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  1. Mansion Ridge is now closed as well.......
  2. Mansion Ridge is now closed as well......:(
  3. One time price drop...$495 tyd... Otherwise it’s going to get another shot at the Varsity team...?
  4. Hit 10 Pro V 1's, my loss is your gain. Mint F9 Cobra Speedback built by Will. Shafted with the latest Accra TZ6 75 M5 (x) flex shaft. Built all new, paid well over $650 Steal it for $495 tyd...? Willing to split it up if there is buyers for both....
  5. Mint condition Sik putter Model C Pro, Ozik shaft, Jumbo Max, flat side at the target. Same set up as Bryson. 39", not a mark on it. Paid $750+ and waited 3 weeks for the Ozik special order. Steal it...$500 tyd.. No trades please...... ![](https://us.v-cdn.net/602 4507/uploads/editor/e6/ftid0nzl84g6.jpg "")
  6. Looks like PXG stole the Bobby Grace “Word not allowedkicker” shaft location. He had it a couple years before Odyssey tried it...
  7. Shark river is open...sun eagles at fort Monmouth is open. They’re “ok” Not sure but I think eagle ridge is as well, Keep your expectations low and you’ll be fine... No temps...
  8. That shaft is the real deal.. Have a very similar set up, wish I saw this first.. Glws
  9. ****UPDATE*** Rock Spring will be closing for good in a few weeks.. Another sign of the times ......
  10. I agree, The reason they don't fit the property because they sold off that land on the other side of the entrance drive to build homes. Not uncommon theses days. They new holes are definitely awkward and not at all like the original layout and feel.. It's just an ok place..
  11. I don't know the courses, is this a good deal for what you get? In this case Crystal Springs give a lot more than your typical public course, it’s more of a resort (multiple courses, pool, hotel, spa, etc). It’s not a bad deal, however I’m always cautions when “joining” any of the public courses. To me it just locks me into playing a track all season that someone can book a tee time on through Golf Now the morning they want to play, and myself personally it’s just about the golf and not really the extra stuff. Agreed, why would you want to join an "public " golf course? With "after 2pm" restrictions? And none are good layouts nor are they well conditioned... There are much better deals at better clubs to be had out there..My opinion is keep searching..You'll find a good one..
  12. Quick update on Raritan Valley, I was in a township meeting today and it was told to me that RVCC is up on the block. Serious financial trouble. Plans to make it into housing are forthcoming... Just a heads up...
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