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  1. I'd like a pair as I have to use old teaching shoes until I can afford to buy a new pair of golf shoes with spikes.
  2. I'm trying to get a regular game together on the weekends in the Tampa area - I've PM'd some people who expressed interest in this thread so far. If you're interested send an email to [email protected] with your name, email (and phone number if you'd like), handicap (guess if you don't keep one), if you want a money game or not, and if you'd like also list the courses you usually play and/or how much you like to spend max per round. Most of the guys I normally play with are caddies who work weekends and now that I am back in the corporate world I can't play during the week, so if the guys I work with aren't playing on the weekends I am out of luck. Hoping to get a regular group of people together who are interested in Sat or Sun morning play. ~Shawn
  3. I'm still using an old answer from high school....I'd love a new putter and like the look of this one!
  4. Hi I would like the towel because I use the Mix and Shake drink and really like it, it would also be cool to have a towel I see a lot of pro's using on TV.
  5. Rangefinder sold to second in line, thanks everyone for your interest!
  6. Bushnell pending sale to first person who PM'd me. Will either post that is still available or close post due to item sold tomorrow by 4:00pm EST. Thanks everyone for your interest.
  7. Oakleys sold - Rangefinder still available!Custom Oakley Flak Jacket Golf Specific with XLJ Transitions Persimmon lenses. Also have a set of clear lenses that are included along with hard black case and soft white cleaning case. When built on Oakley website cost is $230 plus tax and shipping. Used for the winter when caddying and always kept these in the hard case when not wearing so these sunglasses are in impeccable shape. The lenses are Transitions lenses, you can find more info about them on the web but for those that do not know they change darkness of tint according to light conditions. Never have to take them off when you go into trees or under cloud cover. These lenses are excellent for reading greens, which was a vital part of my job so I made sure I got the best kind money could by. SOLD to bethpageblk - thanks Steve they will go out tomorrow! Also for sale is my Bushnell Tour V2 Laser Rangefinder with Slope. Used during this past winter only so have not used for a long time but used almost daily for 4 months so there is a black mark where my thumb rests on the device, otherwise in great overall condition, comes with case as shown and an extra battery. Best one handed rangefinder on the market right now and unless you play in USGA events pretty regularly this is a great model to have at a really cheap price. Email for PayPal info or if you have any other questions, I will be available until 7pm EST but then going out and will be back from dinner around 9:30pm EST. First come first serve when I get back or if you email before 7pm I will email my PayPal address right back to you so we can wrap up before I leave. Check my feedback here on the wrx and on the bay under dios1890. Rangefinder for $135 shipped.
  8. Sorry my mistake yes this one I am selling w/ the GD shaft is the BUL version.
  9. Driver and Rocket Tours sold, 3 wood at rock bottom price now, will leave in the bag is doesn't sell in next 24 hours.
  10. All PM's replied too. Also added to description that both shafts are "stiff" flex.
  11. I have walked with Watson, among other players, during Pro-Am's while I am caddying for amateur's. Most including the aforementioned legend himself do not sign while on their way to any tee box, first or not. Sometimes they get caught off guard and like everyone can be a little short. For the most part the players have their good and bad days, but far more good. They are also starting to realize in this economy that the fans really matter, and it is starting to show. The best time for auto's is usually on way to/from range in the morning or after a round. Ian does seem like a little snob to me though, lol.
  12. Plus set of Rocket Tour's (Driver, Fairway, Skinny)Hello there, Some items for sale, my feedback here and on the bay (dios1890) is perfect. I can ship out items today purchased prior to 4:00pm. All prices incl shipping with PP payment. Adams BTY Driver 10.5 loft with Stiff 69 gram Diamana Blueboard 73x5ct.SOLD Adams BTY 3 Wood 15 loft with Stiff 79 gram GD Pershing 75. $62 firm (price drop) Set of 3 Rocket Tours in Red/Navy Blue. SOLD PM if you have any ?'s, or for PP info. Regards, Shawn
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