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  1. I'm using a P2 Classic Tour on my Odyssey MXM 9 HT. It's a pistol style that really quiets your hands. Third grip of the season, started with the Golf Pride Tour Green Star, went to a SuperStroke 3.0 and settled on the P2. My putting has improved by 2.4 putts per round since putting the P2 on. Think I'll stick with it.
  2. New search time is 3 minutes, not 5. If you're reasonably certain your ball is in an area of leaves and you are unable to find it, it's a one stroke penalty with a drop. You get the distance so you don't have to replay the shot with penalty.
  3. I think with Covid, some of the bigger Euro players who also have PGA status (Rory, Fleetwood, Stenson, Westwood, Casey) are choosing to stay based in the US. Shane Lowry did play in the US Open and then traveled back to Ireland for his home country's Open but he's an exception and not the rule. Euro guys that qualified for the PGA and US Open, like Thomas Pieters, wonder what he did? He also just had a baby, not sure where he's living. Also since Ryder Cup was supposed to be last weekend and the fact that the teams were locked in points wise for the most part, it doesn't make s
  4. ZJ won at the home of golf and at Augusta. Even if those were his only two wins I'm taking his career over Stenson's 100 times out of 100. I'd rather have Henrik's ball striking ability and swing though.
  5. I'm not sure if it's an unwritten rule or hard rule but the lead commentator has historically been a Major champion. Who determined that? I have no idea but Johnny was, Ken Venturi was, Faldo is, Lanny Watkins was. Not sure who before them though. Based on that, Justin Leonard and David Duval would both be better choices than Azinger.
  6. BC33

    2020 US Open

    Validation on steroids... Azinger trying to say something there?
  7. BC33

    2020 US Open

    NBC should replace Azinger mid telecast with Justin Leonard. Leonard does a pretty good job, Azinger does not.
  8. BC33

    2020 US Open

    NBC should replace Azinger mid telecast with Justin Leonard. Leonard does a pretty good job, Azinger does not.
  9. BC33

    2020 US Open

    I’ll take your word for it, NBC hasn’t shown him. JT though, 8 back am I’m typing this I’ve seen plenty of.
  10. Watching him hit driver on the Live from the US Open coverage on the range. 24 seconds from the time he teed the ball addressing and pulling the trigger on 3 straight drives. Standing there, fidgeting, just looking uncomfortable. That much time over the ball cannot be good.
  11. So will these be available to order with a heavier weight? If so, consider me interested.
  12. I agree. Regardless through, still have to get the speed and line right. If DJ's putt in the playoff was a touch firmer, that likely would have went in as well. So that would have been 3 putts made totaling over 120 feet holed on 18. Plus, didn't Paul Casey hole out earlier from left of the pin and riding that slope right in the hole?
  13. I've had my Apex Pro 16's in the bag for the better part of two full seasons now. They're shafted with Project X 6.0's and I've lead taped each head and to me they're just as good of an iron setup I've had. Predictable distances, ability to flight down or hit high and reasonably forgiving with a good swing put on them. I purchased them on Preowned and they are 3/4" long and the 8,9 and PW are starting to brown a little on the face but I don't have any intention of replacing due to confidence in them. I bought a set of Srixon 785's to start the season and have since sold them. I
  14. My opinion is Lanny back in the days when he was on CBS was pretty good. He didn't sugarcoat anything and wasn't afraid to call a bad shot a bad shot. He was honest probably to a fault @ CBS. If I remember correctly he replaced Ken Venturi and I think Lanny wanted to be or was told to be like NBC's Johnny Miller. Seems as though he didn't fit in with CBS because of that honesty. He's still pretty good and I remember him doing some Thursday-Friday coverage on the PGA Tour at smaller events (John Deere being one of them) a few years ago and while watching I thought he got a raw deal fro
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