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  1. Given the almost total lack of interest in any of the playoff events as illustrated by the comparatively tiny threads about them on WRX, it say its time to dump the format and go back to the old. This includes putting the pga championship back in August. Now if FedEx is willing to throw money at this then I guess you need to take it. But then that begs the question, how the heck does FedEx management justify the ROI of this?
  2. Maybe I'm in the minority on WRX, but I bet the majority of golfers outside of the hyper golf focused members here on WRX don't know (or care) what clubs a pro plays, let alone buys a club brand because a particular pro plays it. On top of that, the clubs that any pro plays WILL NOT be the club you can buy, and if you can buy the exact club/shaft it probably isn't appropriate for your game anyway. Langer's skills are such that he could beat most of us with a log and an axe! So does anyone really think buying clubs because a particular Pro uses them will make their game better? That's a laughable notion. I love Langer and he's an amazing talent, but buying his brand of clubs won't get us there either. I know these topics make for great fodder on WRX, but I'm with MattyO, it doesn't move the needle.
  3. Game golf(OPs data source) is a gps system so it's total distance. Not sure how any amateur would know average carry distance. Mine is all Fenix shot tracking so i know it's accurate. Again i know no person in their 50s that scores in the 90s and only drives it in the 190s.
  4. Yeah. So I looked at my drives for my last two rounds and averaged 240 for 28 drives with a high of 283 and low of 100. Both rounds were in the 90s, about my average. Yes I'm a little longer than most of my friends (all of us late 50s) with similar scoring but no way am I or any of them averaging anything nearly as low as 193. That data posted doesn't align with anyone I know.
  5. If there's any PGA tour player that can cheat death, it's Patrick Reed! Too soon?
  6. Not in my experience in the Western Finger Lakes at least. It would be very rare for any consecutive weekends that weather would prevent golf from being played during prime golf season. Sure it can happen, but not usually. Yes April is a horrible month and even on warm days we usually have to deal with soft and wet the ground--- I loathe that. Otherwise we still have plenty of great golf weather May - September often extending into October and early November. Plus you can play until about 9:15PM in June and July which is pretty awesome. Sure obviously the weather in this region is not as golf friendly as some areas of the country, but then again we don't usually have to deal with oven like heat or unbearable humidity, not to mention fires, hurricanes, tornados, earth quakes and torrential rainfalls. Most importantly to me is there is an almost unlimited supply of excellent public golf courses in the region, most $50 or less in prime season, making it virtually impossible to not be able to book a last minute tee time on any given weekend with a drive time of less than 30 minutes. Probably can't do that in a lot of places. Sure if you're a person that has to golf 12 months/year then the entire Mid Northern and North Eastern US probably isn't for them.
  7. At least Holmes could use the excuse that he had an ailment that required brain surgery. Not sure Bryson's excuse other than he's an over analytical putz.
  8. ^^^This post can't possibly be repeated enough. Especially the last sentence.
  9. I have a friend that managed to play every month of the year a few years back. Winters aren't what they used to be. Sept and Oct usually has some excellent golf weather, November can get dicey but then again I've played in December at 70 degrees. Have also skied in the morning and golfed in the afternoon all the same town. Can't do that too many places December-March is for skiing, not golfing
  10. 250 for a semi goat track? Hopefully the pigs get slaughtered.
  11. More reasons I feel grateful to live in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Western NY. Plenty of nice courses w/good conditions, good carts, usually good staff and nice reasonably priced pubs at the 19th hole. The most expensive nearby might cost $75 w/cart, typical mid-quality around $35-50 w/cart. I'd have to drive to Turning Stone and play Atunyote to break the $200 and that course is supposed to be superb. I don't mind paying for quality but I'd seriously rather set 3 Franklins on fire in the middle of the road than pay that to play a semi goat track
  12. Damn where do some of you live and play that have enough concern that you keep a weapon in your bag? Doesn't sound like anywhere I'd want to live or play.
  13. No way do those driving distances posted by the OP match up with me or anyone I play with, all guys in our 50s and bogey golfers. No one is hitting it 300 but come on under 200...no way. Anyone see those numbers as accurate?
  14. Thanks for the info. So do you know if the days before the FedEx cup was invented, what would have been the metric for losing his card?
  15. So Tommy Fleetwood with an owgr of 38 is losing his card? Oh sweet baby Jesus... That doesn't make sense.
  16. I'm a solid bogey golfer. I wear nice golf attire when I play because it's the most comfortable. My game is good enough for the little effort I put into it. Being scratch would mean I spend too much time on my game and not doing other things I like. Dressing nicely takes no effort and often gets you treated better. I don't care what other people wear as long as they play quickly and fix ball marks. Failing the last two is unacceptable.
  17. While Rickie is no YJS, I hope Rickie can make a similar return. He's great for golf. In January we were wondering if Rickie could make top 50 to qualify for The Masters, now he's 110
  18. Somewhere deep in this thread I think I actually plotted that graph.
  19. Agreed 100% but if done properly removing and replacing a head cover is done within a parallel activity and therefore adds zero time to the round... unless the person is a complete moron
  20. I don't think a gold is worthless, but a gold medal isn't the path to riches as some would like to convince us here. Generally speaking those that turned Gold medals into multimillions did so because of multiple factors and are the fractional aberrations and often times the Olympics is the pinnacle of their sports career. For a Pro golfer (NBA, NHL etc) the Olympics is not even close to that pinnacle. There are far more Olympic gold winners that work regular jobs like the rest of us. I know one Olympian that won 4 medals including 2 gold and they work a regular job in a big corporation.
  21. Exactly... A golfer. So not a scientist.
  22. Or maybe there simply should be a standard of conduct and failure to comply means you're out. I'm tired of the ideology that because golf wants to be more inclusive that it must accept the behavior of the lowest common denominator. They actually are mutually exclusive.
  23. Done that and it's terrible. Played a resort course with major heather and swails between the cart path and fairway. You'd have to park many yards ahead or behind in the cart path. We tried to be as efficient as possible, sending two to retrieve balls and two to move carts along. Lots extra walking and time. A major pita and took forever.
  24. Really? Here's what he said just days ago "I don't think taking the vaccine away from someone who needs it is a good thing. My dad is a perfect example. He got it [the vaccine] early on because he's a diabetic. People like that need to get it. My mom got it. I don't want to take away that ability." That is complete and utter bunk. It's like standing next to warehouse filled with bottled water and handing your bottle to an old lady and saying, well she needed it more than me. Was it true 4 months ago? Sure, but not now or at least the last couple of months. Again, show me where there is a shortage. I went in 3 different stores in the last week alone that had signs out front, "walk in's welcome". Again, show me or your bias is trolling.
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