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  1. I'm debating which app to use so this is all helpful information for me. Thanks for all the input and detail. My buddy is using GS Pro and it seemed much better than my outdated SkyCaddie. Been working with a rangefinder as well. Trying to find the best combo that works!
  2. As a non believer of the hype I've always been curious of how I would play with TM clubs in my bag. Hopefully, this is my chance to prove my preconceptions wrong. Thanks GWRX and Golf USA for the opportunity!
  3. Time to upgrade my irons and I would love to continue with the Mizuno brand! Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. [color=#282828]Thanks for the opportunity T-Mag and GWRx:[/color][list] [*]Currently looking to replace my irons next season. Currently reviewing many different sets to see which will ultimately fit my game. Based on the process that I'm currently undergoing, this would seem like the perfect opportunity to continue my review and serach process. [*]Piscataway, NJ [*]Righty [*]18 [*]100 [*]Mizuno MX-19 [*]True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 [*]2 months ago [*]Yes [/list]
  5. Are you serious?? Post why you would want it. Well that's simple. It's one of the best looking putters I have seen along with the fact that I've always wanted a Betti! Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. [color=#282828]"My golf swing needs help because my swing tends to become disconnected in my transition."[/color] [color=#282828]Thanks for another opportunity![/color]
  7. This is my choice as well. 34-1/2", PVD Black, no neck set back, double bend, face balance. Need a mid size grip though. Thanks for the opportunity!
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