15. Push carts are for wimps! .... No, just kidding about that. As a youthful 47 year old I just got a (3 wheeled) push cart for Fathers Day and I love it. I made fun of them for years, but I eventually came around. I think your pro's are right on. Also, it doesn't matter if your bag has a few extra bounds of drinks, golf balls, umbrella, jacket etc. because you won't notice it. You will be less fatigued which should help your game. Also a (BIG PRO), I've got to think the cumulative trauma to your joints when you repetitively carry an extra 25+ lbs on your back for 6 miles could lead to long term problems down the road with your knee's, feet and ankles, in addition to back and shoulder issues. On hot/humid days I now walk 18 instead of ride, so I get more exercise. My back always feels better when I walk instead of ride and I usually play better walking. On the pushcart you have a place for your score card, pencil and drink which means less fumbling around for stuff. I don't think you will need to buy a new bag, as I'm using my Sun Mountain carry bag on it without issue, and then I still can carry if I want. I don't see any maintenance issues, unless it gets really muddy, and if it does you just rinse it with a garden hose. I drive a Honda Accord sedan and can still put my pushcart and 3 regular sized carry bags in my trunk. I used to think there was kind of an "old man" stigma to using a cart, but they really make sense and they are getting much more common. Even my highly athletic 14 year old son that plays JV golf said he thinks they are a good idea and uses one occasionally. I got a Bagboy from Dick's for 199. It's pretty nice and folds easily. Hope this helps.
  16. What is liability of golfer?Yesterday, for the first time ever, I hit a guys house along the fairway after I made one of the worse shanks in my life. I'm still wondering how I hit it that far right and so high and long. The most embarrassing part is that the older gentleman (home owner) was on his deck with about 6 other people. As I saw the ball flying toward his house I yelled "fore!" several times. Then thwack, a real loud solid hit to back side of his house and the ball bounced back toward the rough, but was still OB. Fortunately no one was close to being hit and I didn't break a window. The gentleman came down off his deck, found the ball in his yard and threw it back on the course. I sheepishly came toward him and expressed that I was very sorry and that I was not sure how I could hit it that badly. He responded "you better be" and he made a series of other comments about how I should be hitting the ball. I responded back that I yelled "fore" several times and I said I'm sorry, and that I can't do much more. I was tempted to ask him if he played golf and if he was so good that he never hit OB, but why bother, so I walked away. At any rate it got me thinking about liability. If my ball had broken a window or caused other damage, does a golfer have any type of liability? Or is living on a golf course an assumed risk and you live there at your own risk? I'd be interested in others thoughts or experiences with this kind of thing. Thanks
  17. This does give one pause- especially those (like me) who bought their GG recently, but just outside the 30-day window. I'm a bit miffed as had I been advised the GG4 was weeks away from being unveiled, I would have simply waited. Instead, my money was taken and my upgrade path is now a very costly one. While I appreciate the upgrade program, it is more designed for those who have owned their GGs for many months- not just a couple. So I am now in a position to strongly consider the uPro whereby that would not have been the case had the full credit opportunity associated with the upgrade program been expanded to a more realistic timeframe- say, 90 days. Seems the designation of such a restrictive time window is a little shortsighted as there is a bunch of revenue which will go unrealized from those who would have purchased the add-on courses for the GG4- if the company were more amenable to keeping recent GG owners in the fold. Golf Guru is known for their great customer service. If you are "just outside the 30 day trial" period as you say, why don't you give them a call and see if they will work with you? The other option is to enjoy your GG for the season and see how the dust settles on the GG4 as well as other devices in this rapidly evolving market. Look at the bright side, you still got a great GPS that you should be able to enjoy.
  18. tlputer, Thanks for posting this. I had been wondering if the US Handicap service was any good and was contemplating a subscription. I'll pass at this point based on your comments. Regarding the Guru recording a 10th hole score when you are playing only 9, I too had this problem. At the suggestion of GG customer service, I turned off auto hole advance and set it to prompt me. Now when I'm only playing 9, and it prompts me to advance to the next hole, I just say no. This is a very easy solution and I no long have 10 hole rounds transmitted to GG. Otherwise the GG is an outstanding GPS device with outstanding support.
