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  1. PX 5.5 in the old ones. KBS 120 in the new ones.
  2. Ok, So following on. Yesterdays lesson went very well. My guy actually coached Bob McIntyre when he was a youth, which he hadnt told me about before, but it was a nice lead in to the masters chat. Took him a few minutes to see that i had managed to change my set up so i was standing up miles from the ball, this seemed to be leading to a very flat backswing, and this was leading to me coming in super shallow which probably showed up in the thin shots. Standing a bit closer, working on my take away and strike made it better last night. Had a range session this
  3. Update. Just went for a lesson. Hadnt seen my guy for a good 10 months, swing has gotten very flat and standing a bit far away. A good hour with him and i was smoking the 7 iron. To be investigated further......
  4. I can't even carry it 300 yards either - unless its downhill, down hurricane!
  5. No idea about the swing weight. Shafts certainly different. The AP2s have PX 5.5 in them. P7.MC have KBS120. Yes, you are correct. Not going to trade them just yet till the guy who fitted me can take a look and check specs etc
  6. Thanks, thats what i wanted to hear. Looks like i can get around £600 for these MCs which is a sore £400 sting but will prob be for the best.
  7. ^ Absolutley, but they certainly dont let me away with anything. Can get by no probs with the AP2s
  8. You should see the 4 iron! A razor blade
  9. The other thing is the lie angle. My AP2s are 2 degree upright, these are 1. If i make the conscious effort to hold the handle higher i can get a better strike more frequently but its not comfortable. Can such a small difference in lie angle cause you to miss it a little thin? I should have said that the miss is a thin miss. Not on the ground thin, but just not getting to bottom of the ball. Once things open up in a few weeks i can get the guy who fitted me to look at that aspect as well.
  10. Yep, I think my question is more along the lines of are these things meant to be more difficult than my AP2s and T100s or is this in my head? Definitely don't need GI irons, but I like to be able to stand a know I can strike a ball, pretty much on demand which the AP2s allow me to do, but so far the MC's are not playing ball....
  11. OK, so this isn't a question for the GWR superstars but rather the more normal of us. I play off 6 so I am an ok player - maybe not that good by WRX standards. Anyway, bought the P7MCs back when they were released. When i got fitted I was swinging great that day, but only the 7iron available. I was pipeing this thing, and the data showed i was hitting better, further and more consistent than my 2008 AP2s and the T100s i had them up against. Given how well they were going, i had no hesitation. This was an outdoor range so I could see what was being hit, and not some indoor launch mo
  12. Yea but Sergio - the greatest Ryder cupper ever will take them both down.
  13. I played it 11 years ago and although it did beat me up, i came off thinking a few more goes on the course and I could handle it (not off tips). Unless it has changed in those 11 years, the only place i felt you could lose a ball is in the water. Stay dry and your not losing anything. The greens were wild, but I had a caddy and having him tell me where to hit the putt for etc was worth the fee alone. I would love to play it again.
  14. Thats true, but it is beyond impressive what Matt was doing with that set up. Absolute bombs. Not that he doesn't bomb it anyway, but I thought that video was wild what he was getting out of it.
  15. What was his average gain on the 915? I'm still playing 915 but I want to upgrade this year to SIM2, TSI or Ping G425. Once things open up here I will go for a proper testing and fitting.
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