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  1. JT putt like he had a log in his hands. He's out again in the afternoon? WTF!
  2. Agreed. I was actually worried YJS might twist an ankle.
  3. JT needs to not only sit on the bench but he should be beat with the bench for his putting.
  4. Seriously JT putting SUCKS! But what a shot YJS!
  5. Well if JT wasn't putting like a had a log in his hand, they'd actually be doing OK.
  6. Pro tip for watching--- I signed up for a FREE 1 week trial of FUBOTV and can stream the network/GC coverage. Then steaming the feature group for FREE on the Ryder Cup website. Maybe obvious to some but figured I'd share what I'm doing
  7. OK Now I just want to kill the person that created the stupid horn blowing commercial.
  8. LMAO... I want to kick the Word not allowed of the person that created the commercial.
  9. More eye candy for tourism rather than a pro venue. Also not a fan friendly venue either.
  10. I'd really love to hear from people he want to HS with to see if he was accustomed to having his butt kissed and was one of those types that walked around thinking he was better than everyone else? Because now that he's in the big leagues I don't think he can handle the fact that everyone isn't kissing his butt.
  11. Well actually there is only one team that plays Football in NY and that's Buffalo And they are doing Okay. I'll still watch the RC despite having money on Bills this Sunday.
  12. I guess some of you are looking for Stricker to act more like this
  13. Actually that's really comfortable outdoor weather. Great for hiking, biking, running and golf
  14. I think you can set up in a bunker there like fans did during the US Open.
  15. Don't most, if not all of the European team, own homes and spend a significant portion of the year living in FL anyway? With the Wx as forecast I don't see it as a tilting advantage for Europe. I'm not a fan of WS because it's a gimmicky Dye course and a terrible venue for spectators. So sh...ty in fact that spectators stand in bunkers to watch. It's going to be interesting to see how they manage crowds when there is comparatively limited golf being played as compared to a normal pro event.
  16. LMAO, so now good coaches have to be great orators in front of the press? Ever see Bill Belichick or Jim Boeheim?
  17. Bill Belichik and Jim Boeheim don't exactly light up a room during their pressers.
  18. Aren't sports press conferences usually useless?
  19. How does that work? Captain's only pick their own golfer/pairings in a match sequence. Don't they?
  20. The Ryder truck and supply chain logistics company would not like that. They've enjoyed decades of free name promotion
  21. While i don't often drink Yuenling I don't mind it at all. Definitely over the big brands like Bud etc. Problem is, most the beer I drink a can costs as much as a six-pack of Yuenling
  22. There isn't a single pro sporting event that if canceled would impact my life adversely one bit. Now given that, I'd rather see the FedEx Cup plowed under and move out the PGA Championship back to August.
  23. Not heard but seen... I was at the range 2 weeks ago and some guy was there with a girl whom was obviously not a golfer. He let her hit his Ping driver and she miss hit it so bad the head snapped off... Ouch!
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