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  1. who doesnt like Srixon irons? once u try them u are hooked
  2. great video, sounds to me like they love both irons and u cant go wrong with either. My 765 are just perfect for now
  3. i love my 765 with modus 105 and was wondering if it was worth the upgrade to the 785? the 765 is awesome
  4. i have had the srixon 765 with Modus 105 for 2 season now and love them. Being a true iron ho i still test every new iron that comes out to compare and cannot find one set that can knock the 765 out of the bag. They look perfect for a forged players iron, they are compact with little offset, feel great and just flat out perform. Zero issues with fliers for me, very consistent distances throughout the set. Cant even find a reason to upgrade to the new 785
  5. i own the 765 so not an exact comparison but the 765 is very forgiving, feels great and is the best iron set i ever owned
  6. keep us posted with the results, i currenly own 765 and love them. Wondering if it is worth the upgrade.
  7. anyone compare the new srixon irons to the 765 in terms of forgiveness
  8. great info thanks, sounds like i need to demo. But the 765 irons are just beautiful and perfect
  9. hard to upgrade over my current 765, anyone else considering that
  10. need to see these and demo, but my current 765 are so sweet
  11. when will these be available, and we need more pics. i love my 765, they are going to be tough to knock out of the bag
  12. Speak for yourself, I married a SMOKESHOW i think u are going to need to back that up. Mine was a smokeshow, but that was 15 years ago. Is that wrong to say
  13. so she is better looking then our wives and better at golf, isnt that enough that we can leave her alone now
  14. why all the hate for Miller and his 63? He never even talks about it so why give the guy a hard time?
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