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  1. Good info in this thread. I just bought one to replace an old, basic rangefinder. I zip-tied the clip to my powered push cart, it's super-easy to glance down as I'm getting to my ball for a number. I haven't spent the time to learn the acronyms they use for other distances like hazards and bunkers so haven't used that feature much yet. It works great on a buggy too.
  2. Thought I had a spare for ya but alas it's the R9 SuperTri :( Unless I can interest you in an R510?
  3. Great advice. Of those my top three are Soldier Hollow Gold, Wasatch Mountain, and whichever Mountain Dell course has that ravine you hit over. These are all muni's with no residential developments around them. I'd recommend playing Wasatch Mountain twice, there's a couple holes that aren't intuitive, with blind approach shots, etc. I also enjoyed South Mountain in Draper, higher in elevation, a little cooler with great views.
  4. I had such a great time at that tourney! Caught Saturday afternoon following GMac and Kis [both their wives are supersweet], all of Sunday with GMac and Kuch. Got to say hi to Kuch, that was cool. I've volunteered as a walking scorer for next year, stoked!!
  5. > @"DON SVO" said: > If the weather moves in later... Don’t be shocked if someone early posts a number and the leaders have to stop the bleeding enough to match it. It’s gonna be fun. True story. I played the Royal three times and the contiguous but underrated Valley Links twelve. Had some brutal weather, at times holding the umbrella was like wrestling a pissed off monkey.
  6. I grew up in Midland, learned how to cross-country ski on that course. It's not on a very big piece of land, I'm impressed they were able to safely fit decent galleries around the course. I hope the fine people of Midland showed the ladies/staff/fans a great time! Coincidentally, I've played both that course, and Royal Portrush, so for the first and likely only time of my life, the best male and female golfers in the world are competing on courses I've played [poorly].
  7. As a former lead mod of a huge ski forum i have mad respect for you guys taking this to a next level platform. Your focus on sustainability bodes well for the long run. I can certainly be patient but my banker may get curious if my accounts start building up, so thanks for keeping BST as a priority.
  8. Got to go to the VGK/NJD game in March, what an energy in that venue! It felt like a playoff game, can't imagine what these games are like! Lets Go Knights!
  9. Dang it, right when i'm trying to figure out what to replace my 4h with... :golfer:
  10. To me a fan shouting or saying anything in a backswing or prior to contact is way over the line, should be removed. But saying 'get in the bunker' when the ball is mid-flight? Did he not grow up playing with golf buddies who would say that and more, after being silent prior to the shot? If he lets that get to him, he needs to work with a sports psych or someone who can coach him on blocking out distractions and staying focused.
  11. I had rarely chosen to play in rain until my three-week stay in Portrush last November. Every single round had at least a one-club wind, up to four-ish; and at least 10 of the 15 rounds had some degree of rain. Mostly just variable sprinkles, but a few rounds with a breezy downpour. I would almost always start the round in rainpants (the good ones w/zipper and pockets are worth every penny). Then add rain jacket if needed (Gore-Tex is amazing), then add umbrella, then add rain gloves. One competition day we started on seven [Valley Links]. Came off 18 and it was really coming down. One in the group was in contention. We all offered to bribe him with whatever amount needed, we could see the clubhouse and taste the Guinness. He wanted to continue, so we all did. Another round we were coming off 17 green and it was brutal. Holding the umbrella was like wrestling a pig. Said to my partners [members] how impressed I was by them, how they would play in just about anything. Their response was: "thanks, but f*&$ this, we're out of here!" Chuckled and followed them to the bar...
  12. agree 100%!! pro tip: make certain that they know that your group has already hit. We had four balls [inadvertently?] picked up by the group we let through one time. hmph.
  13. Too much job uncertainty to make many plans, but if I can find a way I'd be so stoked to go back to Portrush for second trip in November, even if it's less than the three weeks last year.
  14. As the topic is 'bargain' I have to throw a bone to the Las Vegas Golf Club on Washington. NOT a fancy or long course, but not an executive either. Typical muni from the 50's. I got a round/cart/clubs/balls deal for $90 a couple years ago. Ended up paired with BB King's sax player and his brother. Memorable. Does have a range.
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