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  1. Might be hard to believe but April used to be the first release date for new clubs. The PGA Show was used to unveil new products that would come out in April and May.
  2. I would check with the golfer's charitable foundations.
  3. There is not enough room on the interweb for me to list them all. Well over 100 sets
  4. I would take it back to where I bought it and ask them to replace it.
  5. Have you removed all of the tags and labels off the shaft? I have found that they can make noise when you swing.
  6. I represented them several years ago. In those days, if a course made a change to the course, either course would contact SC or the local rep would let them know and they would make the changes.
  7. Nothing in golf ever surprises me. I just think that a lot of companies are on hold right now as far as new releases as product is flowing slowly from China.
  8. It will be interesting to see if any company releases anything new soon.
  9. A head that shape in a larger head would likely spin way too much
  10. Can't say for sure but sometimes they are given permission to do things for the Tour but not for sale. I am sure the Palmer family still has control of his likeness, signature, etc.
  11. Beautiful irons. Have to be careful though as there were some very bad counterfeits of it that were available.
  12. My guess is it is for popcorn and the movies, since Hollywood in nearby.
  13. No issues here. You probably just need to get out and play more! Tell your boss you need some more time off.
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