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  1. ive tried different shafts for years .. always end up back with S300s. Always.
  2. already had a set. Might get another lol
  3. ill admit the 100s look better in the bag and are sexier
  4. perfect. I need the help. Love my ZX7
  5. I'm not rich but when I started golf about 12 years ago yes I tried to buy everything in search for a better game (including lots of golf and lessons). 12 years Later I'm close to scratch and all that research / club swapping actually taught me to be a better golfer. Lots of 'rich guys' trying to buy a game are nice dudes just trying to get better at a sport we all love
  6. A few updates ... Ordered Same clubs for 2022 but the irons now have PX LZ 6.0 Shafts. I loved the ZX7... up there with the GOAT of irons MP53 and the fact I'm playing them 2 years in a row says something. Ordered the Exact same Zip Core Wedges - Cleveland wedges are amazing and have always fit me better than Vokeys Using Same TSi3 Driver and TSi2 3 wood. Might add a 19 deg hybrid and (Grasp) a 22 or 23 deg hybrid instead of 3 and 4 irons. Maybe Cobra F9s something like that Cobra makes great hybrids. Same Bettinardi Queen B Same Black Titleist Bag .
  7. I have a new set that just arrived with PX ZL 6.0 to replace the modus. These might have finally replaced my MP53s as "the best" irons for me.
  8. yes More confidence inspiring and for me who never ever goes to range or practices it's huge. Loved my clubs so much that in 2022 I'm playing the same bag (Ordered new ZX7 but with PX ZL 6.0 instead of modus) Ordered a fresh set of the same wedges for next year. Keeping putter for next season as well.
  9. zx7 all day every day and twice on sundays
  10. Ive had the same Problem for 3 years now. Can't seem to shake it.
  11. going 48 gap 54 60 I don't care what carry yardages are. I might have Exactly 110 (carry on 26) once every 3 rounds - I care more about partial distances and performance from the sand.
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