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  1. I recently paid $70 for a ~30+min 1:1 lesson, outdoors on the range with an excellent instructor. No launch monitor, just simple slow-mo video analysis on a smart phone. Best lessons I'd ever taken. Where do you live that's getting $500/hour? That sounds crazy. But then again not as crazy as people spending $2K on new clubs hoping to fix their game
  2. Very true about women not watching women's sports. I used to go to the LPGA Championship when it was held outside Rochester NY. The men in attendance far exceeded the women in attendance... it wasn't even close. Yes women often attended but usually with guys, you hardly ever saw a group of women there together without guys. Another move they made that weakened a loyal fan base was them moving the event out of Western NY after they built up a solid fan base over ~40 years. It was a big annual event and golfers in the region looked forward to it. Yeah I get it the big sponsor dropped out, but the fans attendance was always very strong. I've since heard the attendance after the move (to where ever it is now, I don't care anymore) is weak by comparison. My family and friends used to follow the women on tour, but since moving out of the region hardly anyone talks about women's Pro golf. Sure Western NY isn't a huge market but it was a loyal market. Not sure if they've pulled similar moves elsewhere but if they have I wouldn't know because I don't follow the LPGA anymore.
  3. Friday evening I was reminded about your post "being invisible," which I like and wish more singles were like that. So my wife and I are playing a quick 9 before dinner. The course is quiet. There was another twosome about 1 to 1.5 holes behind us, and no one in front. Perfect! We get to hole 9 (par 5) and I'm long over the back of the green and have to chip back on. I look back up the fairway and WTF all of a sudden there's Mr Single on our butts 100 yards out waiting. I say to myself, wtf dude, backoff and be invisible. Anyway, now that Mr Single is on our tails, I rushed my shot and bogeyed the hole. Yes I wish more singles knew about being invisible.
  4. Conjecture at best. The wheel could easily ride up the rail. Larry's been on this site for more than a decade and is no BS'er.
  5. I'm guessing money isn't a huge factor for Bones +/-. My bet is Bones misses the action of being a caddy for a top player. Hope he and JT do well together.
  6. Thats enough for ortho doctors, as a few here on WRX have done, to provide better medical insight into his condition and the recovery challenges he faces. I doubt it's anything like Dak Prescott.
  7. Look up Comminuted open fracture. It was referenced in the report that you posted from his doctor.
  8. Agreed. I moved the thread topic when I mentioned issues with fans from another article I read--- which I shouldn't have done. But yeah, gamesmanship amongst the competition is expected for sure. Heck I play in a Ryder Cup weekend tournament w/buddies and it gets downright ugly at times and we're good friends!
  9. Or just a new level of obnoxious behavior by excessively drunk and entitled fans?
  10. I don't know because I wasn't there, but my opinion of fan conduct at the first tee and boing the Euros was just plain rude and bad form. Plus this is unacceptable https://www.golfaustralia.com.au/news/lowrys-wife-abused-by-ryder-cup-fans-570594
  11. @bscinstnct you seem to being going into overtime defending Reed I just don't get this love affair a few here have for him. Yes he did great in the 2014 RC and was pretty solid in 2016, but most recently not so in the either the RC or PC. The bottom line is that Reed wasn't missed in the least at the 2021 RC. The captains picks did very well despite claims by some here that we'd get destroyed and the picks were horrible etc. We don't really know what goes on behind closed doors of the tour, but there's some foretelling evidence we do know about Reed that wouldn't exactly make him endearing with others. Reed is on video cheating (bunker double scrape away). --- The players on tour have always been harsh on cheaters and it can take years or a lifetime to shake off, if ever. Reed has a history of saying or supporting divisiveness toward others; “I guess my name needs to be Jordan Spieth..." with regard to him being unhappy about his ruling at Bay Hill and where he also accused the PGA rules officials of being biased. Wow WTF! His complaining that Furyk didn't play him with YJS at the Paris RC. Reed saying his captain and teammates acted outside of the team’s best interest. Saying that Furyk’s alternate explanation was “B.S.” He liked Tweets that derided Steve Stricker for his Captain's picks. It's one thing to like a post that says something akin to "Patrick you will be missed" but it's a whole other matter of d-baggery to like tweets that denigrate Stricker. Baseball ticket complaint on Twitter--- Really Patrick!!!? What an entitled and ungrateful ******. Telling the cameraman he's not allowed to video him because he allegedly was jingling change in his pocket. BDC got killed by people for saying something similar. It will be interesting to see how things evolve for the 22 PC and the 23 RC. Will he qualify and if not will he be selected? Either way I'll look forward to the banter on WRX even more.
  12. The bumper did not need to take the impact. The wheel could ride right up the rail.
  13. I don’t do Twitter but several years ago there was a #prayforTed going around.
  14. He had both knees replaced about 6 months before he retired from Phil's bag. Fast forward 5 years and without lugging a bag and those new knees probably feel pretty good.
  15. It could easily roll up on one front wheel, probably the left, and then shifted further left after it climbed the rail and is now hung up on the frame. That's how there wouldn't be significant front end damage. Also the structure looks like it might be steel.
  16. Ferg, just for clarification, your wording seems to be making a prediction that TW will return to competitive golf. I'm also keeping a list, should we mark you down that he will return to competitive golf? I'm making no prediction. My hopes is just that he recovers to the point that he can do what he wants.
  17. I think it's called sarcasm or an attempt at humor
  18. What @grm24said plus hasn't the US usually had a stronger team on paper despite the losing RC record? So not following your logic at all.
  19. Impressive 20th post by the OP!
  20. Never an issue letting faster players through UNLESS... it's a series of singles that think the seas should part for them. I mean seriously, even if the course is wide open in front of my group how many singles should we let through? They need to pair up at some point because we want to finish also.
  21. If it wasn't for being paired up with strangers, about 25% of my golf league would have never become lifetime friends some 35 years ago.
  22. You also stay well sir! Always a pleasure to read your interesting and often humorous writing
  23. I agree. Also the rookies largely put up an impressive showing. Sorry I can't resist, but that didn't age well for you and @Forged4ever
  24. Nice but it doesn't him a free pass to disparage others without consequence, simply because he disagrees with their leadership decision. I think we can agree, that liking a tweet that says, "we will miss Patrick Reed" or "it won't be the same without PR" doesn't disparage anyone. But liking the one below sure does. If that's a peak behind the curtain of who PR is, it does start to explain some things.
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