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  1. So I think I finally found the one!! (Don’t tell my wife, she’d be pissed it’s not her!!) With that said I think I can safely offload the following items: 1) TSI3 9 degree head- this is pretty much what you see is what you get. However, there are some paint imperfections on the crown- it comes through in the pictures but I want to make sure that you notice there are some “bubbles” on the crown under the clear coat. I bought this thing new in the spring and they weren’t there so I really have no idea how it happened. Its hard to see on the end of a shaft but just want to make sure it’s disclosed. $325– now $300 2) OG Epic Sub Zero 10.5 head- nothing to call out here. $125— now $100 3) HRZDUS Smoke Green “Hulk” Small Batch-70 Gram-6.5 flex- 44.5” with a Titlest adapter- $225– now $200 4) HRZDUS RDX Black- 60 gram- 6.5 flex- 44.5” with a Titlest adapter- $125– now $100 5) VA Composite Raijin- 64 gram- 05 flex (x-stiff)- 44” with a Titleist adapter- ferrule got a little chewed up during install, cosmetic only- $150— now $125 6) TENSEI Orange (non-pro) 60 gram- stiff flex with a Ping Adapter- SOLD!!!
  2. Guys- Need to make room for the incoming Premiere Harlows!!!! All of these are used, I hate to try and "rate" this kind of stuff since there is really no universal system which we can all agree upon. At this stage I'll put up the pictures and price fairly. PayPal only and basic ground shipping is included in the price. 1) G Fore Gallivanter Tuxedo in Grey- size 11- I would say these have less than 10 rounds on them- SOLD!! 2) Ecco Biom 3- black and grey- size 44- maybe 5 or 6 rounds on these- SOLD!! 3) TW15- Navy colorway- size 11- I'm keeping my Grey pair as I still rock these suckers occasionally-$85 4) Adidas Tour 360xt spikeless- size 11- $75 5) Footjoy DryJoy Tour- size 10 Wide- these have the most wear and visible creasing in the toe- $65
  3. Morning guys! I'm quickly entering the new driver phase and want to offload some stuff. Couple pieces are pretty unique! 1) Mizuno TN-87- the original copper underlay set!! I played these for a few seasons and they really do feel amazing!! The set is 3-PW- Project X 5.5- grips are shot and the lead tape is my gift to you!! SOLD!!!! 2) Bridgestone Tour B XD-7 9 degree- Diamana B 6x-44.5" playing length. Slight scratch on the toe side of the crown. This thing is super low spin for me but I just cannot get enough launch- looking for $325 3)Ventus Velocore Blue 6x- 43.5"- ping tip-Karma midsize grip- SOLD!!!
  4. Why resist? There are two more shafts right here in this listing that you can pick from! Just pick a color
  5. Happy US Open week guys!! Need to move some of this stuff to raise some funds for an upcoming wedding!! PayPal only and I don’t hold items- first to pay wins the race!! 1) Mizuno TN-87- 3-P- The OG copper underlay!! I played these for several seasons which I know some consider blasphemy. But those people have never hit a pure 3 iron from this set. I did it once. It’s the golf equivalent of JLo and JLaw at the same time. Yup. That good. You should really experience it at least once in life. Pay no attention to the worn out grips and consider the lead tape my gift to you! $400 and these bad boys have a new home. 2) Fourteen FH-1000-4-P- consider this- if you really need “forgiving” blades should you really be playing blades in the first place? I’ll let you answer that one quietly in your own head. I play Apex Pros- just FYI. These are shafted up with Tour Issue X100 AMTs and have Plus 4’s with some life left. $350 and you can answer the existential question that was posed initially. SOLD!!!!! 3) G410 LST- 10.5- pretty straightforward here. Just couldn’t beat out my Epic Sub Zero- SOLD!!! 4) Ventus Black 6x- real deal Velocore model- stock Ping grip- 44.75”- SOLD!! 5) Ventus Blue 6x- again, real deal Velocore- has a white Karma “tour velvet” midsize- 43.5” $200 6) Aldila Black Mamba 70TX- 43.25” with no tip. I do love the Best Grips leather midsize on it. Honestly I forgot I had this. SOLD!!
  6. Hey guys- Long time since I’ve posted something for sale but I need to thin some stuff out, and this stuff is too cool to just trade it in. 1) Fourteen FH-1000 4-PW with BLACK ONYX Tour Issue X-100. Played these off and on for the last two seasons so there is standard bag chatter and some loss of paint on some of the shafts, but nothing out of the ordinary. 5 iron length is 38.5” standard progression from there. 4 iron has Crossline Cord, 5-PW have MCC +4. Anyone who wondered if these are any good, they are!! Looking to get $500 for these. 2) Callaway Legacy Blacks- 5-PW with Matrix Ozick Program 95 in rare matte black. 5 iron measures 38.75” and they are all wrapped with Best Grips Micro Perf’s. I really wanted to like these but I could never get them dialed in- shafts were just too light. Here’s a chance to play some really unique irons without breaking the bank- $450 and these go to a new home!! 3) Last but certainly not least is the ever famous UDI 1 iron. Not sure what the stock lengths were on these, but this one measures 42” with a MCC that could stand to be replaced. Shafted up with a Project X HD2- 92 gram 6.0 flex. Slight ferrule separation shown in the pictures. This turns heads whenever you pull it out. I think $100 is fair for this. Not really looking for trades and please send offers through IM. PayPal only and first to pay gets the item!!
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