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  1. @snagy2000 If I was him, I'd keep wearing the Roshe's or go back to the TP's as they look better than the above. I've got several pair of Roshe G's, two pair of TP's and three pair of ZIT's so I'm not looking at any of the '21 Nikes anyway. The Roshe is in my opinion the best golf shoe they have made. I don't like the sole of the Victory 2's.
  2. While he may have had TP’s on in some round, he absolutely had the Zoom Victory 2’s on Thursday. Picture attached from when he had his accidental strike on a practice putting stroke.
  3. Wolff had the Rory shoe on @ Concession. What's Fleetwood wearing? Scheffler, Champ and Molinari still wearing the Roshe. Also, Kokrak has been wearing Nike's, I've seen him wear the ZIT and he had the Air Max on this weekend.
  4. Noticed Peter Jacobson wasn’t on the broadcast. Did NBC replace him with Wood? If so, grade A upgrade.
  5. I have what might be a dumb question but would a regular flex shaft give a 100mph swing more distance but less control? Contemplating starting out with reg flex when I go to hit them at Golf Galaxy.
  6. I also found satisfaction with the Mavrik SZ TD. Pretty sure the Epic Max LS is the TD with an updated paint job.
  7. Golf Channel sure doing a lot of speculating about potential cause. Anna Whitely not looking very professional during this. Let the facts come out.
  8. He keeps getting into the thick of it and once he figures out how to win, he’s going to do it quite a bit. And by thick of it I mean shooting a 64 on a Sunday to climb up the leaderboard and lose in a playoff. He’s too good and talented to not be a multiple time winner.
  9. There was one summer where I was unemployed and I played a ton of golf and hit a lot of range balls. When I could take some of the shots I would work on at the range and hit those on the course that’s when I started to score better. By the end of that summer I had consistently shot in the low 80’s and broke 80 once or twice. Some players just have natural talent or skills but I had to hit a ton of balls to figure my swing out. Working the ball with multiple clubs allowed me to break 80. Minimizing mistakes and improving my short game and putting allowed me to shoot low 70’s
  10. The ball speed seems low for your club head speed. Was your smash factor lower? Not being a smart a** but does the higher MOI of the Max or Max LS help raise smash factor? I’m about the same swing speed as you but it seems my ball speed is consistently above 152 and if I really go after one, swing speed may be 108 and ball speed gets to 160-162. Is your 142 ball speed affected by a higher launch angle? My launch is generally 11 or 12 degrees. I’m going Friday to hit all three models and I’m going in with an open mind but I’m thinking the Max LS is probably going to be closest
  11. Am I only the only one who is bothered by the CBS crew referring to players with their first names? IBF calls Day Jason. Nantz calls Spieth Jordan. Imelmann called McNealy Maverick. Historically it seemed it was last names or at least that’s what I’m remembering. Was Tiger the change of the formality?
  12. Plus his win at the Colonial when they came back gets him in the Masters this April. Automatic invite.
  13. That's a good looking iron. Wonder how durable that finish is going to be.
  14. BC33

    Did Xander choke?

    I like Xander. I was pulling for him Sunday. Is the only difference between him and Finau 4 wins? Finau catches hell for doing the exact same thing that Xander's been doing, getting into contention and not pulling it out. He's struggled the last few tournaments when he's been in the lead or near it. I was simply asking a question and then replied to your comment about a 6th win with your eye roll. How long before there's a What's wrong with Xander thread if this continues...
  15. BC33

    Did Xander choke?

    Speaking of Schauffele – he now is 0-for-4 in his PGA Tour career closing out 54-hole leads after a Sunday 71 left him in a tie for second place. Xander now has 10 runner-up finishes on the PGA Tour, most of any player since 2017. He's trending in the wrong direction and with each tournament where he's in the lead or near the lead it's getting more difficult.
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