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  1. Certainly a fair argument but of recent both picks have out performed Reed. I also think you must acknowledge his recent hospitalization w/bilateral pneumonia, where my his own admission he was told he might die, so it was very serious. A typical case of that will take months to regain full strength and feel back to completely normal. To ignore that I believe would be negligent. Stricks made the right decision to pass on him.
  2. @dcmidnightexamples were spot on. Based on what data should he have been picked? Get your head out of 5 years ago.
  3. Now I got this error trying to load WRX forum pages ...
  4. Anyone else having very slow page loads on WRX forums? Seems like it's been going on for the last 2 or 3 days. Otherwise page loads on other sites are working just fine on my computer. I'm seeing the slowness on my PC Chrome browser and Android phone using Brave. Interestingly when bypassing my Spectrum home network on my phone using Vz 4LTE, the forums load just fine. Again all other sites on my home network load fine and quickly.
  5. and most the arguing is because of what he did 5 years ago. Not so much so with the last RC or PC. Time to move on to better choices which Stricks did.
  6. Oh I agree, enthusiasm is important and anyone lacking it should have the decency to decline and let someone else in. But as I said numerous times, some here need to get out of 2016. How did he do in Paris? How about the last Presidents Cup? On top of that' he had a major illness which can take months to fully recover. The bench is deep of fully capable Captains picks. Every Captains pick this year has nearly universally better stats than Reed for 2021. Honestly I'd like to see the entire team be comprised of Captains picks. But yeah some need to get out of 2016.
  7. That's just another example and why I made the smart decision to cut the cord and all cable news/talk/sports opinion from my home 4 years ago. Sounds like your dog is pretty smart
  8. as they say, "A fool and his money are soon parted." Kind of reminds me of my nieces that buy expensive jeans that are all ripped up. LMAO if that isn't a poser move I don't know what is, and I've told them that! Back in the day our jeans got ripped up because we wore them hard and earned it. Now they're so lazy they have someone wear them out for them
  9. I don't get it either. His birdie to bogey ratio is one of the better on the USA team. His stats in 2021 are virtually universally better than the one guy some people think should be on the team based on success a "golf eternity" ago.
  10. 99.999999% of the time Curtis would have been right, just very wrong this time
  11. Well said! But customers keep throwing money at this crap because they've "got to have it" acting like it's air or water, essential for life or just an addiction like smoking. The only way to stop it is to cut the cord, not subscribe go cold turkey--- find other things to waste time and money on. I cut the cord 4 years ago and have never looked back. Oh and I'm about $5k ahead.
  12. Played 9 last night... the weather was perfect and it was a very pleasant round. Not enough daylight to play many more holes let alone another 9.
  13. Lol.. Reed got the classic Lloyd Bentsen dis...
  14. Those are feelings without supporting data. PR didn't do it in 2018 or 2019 during either of those Ryder and Pres cups .
  15. What data are you looking at? Sheff did better in almost every measure than Reed in 2021. Plus what @grm24said. So we'd like to see the data you're using to support your statement.
  16. Actually I am. 2019 Pres cup was pretty bad for Reed. I also don't recall what he did in the 2018 RC but I don't think it was anything special. 2021 weighs most for me. Then you add in that he "almost died" a few weeks ago on top of his well reported toxicity as a human and for me he's still an easy pass.
  17. Yeah I'd be pretty comfortable booting him. It would be based on health concerns and still bouncing back and Scheffs recent performance vs Reeds. Usually people take a few months to get back to full strength after serious illness. Also if you look at Reed v Scheff in tournaments they both played since ~mid year, Sheff only missed 1 cut vs Reeds 3. Scheff finished better in every major and generally ahead of Reed in almost every tournament they played. I'm a data guy and I know you are as well. I think you're just weighting older performance data more heavily than I would, thus the difference of opinion.
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