  19. There are lots of good choices out there, including devices you've never heard of, and it depends on features and how much you want to pay. So what are you looking for? Yardage info to hazards/targets and green profile without all the pretty pictures of the fairway? Or do you want color graphical layouts of each fairway? If you must have a color graphical layout of the fairway, I know a lot of people like the uPro. You'd also have to look at the Garmin Approach. Garmin is the king of GPS for land, sea and aviation, and I've used them all except the one for golf, but their products are also outstanding. Also the Sonnocaddie V300 seems to be very well respected in these forums and has a great looking display. If you never want to have to interface your GPS with a computer to download courses, then perhaps the Golf Buddy Tour is a good choice since it comes preloaded with like 20k courses. If you don't need (or want to pay for) graphical depictions of the entire fairway, then the SG2.5 or SG5 (since you mentioned them) is certainly an option. I have a friend with the SG5 and it's nice, but it's pricey. Also you will pay $60/year to maintain your downloaded maps with skycaddie for what others give away for free or 1/2 that price. I originally got a SG2.5 as a gift and returned it after doing my own research. After lots of reading on this site I ended up with the Greyscale Golf Guru. I highly recommend the Golf Guru for numerous reasons. Lots of courses and lots of detail, accuracy, ease of use, ability to modify or add detail to any premapped course, no annual fee, features that rival any other device and customer service that is absolutely superior. You can buy a refurb unit for $200 or new for $249. I bought a refurb that looks new. Check out their website www.gpsgolfguru.com and also read customer reviews on Amazon. Hope that helps.
  20. No, I have not had any crashes at all. I've added targets to Mycourse without issue. What version software are you running? 2.03 is current. I haven't used marking much, but I don't recall targets not showing.
  21. Wow, Golf Guru has added maps like crazy since I got mine in March of this year. When I bought I think they had something like 17,500 courses and now they are up to 19,800! 2,300 courses added in 2-1/2 months. Also, looks like they've added quite a few in Ontario, Canada. This past weekend I played Thundering Waters in Niagara Falls, Canada and had a chance to use my Guru "side by side" with a cart mounted GPS. Before we tee'd off the starter said they had changed a few of the holes and added a new green on 6 (or something like that). So I figured, "here we go my Guru maps will be wrong." However much to my surprise the Guru maps were up to date with all the recent course reconfigs and usually had about 10 hazards/targets listed on each hole! Also, the Guru yardage was much more stable and updated more quickly than the cart mounted GPS. Once again demonstrating what a great product the Guru is. Also haven't charged it in 3 rounds and the battery level is at 1/2.
  22. I don't own a G5, but I may be able to help you with batteries. Try rechargeable Sanyo EneLoops. These batteries made a HUGE difference in my digital camera over alkaline and may work well in the G5. You should be able to get a 4 pack w/charger for ~$20. Check out the reviews at Amazon.
  23. jotay21, No doubt frustrating at the time, but look at the great golf story you can talk about for years... for decades. :D In hindsight, you probably know by now you could have dealt with this in a better way and probably will next time. The bottom line is that this situation started because of incompetent rangers and starters. Slow play is the bane of the game and most golf courses need to do more about it. Good golfers, bad golfers whether walking or riding can play quickly if they play ready golf. And quickly doesn't mean rushing, it just means ready to hit the ball when it's your turn. Problem is too many people don't play ready golf or don't care, and they act like they own the course no matter how many people are backed up behind them. I've called the club house numerous times because of slow play and would encourage you to do the same. Nothing will change until enough customers start pounding on golf courses to do more about slow play. I'd be curious to know what others think the right pace of play is. FWIW my definition is not necessarily bound by the clock, because if you can play faster you should when others are behind you. If there are groups constantly waiting behind you, and no one is in front of you, then you are playing too slow, even if you're on pace for a 4 hour round.
  24. You have to give the refurbished Golf Guru a serious look. It's 199, looks new and includes warranty just like a new device. There is no disadvantage to the fact that it's a refurb. There is no annual fee and they have an excellent course catalog that has grown significantly in the 8 weeks I've owned my GG. You can request a course be mapped and they will have it done in 7 days or less. The requests that I made were done in 2-4 days. Their customer service is outstanding, which is sorely lacking in some of the other device mfgs. On the course it's accurate, easy to use and has rock solid signal acquistion and lock. I've never lost a signal yet whether it be sunny, cloudy or rainy, in my pocket or on my belt or in the cart or under trees. For the money, it comes with some nice additional features that lower cost models don't have. For example, front and back green distances are only relevant when you are coming into the hole straight from the fairway and this is what you get on the $150 models. With GG you get Smart Green, that gives you the near and far distance, regardless of which side you are approaching the green from. This is helpful when you scramble from the next fairway like I do occassionally. Check out the reviews at Amazon. Hope that helps.
  25. Not sure about the statement that it only contains marks for the last round. This is what I got from Guru customer service.... "You can view the mark information you have recorded on the Guru under "Edit Marks" in the main menu. For the time being the mark information is only viewable on the Guru and the guru will hold 400 marks at a time." So it would seem that marks are just a running list of 400, not only for the last round. But I haven't used marks enough to say one way or another yet. Since I just got new irons :D , I'll probably start using marks to get my distances figured out.
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