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  1. Ive had the same Problem for 3 years now. Can't seem to shake it.
  2. going 48 gap 54 60 I don't care what carry yardages are. I might have Exactly 110 (carry on 26) once every 3 rounds - I care more about partial distances and performance from the sand.
  3. ordered a set blind. The 2019 were excellent. Well see
  4. stock because I didn't want to wait for custom order modus which I don't like. and a couple yards only. Especially with the short irons. Long irons were similar.
  5. ive owned them both (miz last year srixon this year) Both awesome. I currently play ZX7 and have all year. I really really like them. But I really loved the mizunos - Wanted to order another set but would have taken too long. The Looks go to Mizuno - Feel to Mizuno - Distance to Srixon - Forgiveness slight to Srixon. Shotmaking - Same on both .. can hook on demand A bit tougher to cut the srixon but its possible. I would have no problem playing either and my scores would be the same. My sweet spot would have been MMC with $Taper.
  6. ive played the best golf of my life this year. These irons are great. I really really like them. Playing them again in 2022 but will swap shafts. $taper or LZ - $Taper will help with my left miss but LZ feels better and will launcher higher.
  7. I played ZX7 all year and love the irons. Love them. Playing them again in 2022 but swapping shafts going from the Modus to $Taper. I am ordering another set and don't love my Tis3 Hybrid Anyone playing the Srixon? I looks good - pretty big and confidence inspiring. I would get 19 deg. Anyone try them? How is it off the rack? What is the stock shaft?
  8. So Im 3 months in with these clubs Maybe 2 and a half. I will play them all year and I love each club. The Driver is great and Long and feels good but I'm moving back to Tsi2 next year for a tad more forgiveness. The Fairway wood is amazing. Maybe the GOAT for me. The Hybrid is hit or miss I don't care about it. I don't really like it that much so I usually play the 3 iron. The Srixon Irons are fantastic. Just Fantastic - the reputation is well deserved. So Forgiving for a players irons. I would say they are way easier to hit than T100. right between T100 and T200 IMO. The Wedges are solid. not sexy no fancy grinds but they are fine. I seem to always gravitate to cleveland. They are a little bigger than vokeys so they offer me more help on full shots. Not as good on partial shots. The Putter is fantastic. I love it. Im going to keep it for a long time. This is the best golf Ive ever played.
  9. any pics of the new MP Irons? Not the blades but a CB or whatever?
  10. Finally got to hit the tsi3 fairway. The TSi2 worked better for me. Tsi3 was tough to elevate off the ground. Looked and felt great but the 2 is more versitle.
  11. TSi2 15 deg 3 wood with Tour AD DI 7 arrived hit it a few times today and hit it Very well. These 14 clubs look to be locked in for the year. The Srixon are amazing. The sole just works for me.
  12. 1 round and i really liked it. I made a few and a long one on 18 for 5 bucks. It doesn't help that I push all my putts when I get handsy but I like the look and feel so far so good. Will likely be in the bag all year
  13. played tsi2 earlier in the year. Wasn't as good as sim max from last year for me. TSI3 looks like an animal though.
  14. I honestly Forgot I changed my name it's been about a year and a half. I even had the wrong name in my title lol. Cobra Forged Tec eh? They look so sweet. I'm head to Montreal with Wife next month. If I can sneak out for a round of golf I'll hit you up!
  15. Last year I played Sim Max Woods, T100S and SM8 and a Newport. I got down to an all time Low index. So naturally I decided to order a complete new Bag for 2021. Driver TSI3 Tour AD DI 6 Stiff I alternate between Taylor Made and Titleist Drivers for last 15 years. The TSI3 is bordering on GOAT status. It's Super Long, forgiving enough and looks / feels better than any driver I've ever hit. Fairway Wood / Hybrid Tsi2 Tour AD DI 7 Stiff 15 Deg Tis3 Hybrid 20 deg I don't know what shaft is in it Irons Srixon ZX7 3-PW Stock Modus 120 I was looking for a tiny bit more help than the T100 gave especially in the long irons especially when I hit it a bit fat. Ive played either Mizuno MP53 / MP15 or AP2 / T100 for the last 13 years. I'm going to give the Srixon a try. Ordered Blind never hit them and wasn't fitted. YOLO. Wedges Zip Core 52 56 60 Mid Ive only played Vokey / Cleveland Since 2006. Love them both. Will be hard to beat the Vokey M Grind But I'm a sucker for my Irons / Wedges to Brand Match. I played the 4 Series RTX in 2019 with great success. Putter Bettinardi Queen B. This thing looks sick. Just took the plastic off lets see how it goes Tomorrow.
  16. NEW Mizuno MP25 Irons. I ordered these years ago and they never saw the course. Couple Clubs hit inside but they are Basically New (Comparable to shop worn) Took plastic off them today MP25 3-PW Standard LLL Stock Golf Pride M31 Mizuno Grip Dynamic Gold AMT S300 Shafts SOLD ELSEWHERE
  17. anything lower than 18 deg or so goes way too low anything more than 22 deg flys way to high So for me I love to carry one. 19 or 20 deg ish. Right now I don't have one though
  18. i ordered a set Stock modus 120 3-PW I think im starting to need a little more help than the T100 gives. These are slightly bigger and will likely give me a bit more confidence.
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