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  1. I never said that you could buy them directly from Ping. You’ve always had to go through a dealer. I went through Morton’s. The list was sent to Morton’s from someone at Ping. Hope this helps. At any rate, can’t wait to add a B60 in BeNi!
  2. All the BeNi and BeCu's that I've seen had the Pingman on them. All 3 of my Anser 4's....have the "Pat Pending" in the cavity which if, I'm not mistaken meant that it's original. The newer versions still made ago.....actually had a patent number.
  3. All love Sharkiesj !! In response to AzSuperHack76, these are ALL brand new old stock. Ping hasn't made any BeCu or BeNi putters...since the early 90's? Whenever the EPA announced that Beryllium was carcinogenic when in dust form and breathed in, Ping stopped production. Nothing beats the feel of BeCu and or BeNi!
  4. EDIT: Sharkiesj, you're a fun person aren't you? Sorry! Mortons! I worked with a wonderful lady at Mortons. I originally had asked about the possibility of a solid copper Anser 4.....she replied that Ping couldn't do that BUT that they still had NOS BeCu Anser 4's. Since I currently came a BeNi Anser 4, I asked about that and she said they had NOS of those as well. Hence why I ordered both. Soo, contact Morton's about availability.
  5. Hey Ya'll! So sorry not to reply earlier! Work has been busy and I don't visit the forum all that often and forgot to check back in haha. OK so here's a list of RH and LH available putters. BC = Beryllium Copper. BN = Beryllium Nickel Keep in mind that not all models are available bc they haven't been made in AGES. All of these are New Old Stock. I also don't know HOW MANY of each below are available and I wouldn't be surprised if the number constantly shrinks if and when one is ordered. RH Anser 5BZ BN B60 5BZ BN Gowin 5KS BC J-Blade 3 BN
  6. You all read that right....while Ping doesn't make BeCu and or BeNi putters anymore....that doesn't mean that they don't have new old stock.... I was able to grab a brand new LH BeCu Anser 4 and a brand new LH BeNi Anser 4 and I've also ordered a new BeNi B60....
  7. I'd love to get one....and think I might pull the trigger soon!
  8. I've recently gone back to my BeNi Ping Anser 4. Love it
  9. https://imgur.com/vVgdc8q https://imgur.com/NbShpwUHere's my all time fav flow neck, I've ever owned. A stupidly rare LH Ping BeNi Anser 4 putter. It feels soooooooo good and helps me to release the putter through the stroke. I use it from time to time haha. I almost sold it and thankfully a buddy of mine talked me off the ledge. On a side note, I actually contacted Ping to see if they had any numbers as to how many of the BeNi Anser 4s were actually made in LH. Their CS got back with me and told me that they contacted a guy who had worked for Ping for over 20 years. Apparently, the guy sai
  10. Hi All, I have a used LH Never Compromise Dinero Limited Putter for sale. It's forged and feel nice and solid. I bought it new a few years ago and now have a SeeMore that I use. It has typical light bag chatter (I always used an aftermarket headcover) but it's nothing major. It's around 34" long and I stripped the paint fill and added a nice crimson red paintfill a year ago etc. These putters in LH are really hard to find these days. Sad that Never Comprise bit the dust. Shipping to USA only! I'll ship with tracking and payment via PayPal only. I'd like $200 shipped. See Photos below!https
  11. 2+ years ago I reached out to SeeMore putters and inquired about a LH milled FGP. I specifically asked about some circular milling which was not stock on the FGP. The owner, Jim, said that he would get back with me quickly. About 20 min later, Jim emailed me and reported that had found a LH circular milled prototype FGP putter which would eventually be the milled Nashville line, back in their supply room. Being a proto, it wasn't labeled like the stock MFGP putters. It was fine with me. Jim had a stepless black shaft installed and this putter has just been perfect. It has some neat stamping
  12. Hi CoreyHR, To protect it from rust, I'd recommend Eezox. It's a coating that firearms enthusiasts use on their firearms. I was first made aware of it, when a guy on a forum coated half of a revolver with it and left the other half untreated. He lived in Minnesota I think and just chucked the revolver outside in the snow and slush of winter for about 3 months. The part that was coated...looked untouched...the untreated part rusted like crazy. I used Eezox on my custom Lajosi which was also gun blued and made of carbon steel. I swear by Eezox. I've used it on all my carbon steel putters. Play
  13. I'm a little late here... but why did they go bankrupt? Ages ago everyone was posting their customs from Machine etc...
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