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  1. Brooks hasn't won a Major since his Saturday press conference at the Harding Park PGA where he was running his mouth. He didn't win that one as Morikawa outplayed him and at this year's PGA Phil outplayed him. I predict that Brooks won't win another Major. His intimidation factor is gone and there's just too many good young players that are hungry.
  2. After a few rounds with the Jaws I'm leaving it in the bag. It did take some getting used to around the green but I figured it out. I still haven't hit a bunker shot with it yet. So my initial disappointment has shifted to it's in the bag.
  3. Billy Bob’s has an assortment of weights that work with the Callaway heads. I’m not sure if Callaway sells weights direct or not. https://www.billybobsgolf.com/product/callaway-2021-epic-speed-big-bertha-b12-driver-fairway-headweights/
  4. Maybe that’s why I like the PM so much because it’s the only club I use around the greens.
  5. First round with my 58-10 wedge today. Been playing a PM grind Callaway in a 58 for about 5 seasons. The Jaws Full Toe feels nothing like the PM grind. I will say on full swings the Jaws feels better but around the greens the PM grind is vastly better for my short game technique. Maybe I assumed I could just throw the new one in the bag and there would be no adjustment but obviously I’m going to have to spend some time learning how to use the Jaws. Just left Golf Galaxy and regripped my PM in case I end of not using the Jaws. what are anyone else’s impressions?
  6. I can relate. Have bicep tendonitis in my right arm, cortisone shot 2 weeks ago seems to have somewhat worked. Still sore at night after playing that day but I've had it for almost three seasons now. Switched to Steelfiber shafts earlier this year in hopes of mitigating flare ups. Need a new knee (right knee) as uneven lies or bunker shots make it incredibly painful. Had my left knee replaced 4 years ago so I know it's time for the right one. Being in constant pain sucks but man do I love golf.
  7. Paul Azinger would say the pressure gets to him on Sunday's.
  8. Guaranteed method right here as I've been doing this for years on all of my drivers. I use the Golfworks high density lead tape that can be bought at Golf Galaxy. I apply on the driver where I need it, one strip at a time and use a butane lighter to heat the tape up after I apply it. If you're going to put a strip on top of another, just heat each strip after application. It's important to really hit the edges of the tape and heat that up enough to where it almost melts and becomes part of the head itself. If you do it right, that tape isn't coming off unless you peel it with a tee or a pointed edge of scissors or a knife. I can take some pictures later if you would like to see what I'm talking about.
  9. Playing Prairie View in Byron for the first time in a couple years tomorrow morning. Driving over from the Quad Cities.
  10. Harry Higgs locker being on the bottom is disrespectful...insert sarcasm Where's Tiger's locker?
  11. There's quite a few who can't differentiate who's role is what. Feherty doesn't do what Bones does. Maltbie doesn't do what Hicks does. Dottie Pepper doesn't do the same job as IBF. Faldo and Azinger are supposed to be the lead analysts. Like Johnny Miller and Ken Venturi before them. Azinger sits in a position that has historically been a Major champion and who is expected to contribute something useful to the telecast. In that respect, he swings and misses pretty consistently. I've got to think that NBC makes a change in the off-season. If I was them I would give Phil a blank check and tell him he can play all the CBS tournaments he wants to and miss the cuts on the NBC events!
  12. At my local Golf Galaxy Saturday night I got the last dozen Chromesoft Triple Track on the shelf. They had plenty of X and X LS though. Didn’t seem to be many Pro V’s on the shelves either.
  13. Cam might win with a par.
  14. Did Callaway balls have the Hex dimples prior to them acquiring Hogan? I seem to recall the first ball I remember having Hex dimples was the Hogan Apex Tour Deep which was a design update to the Strata Tour Ace if I'm remembering correctly. Callaway bought Hogan/Top-Flite in 2004 or 2005? They wanted those Top-FLite ball patents...solid core balls with hex dimples.
  15. Brooks in the Zoom Victory Tour 2's today at the Open. Interesting...
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