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  1. Hi, Here is the list of things I'm selling tonight: 3) VA Composites Raijin 3W shaft - 64g stiff (Four) flex. Only used for 3 rounds and 1 range session. Played standard length in my Ping G425 3W, bought and installed at Club Champion. Nearly perfect, no tip. I have TM and Ping OEM tips, let me know if you want either. Asking $125. Add $10 for each tip. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority from Houston, TX Please PM with any questions or requests for additional pictures. Offers welcome, just be reasonable. Thank you for looking! 3) VA Composites Raijin pics
  2. I bought this driver from Club Champion in March. I’ve only played 4 rounds and no range time. As you can see, there isn’t any marks, scratches or signs it was even used!! I’ll include the headcover that was never used as well. Asking $SOLD!! obo, shipped via FedEx. As a true WRXer, I found another club to buy so send reasonable offers Thanks for looking!!
  3. Great experience, but very expensive!! Have to change out all wood shafts and driver head. Hopefully the rewards will show up in the course!
  4. I made the mistake of being fitted at Club Champion so now all of my ADIZ shafts will need to go. I'm starting with the 3 wood. 1) 7S - This has been my gamer for the past 2 seasons (no more than 20 rounds). It was originally built to play standard length in my TM M3. Currently has a Ping tip but will be pulling, can add (not installed) my original TM tip for an extra $15. $160 2) 6S - Bought to experiment before I was fitted to see if the same weight in my driver would work better than the heavier 7S. It never made it into the club, only had the tip installed. Same as above, will be pulling but can add (not installed) the TP tip for $15. Background on this shaft is it came out of my golfing buddy's TM (only used 1 season ~35 rounds) seems to be tipped 1/2", you can see from pics. $SOLD Thanks Ethan! Only trades I'd be interested in would be VA Composites Vylyn 3W shafts, 65 and/or 75 with FOUR flex.
  5. So, I'll answer my original post's question with my answer. YES!! The Plantation is worth every penny they charge. It's a great layout, beautiful views and just cool to be on the grounds. I highly encourage anyone that has the chance to play there to just do it!
  6. One thing to consider is how much it may rain on you in Kapalua. I just got back from a trip 2 weeks ago. The weather started as a mist then rain then it poured on me during my round at the Plantation course. We stayed in Wailea where it was sunny without any clouds. If she doesn't mind getting a little wet then Kapalua has better views.
  7. Update: I've book my tee time for the 8:10 am on Sunday the 9th. Question now it what tees to I play? I don't hit is quite as long as I used to but can still pump it 280+ in Houston (think ultra-humid at sea-level). I don't care about the score but want to experience it to its fullest!
  8. So you're saying that Sunday is going to be expensive!!
  9. Twilight is out, have dinner plans Sunday at Mama's Fish House that evening. They they punch the greens on Tuesday so small window... I think I'll book it there and report back! Thanks again everyone!
  10. Thanks for the info Rory4Pres! Is there another course that you'd recommend?
  11. Hi! I'm headed to Maui on 5/7/2021 and have a free day to play. I've already played Wailea Gold and am thinking I should try Kapalua Plantation. Can anyone tell me if it's really worth $380 (after tax and fees) or if I should try Wailea Blue or another course? Also, if anyone is going to be there that Sunday (5/9) and wants to join me (10ish handicap if that even matters) please let me know. I appreciate your feedback and recommendations! Erik
  12. I'm selling a set (13) of JumboMax Ultralite XS Grips. These are practically brand new, one is still in original packaging. I regripped my clubs and played one round with them. I really like them but would need to practice to get timing down, don't have time to practice these days. I used my air compressor to install/uninstall so they are in perfect condition!! As you can see, they are $189 + tax. Asking $SOLD!!, USPS Priority shipping included.
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