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  1. Its been 3 days past since you promised to ship. Now you cant respond to my pm.
  2. I'm glad I did. Almost pulled the trigger on the subscription.
  3. Interesting choice.. I had the stock Miyazaki Kaula 7s in my U65 18° when I bought it, but tested out my Tour AD DJ-7x in it for a while. I sold off the U65 head, if anyone wants to test out the Miyazaki shaft. I actually like the Callaway Apex UT driving irons better for some reason. I'm interested in trying out the miyazaki shaft. Let me know.
  4. Just a heads up. Placed an order 2 days ago. Just got a shipping confirmation.
  5. Bcaa before or during(not after) workout plus cool(doesn't have to be cold) shower right after workout is the holy grail against DOMS. Almost feels like I didn't workout hard enough on leg days.
  6. Stand bag Python waterproof blk Everything else all matching.
  7. Hirzl as well. They lasted me over 90 rounds last season. Awesome in the rain and humidid days. They stretch a bit more than other glove, so get a size smaller.
  8. Check your alignment. It's easy to square up on mats. When I watch people on the course, I see a lot of people open to the target.
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