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  1. played tsi2 earlier in the year. Wasn't as good as sim max from last year for me. TSI3 looks like an animal though.
  2. I honestly Forgot I changed my name it's been about a year and a half. I even had the wrong name in my title lol. Cobra Forged Tec eh? They look so sweet. I'm head to Montreal with Wife next month. If I can sneak out for a round of golf I'll hit you up!
  3. Last year I played Sim Max Woods, T100S and SM8 and a Newport. I got down to an all time Low index. So naturally I decided to order a complete new Bag for 2021. Driver TSI3 Tour AD DI 6 Stiff I alternate between Taylor Made and Titleist Drivers for last 15 years. The TSI3 is bordering on GOAT status. It's Super Long, forgiving enough and looks / feels better than any driver I've ever hit. Fairway Wood / Hybrid Free Agents. TBD Irons Srixon ZX7 3-PW Stock Modus 120 I was looking for a tiny bit more help than the T100 gave especi
  4. NEW Mizuno MP25 Irons. I ordered these years ago and they never saw the course. Couple Clubs hit inside but they are Basically New (Comparable to shop worn) Took plastic off them today MP25 3-PW Standard LLL Stock Golf Pride M31 Mizuno Grip Dynamic Gold AMT S300 Shafts SOLD ELSEWHERE
  5. anything lower than 18 deg or so goes way too low anything more than 22 deg flys way to high So for me I love to carry one. 19 or 20 deg ish. Right now I don't have one though
  6. i ordered a set Stock modus 120 3-PW I think im starting to need a little more help than the T100 gives. These are slightly bigger and will likely give me a bit more confidence.
  7. ordered it blind. Probably early season rust will give it a few more rounds
  8. Am I in the minority thinking the Sim Max is way better than Sim2 Max? Maybe it's early but I really don't like the Sim2 max. The Sim was longer and more forgiving. Maybe it's the early season rust but I don't think so.
  9. I did suffer from EE by not completing my turn but strange I hit 3 wood off the deck fantastic in 2020
  10. miss is hook with irons. I haven't faded an iron in 15 years. (In to out path but it's better just a few degrees)
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