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  1. Molinari? Isn't he a brand ambassador for Bettinardi? He signed with them this past season. Don't know how long contract is: https://www.pgatour....utter-deal.html Guess the Betti deal is done now and he's full bag Callaway and Odyssey Toulon. Golf ball is the wild card. I see the Toulon has the Stroke lab shaft as well
  2. What's your source let's just say it is someone close to the situation
  3. I heard Dick's is cutting 20% off all brands, not just in golf and they are going to be focused on their private label and special make ups. Sounds like there could only be two brands left in golf at Dick's...TaylorMade and Callaway.
  4. Rule #1 with bunker play...don't hit into them :bigwhack: BAD BALL!, BAD BALL!!
  5. IDK...maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Tough to discredit a source like this. I'm sure the MP-18's were already on order with word coming out. Doesn't necessarily mean it's happening today!!
  6. I have heard from a reliable source that Golf Galaxy and Dick's Sporting Goods are both dropping the Mizuno golf line from their stores. Has anyone else heard of this?
  7. More than likely, correct. Should be Interlachen. Will be Olympic Hills
  8. I think most people are missing the point. Where is the conspiracy? Great! Top athletes are making a ton of money, but so did Bernie Madoff. And don't forget, Kevin Durant just signed a $285 million dollar shoe deal!
  9. [quote name='youngunz5840' timestamp='1449177039' post='12676922'] If it is adjustable did they find a way to make the sole have a smart pad type of setup so its not closed or open when adjusted. [/quote] That was my thought also. It is tough to tell based on the limited photos. Only time will tell.
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