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  1. I did suffer from EE by not completing my turn but strange I hit 3 wood off the deck fantastic in 2020
  2. miss is hook with irons. I haven't faded an iron in 15 years. (In to out path but it's better just a few degrees)
  3. I did have a sim max last year 19 deg and it was my fav club in the bag. I'd have no problem playing 2 hybrids possibly 19 and 23 deg this year
  4. hate to say this but I hated the XZ7. Low launching, low spinning and didn't feel particularly great. 12 years or trying to find something better than ap2 / t100. At this point it's comical. Nothing beats the gold standard.
  5. last year. After 12 years of taking golf seriously. Usually a few over par 2-6 HC last few years but strung a few rounds together then fired a 68 at my home course ending in double bogey, bogey. I'm as good as I'll ever be as a father, business owner with a few business interests who rarlely practices and drinks on the course. If I make putts I can be around par. If I struggle I shoot 79-81. I feel like I can golf with anyone and not embarrass myself which is all i can ask for.
  6. I'm decent in golfer and not a complete hack. Was down to 2 last year but ....... EVERY year since i started golfing I shank the fucccc out of all my long irons. In the Sim, on the range, on the course It happens. As the season goes on usually it sorts itself out with the ocassional round ruiner. Only long irons. Is there a reason why this happens in march april and may only? I looked at my setup notes from the end of the last season and everything seems fine. Anyone else with the same problem?
  7. thanks buddie. I didn't hit the Tsi2. I ordered it without hitting it. I hit the Sim amazing in 2020. Best Driver year of my life. I thought I would be better suited to have the same clubs if not very similar as last year. Same shafts, Max head same loft , ..... My Sim Max 3 wood went too far last year. There are a few par 4s where using the 3 wood still got me in trouble. Swapped it for 3 HL this year in past experiences its made a big diff - about 10 yards less but higher and less run out. Today I practiced putting for the first time all winter - I can't believe
  8. 100% Bought my TM woods direct from TM web site. Bought the Vokeys from Golf town paid full price. Got some help on my irons but not much! I'm playing on not swapping clubs this year so it shoud;n't matter. I played all the same clubs for the past 2 years so I'm not worried about paying full price
  9. I dont have either. I pay full price for my clubs most of the time. I sold the Tsi2 woods - My Sim2 Should be there end of next week. Also picked up a 2 ball triple track today that I will likely start the season with.
  11. My Sim2 Max Woods are built and shipping next week. I think Ill sell these titleist ones
  12. no I didn't. The 585s were too big when I had a look last year. The ZX7s are pretty big. Bigger than the T100s i played last year. I think they should be forgiving enough for any decent ball striker.
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