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  1. 8 needs to move to the top of the list,
  2. I was on the 2nd hole, tree lined middle between hole 8. I was just about in the tree line with my drive. Got to my ball and notice some guys T'ing off on 8. I got behind the cart to watch and I'll be damned if a ball didn't come over the top of the cart and hit me in the upper chest on the fly. No one even yelled Four. Had a bruise for a week.
  3. I'm like most and around 45. Anything colder is just not fun.
  4. I quit for 10 years from 1988-1998. Moved to a town that had 2 Muni Courses and it was such a nightmare to get a T-Time on the weekends that I finally gave up and stopped playing. Company I was working for sponsored a Tournament in 1998 that I was invited to play in. Yes, I did go get a couple new clubs and headed out. Good Luck and hope you will be back when your time allows.
  5. Congrats, always better when your playing and supposed to be at work,
  6. Those are some interesting facts, I didn't know most of them
  7. I think I can learn from that, Get out of my own way. Thank you for sharing and indeed, nice round
  8. [quote name='King_Slender' timestamp='1359559909' post='6329575'] How are the golf leagues that you guys play in run - are there any games/formats that you use that you find particularly fun? I've run a league for the last 4 years and like to keep things fresh, although I think we have a solid format. Our basic setup is this:[list] [*]2-man teams (10-12 teams in the league), Round-robin format [*]Every week is a match against another team [*]Each match is 2 points per individual match (low HCP plays low HCP) plus 1 point for team low net [*]Closest to the Pin every week [*]Modified Ski
  9. [quote name='scratchswinger' timestamp='1356746144' post='6131929'] [quote name='MtlJeff' timestamp='1356735781' post='6131169'] Boom! I found it....never question MtlJeff's searching ability read the opening post. Easyyy talks about it and the famous Cleveland Launcher Comp incident [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/425073-golfwrx-the-best-and-largest-golf-forum/"]http://www.golfwrx.c...est-golf-forum/[/url] [/quote] Thank you for posting, pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Just the tidbit of information given in that post sounds like a really cool success story. Oth
  10. I'm sure it is just like any other Business and has a decline over the last several months. I, for one, can't afford to play as often as I used to. Prices up and wages down.
  11. Still pretty cold here in N. CA..... Been in the 20's n 30's in the mornings but at least no snow.
  12. Mine was at Micke Grove in Lodi, CA... 10th hole, playing with my Boss at that time. About 145 out on a Par 4. Hit my shot and he started asking me where the hell I was hitting too. Headed back to the cart thinking I slid it off to the right. Hit the bank behind the trap and ended up rolling in. I didn't even see it. He told me where it hit and how it just kept rolling towards the downhill hole and in. Awesome for my 2nd ever Eagle.
  13. I agree, we do need more Ladies on the course. Nice for her First time out, Congrats
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