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  1. 2 dozen Titleist ProV1X custom #19 golf balls. Selling because I purchased this years balls. Will sell both for $70 or will sell separately for $40. This includes shipping to lower 48. Thanks for viewing.
  2. *PRICE DROP* Masters week is upon us and for those of us that live in the area, it’s a time to do some spring cleaning. So, I’m ready to move a set of irons. Today I have for your viewing pleasure a set of 716 AP1/AP2 Combos. 3-5 are AP1s and 6-9 are AP2s. All have Golf Pride Multicompound midsize grips with Project X 6.0 shafts cut 1/2 inch short. All irons are 2 degrees flat and the lofts are 2 degrees strong. Normal bag chatter which I’ve tried to capture the best I can in the following pictures. If you’d like better or closer pictures, please feel free to ask. I’m looking to get $400 sh
  3. Anyone ever had a e40 code pop up? I've had it happen the last few rounds. I can pop battery out and it will go away for a bit then come back. I've googled searched it but with no luck. TIA
  4. Current grip? Golf Pride multi compound Current Handicap? 8.0 Location (City, State)? New Ellenton, SC If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing Golf Pride ALIGN review thread? Most Definitely
  5. Yea, like I said in original post kids and wife bought it for me for Father's Day last year. I changed it out for a tournament last fall to my walking bag and my daughter got a little upset with me. Anyone else I wouldn't care but when it comes to my baby girl I hate making her upset. I saved the page so I'll just keep checking. I've also thought about buying a second single strap and just rigging something up for the time being. Worse case I'll take the staff bag and walking bag and just switch at course. That way they'll never know and I won't be on the S list lol.
  6. I have a titleist staff bag. I'm soon to start playing in a few tournaments and I believe a few will be walking only ones. I'm currently looking for the strap that makes it like a backpack, like you see the caddies on tour tote. Do I need to contact titleist to purchase one? I've already called TGW and they do not sell them. Just to go ahead and get it out, I do have a walking bag. I would use it but my wife and kids bought me this bag last year for Father's Day and I don't want to break my kids heart by not using it. Thanks for any help!
  7. This year marks our 7th year hosting this tournament. All proceeds go to the Upside of Downs which sends their money to help people with this disease. We normally have 36-40 teams in this tournament every year. If any of you could help us with raffle prizes that would be amazing. I can email you a flyer or a donation form for tax right off purpose. Thanks for your confederation in helping us. Our tournament this year is on August 5th. Thanks again and if you live around Aiken, SC please come join us!
  8. Just like title says-Bushnell Tour V2 slope edition. I have extra batteries. I'll give you the extra batteries for free because I'm sure I'm going to have to fight with USPS to ship them. You'll get the case, cleaning cloth, and original box. Scratches are from sliding around in tray of golf cart and possibly my 5 year old playing with it but it works perfectly. Only looking for $75 obo. Thanks for looking. SOLD!
  9. Heading up to D.C. In 2 weeks. Going to do the normal tourist things with the wife and kids but I'm looking to squeeze in a round of golf. Any suggestions on where to play? I've thought about Potomac bc of location, views, etc but any other suggestions would be great.
  10. I'd rather go knock a member off at another course across the river and join there than join Sage Valley....
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